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Today I’m looking at a long-term automated Forex trading robot has been providing traders with thousands of pips for years, Forex Steam. This isn’t my normal binary options review, but it’s long overdue that I introduce you to a system that I’ve been using personally for over 5 years. With very little positive in the binary options market right now, it’s the perfect time to expand your trading horizon and take advantage of opportunities in other markets.

The EA is owned and operated by STEAM LTD, located at 1635 Cork Street EAst, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Traders can get in touch with the support team via support @, or the contact form on the web-site. The support team for this product is one of the most helpful and responsive I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with in any market.

Forex Steam Review & Overview

With years of updates and market analysis, the Forex Steam software is an automated tool that generates passive income in the Forex marketplace. The creators have over 25 years of combined experience, and are frequently providing traders with new ways to succeed.

Currently on version 9, there are rumors that version 10 is just around the corner, and will be provided free to all current customers. The software has undergone many updates in its over five-year history, which has led to many new features and that are trading results.

  • Advanced News Filter

The advanced news filter is now commonplace in the Forex market, but most traders don’t realize that Forex steam was one of the main innovators of this technology. In order to sustain long winning streaks the developers felt it would be best if they created a filter that ensure the software would not trade during high medium and low impact news events. Personally, I only use the news filter with the high impact news events because I feel these are the only types of market shifts they can have a negative impact on the software.

Since the advanced news filter has been introduced to the system, the robot has been able to win up to 30 straight wins in a row on multiple occasions in the past few years, with no human intervention.

  • Advanced Holiday Filter

The advanced holiday filter is much like the news filter, as it ensures the software does not trade on specific days where the market may shift uncontrollably. This type of technology is required when you are dealing with a fully automated system, but it hasn’t been introduced into a single fully automated binary options software yet.

  • Pip Retrace

The Pip retrace feature has been involved with steam since the early days. This feature provides a sense of security, because it defends traders from major market swings that would certainly result in large losses with other trading systems.

  • Trailing Stop & Break Even

The trailing stop and break even settings are not activated and the default settings file, but are excellent opportunities to customize and build your own strategy for those more advanced traders.

Feedback From Real Steam Clients

The community feedback for the Forex Steam software is market-leading. On FRN there are over 700 positive comments and FPA has over 100 positive reviews. These types of numbers are very difficult to come by in the Forex market, or in any market for that matter because people are more likely to leave negative reviews than they are positive.

That’s just the way of the world. I’m guilty of this as well, because when I get a product that works well I tend to set it up and forget about it. People who are angry, or frustrated are always more likely to leave reviews. So to see a product with hundreds of positive reviews is a breath of fresh air.

Something I see frequently with the steam system that I don’t see with other robots, is consistent conversation about different settings and trading approaches. This is how I know the comments are fabricated, as they are talking about real trading logic and different ways to win.

Live Trading Results From Verified Sources

I am a big fan of the transparency provided by the Forex Steam producers. The developers provide a trading account, and there are also trading accounts provided by third-party sources so we know that the software runs as it’s intended to.

Independent Account:

Today I’ll be showing you an account that has taken relatively small deposits and turn them into substantial profits on 100% autopilot.

Update 2020

I continue to use Forex Steam on a daily basis, as it’s one my most relied up on trading systems. I appreciate the fact that it is 100% automated, and doesn’t take any of my time, which allows me to focus more on my binary trading, utilizing effective binary options software and signals services.

Steam is an easy decision, it’s a truly passive income, that will win you money while you are sleeping. The client reviews continue to be positive, and so does my experience. Sign up with this EA today.

With update after update, now on V10 with 10 years of trading history and market success, this is a fantastic option. A trading program that I run on my accounts every day with no worry.


Forex steam is clearly a market leader in the Forex robot market, and with a price tag just over $100 it is both profitable and affordable. With years of personal experience with this robot, I feel very confident in recommending it to every single one of the Binary Today readers.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment with any questions or concerns you may have about this effective trading system.

Forex Steam $117.99


An excellent automated trading software with over 10 years of service to the Forex marketplace. Now on V10, Forex Steam continues to be head and shoulders above all other robots at the $117.99 price point.

  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


In business over 10 years

Proven trading results

Built in money management and filters

Works in all countries

Works for all levels of traders


The “normal” version is too risky

Many parameters can be disorienting at first

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