BT 12: Binary Today Trading & Recent Successes

The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
BT 12: Binary Today Trading & Recent Successes


Hello and welcome to the 12th edition (I accidentally say 11 here) of the binary today podcast. My last podcast was just a few weeks ago and I’m trying to podcast a little more frequently because I’m getting solid feedback from the community. Everyone is really on my side which is good and is really something positive. I appreciate every single one of you.

What’s Working Now

The binary options market is full of schemers and scammers and those that call people schemers and scammers without actually trading. Here at binary today we trade. The one thing that we do, that nobody else does, is that we actually trade. Personally, I use every single system that I write about. In my income reports I show exactly how much I’m earning with the systems and that type the transparency has helped me create a strong community.

I want to go into what’s working for me right now. The main software that I’m using right now continues to be binary strategy. This trading software provides trading signals with the 15 minute expiry time and has 2 different modules, the valor strategy and the spirit strategy. After a few more weeks of testing I’ve noticed that the valor strategy is extremely accurate and effective but it doesn’t provide a lot of signals. So, the majority of the time I am trading with spirit signals instead of valor signals. If you are new to binary options or you are just a totally low risk trader that wants to win every single trade you get then you probably would want to focus on the valor module. You obviously won’t get as many trades but you can increase the amount of money you are risking per trade and do just as well using that strategy.

Personally I like more signals. I want signals all throughout the day that’s why I rely on more than one system. I use the binary strategy system more than any other software but on top of that I use the binary today trader when I want 30 minute and one hour expiry trades. Then, I use binary today 5 when I want 5 minute expiry time signals and I just want some quick wins. I find that through using all 3 of these systems everything is going very well right now.

I do have to say binary IQ is a system that I used for some time and it’s not really performing the way I want it to at the moment. I’m hoping they do some sort of an update. I am in touch with the support team so hopefully something happens there. If not, we still have binary strategy number one binary today trader number two and binary today 5 and number three. These are all grouped very closely and they are all working really well.

I also noticed in the comments section of binary strategy that one of our readers, “Kenni” has started putting together videos showing how to use the binary strategy with 5 minute expiry times using a couple of different indicators and a strategy of his own. I have started testing this strategy and you can find it in the comments section of the binary strategy review. It’s quite impressive, and I have had success in a small sample size using this strategy. It’s something worth considering so as always I do recommend that you check out the comments section in each of the reviews for each of the systems that you use because you will find more information to help you better your trading and take advantage of new ways and new strategies.

Often changing and impacting the use of systems you already use. I know many people have modified the pairs, the times, the approach they use with each signal software. That’s something that you want to do. One of the things that I do is that I monitor all of my trades to make sure that I’m winning my trades at certain times of the day. Let’s say I’m trading 1 PM to 5 PM and for some reason binary today 5 just keeps losing all the trades. Then, I will mark down on a sheet that this has happened and I won’t trade during this time with those signals anymore. Obviously this is done over large sample sizes and it makes the systems better because it’s how I build my own strategy with the signals. You can certainly increase your in the money percentage by doing this.

Binary Options Brokers Now

Now let me move on and talk about brokers a little bit. A lot of the North American brokers or North American clients are having issues getting brokers and that’s because a lot of  regulations are coming in place and hopefully we have some better binary options brokers coming available due to these. I recently did a review of Binary Cent and I did put up a link in the broker page on binary today so you can find that there, I am happy with the service I’m receiving from them and I’m still happy with Finrally as well but if you are in North America and you are having trouble with overseas brokerages you can still always use Nadex.

That is an option. I know that the trading is a little different with Nadex, butt I do have a lot of readers that use Nadex successfully. You have to modify the signals when you get them or place them a little differently but from what I’ve heard, traders are actually doing quite well with this broker alongside binary strategy, binary today trader, and binary today 5. I should do some tutorial videos on this broker, and I will.


That’s it for today I did want to take up too much of your time. This is just a quick 7-8 minute podcast. I just wanted to tell you what’s working right now. I’m still using binary strategy, binary today trader and binary today 5. Obviously check out the comments section. As always, if you have any questions or anything anything, send me an email. I respond to all my emails, and I make sure that I’m here and available because I’m real. This is John Kane with binary, take care guys.

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