BT 09: Binary IQ Income Updates & More

The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
BT 09: Binary IQ Income Updates & More


Hey guys, John Kane here with the 9th edition of the podcast. In today’s episode we go over Binary IQ, my latest income updates and everything else that is currently drawing our attention in the binary options market.


This binary options trading podcast is extremely important to me. It helps me introduce all sorts of traders to the world of binary options, a market that is wide open for the taking. There are many brokers, many systems and there’s many ways to make a living through binary options. Yet, you have to be very careful who you trust in this market because you never know who’s got your back and who’s just trying to take your money. The whole point of this podcast is to bring updates and knowledge to all of you in one place and really find a way for you to be successful.

Binary IQ

So let’s get started with the podcast. First let me say that I’m extremely excited about Binary IQ. This is the latest and greatest signal service I’ve been using and touting for the past month. This software provides traders with extremely high in the money ratios. I’ve been making a lot of money using this software and my ITM% in March is 82% which means I’ve been really doing well.

On top of that, the binary options community is really happy with the service and that makes me really happy. There’s quite a few clients of quite a few people on the blog talking about this and everyone seems to be having a lot of success and a lot of luck. Now if you scroll down into my review I you will see that there are 76 responses already to the binary IQ number one strategy and signals review.

Here I read off some comments from happy clients. Click here if you want to see them.

I’m Obviously extremely happy with the progress the system is making. Binary IQ basically a software that sends you signals and tells you whether you should put or whether you should call. It also tells you what expiry time to set between either a 5 minute expiry or a 30 minute expiry. This is a must own software that I’m using 6-8 hours a day and sometimes even longer. Honestly I’ve been using the software sometimes 10-12 hours a day when I’m really get on a roll and  want to take advantage of all the opportunities coming my way.

Income Report

Just a couple weeks ago I did my most recent income report and I hope that you checked it out. In this report I talk a lot about binary IQ because it’s on my mind, and I show you some sample trades. I will also be doing a live trades video hopefully within the next couple of days as well. I’ve been working on my $250 to $50,000 update where I’m trying to make $50,000 from a $250 account.

My month one earnings were $286 and my month two earnings were over $1400 which gets us to $1699. The the account is go growing quite quickly now because it’s compounding and I’m trading a pretty aggressive percentage. When I get to around $5000 I’ll probably lower the percentage to be a little less aggressive with my money management. I really want to accomplish this because there are a lot of readers at binary today that aren’t sure if I can do it and I’m unsure that I can do it but I’m getting a lot of positive reinforcement. I don’t want to let anyone down so I’m doing my best.

Binary Options Brokers

Let’s take a look at the binary options brokers. I have been changing the brokers and I’ve been working with new brokers and just trying to find brokers that are extremely effective. As of right now I’ve been using a broker that is regulated out of Australia called high low and I’m having a lot of success with this broker. They offer very high payouts with a minimum deposit at $50 and I’m using them to trade quite frequently.

The same goes for stock pair and I added IQ option as well and it is currently in the 3rd spot, but I’m not trading on IQ option that frequently right now. Most of my trades are happening with high low and stock pair. Quick advice, just make sure that you using a regulated broker and someone you can trust because if you don’t have a good broker it doesn’t matter how good the software using is.


Let’s hit up the mailbag. I got an email from Jean just yesterday she wanted to ask me a question.

  • What is your favorite of the top 3 software is available? -Jean

Now if you go to the best binary options software page, a very very important page on this website you will see that binary IQ is currently rated number one. This is because it’s a new software that interests me. I love new strategies and I’m sure you do too. There’s nothing wrong with liking what’s new and what’s shiny but that doesn’t mean that Binary Today 5 the Binary Today Trader aren’t great systems. I actually had an email today telling me that he preferred binary today 5 he likes the consistency of those 5 minute signals and I don’t hate them for it because this is a different strategy.

Every single software available here at utilizes a different strategy so maybe you like scalpers, maybe you like systems that are quick or maybe you like longer trades. Binary Today Trader is a software that provides 30 minutes and one hour expiry times, that’s what I use it for. Then you have binary today 5 that provides exclusively 5 minute expiry times and my favorite right now is binary IQ so I have to say that Jean, binary IQ is my favorite right now and it provides 5 minute expiry times and 30 minute expiry times. So there’s really a lot to offer from the binary options software.

  • Where should a new trader start? -Jess

Now, this is a question that I receive frequently. People don’t know where to start or how to become traders and I always say the best thing that you can do is sign up with one of the binary options software. A lot of people ask should I have my broker first, should I downloaded meta-trader 4 first what should I do? I always say just sign up with the binary options software you want and soon as you sign up with binary IQ, Binary Today Trader, or Binary Today 5 you will have everything you need.

All of these systems have members areas that will guide you through every step. The members area will offer you the broker to sign up with, give you all the downloads you need, and have videos that show you exactly how to install the system and how to utilize it properly. This makes it a very streamlined and a simple process because no one wants to sit on the computer not knowing what to do. You want to focus on growing your accounts and the best way to do that is to get started.


So this has been podcast number 9 it’s brief, it’s quick and I hope that you understand how strong the binary IQ software is and I hope you start using some of the signals soon. Please give some feedback back to the community here at with your results. This has been John Kane with podcast number 9 and let’s go out there and make some money, take care guys.

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