Fliphash Review: Profitable or unprofitable Bitcoin mining platform?

Fliphash is a bitcoin cloud mining site that allows users to buy hash rate and a share in their own Bitcoin mining rig. They claim to have the best mining hardware that allows users to generate profits on a consistent basis. The best thing about this is that their plans already cover all the electricity costs that you are likely to incur every month, so there is no need to do any additional work. All you need to do I invest in one of their plans and expect your returns. However, there are a lot of other factors that influence how bitcoin is mined. If you look at the current returns from bitcoin mining, then it is quite unprofitable. However, this site guarantees high profits, which is inconsistent with the industry consensus. There is also a referral program where you can get a percentage of the mining profits of your referrals. You can also buy and sell hashrate to different investors on the platform. However, before you invest in this site, first look at all the aspects of their plans to see whether it is profitable or not.

Fliphash is a relatively new platform that was established in 2020. According to the domain information, the site’s domain will expire in 2021. This means that they are relatively new to the market, so it raises the question of how they have an established mining rig. Another thing that will surprise you is that they are not registered with any regulatory authority, which means that there is no guarantee that your funds are safe. Furthermore, they don’t provide any contact information, apart from a form on their website. There are no details of where the mining hardware is located either. The only way to reach out to them is by visiting the site at: Fliphas.com.

Fliphash Review

Bitcoin mining might have been profitable in the past, but it is too expensive nowadays. However, Fliphash claims otherwise. If you look at their investment plans, you will notice that they are offering discounted rates. The first plan starts at $198. This is reasonable according to the industry average. However, considering that you get 10 TH/s power. There is no way that the cost of electricity comes under this plan, considering that bitcoin mining hardware usually consumes a lot of electricity. Apart from having hardware, they do not have any explanation on how they plan on achieving the results under the current investment plans.


As mentioned previously, Fliphash is not clear on how they plan on achieving such a high hashrate under the current investment plans. The only way to do so is to have free electricity, which is impossible. Another possible strategy is to have the best bitcoin mining hardware that allows you to get high power output and more efficient mining. However, they have not provided any details of where the hardware is located or what type of mining equipment they are using. This makes it difficult to decide whether this company is legitimate or not. It also casts doubt on their cloud mining strategy and whether it is profitable or not.


  • Company: Fliphash
  • Product: Bitcoin cloud mining
  • Minimum investment: $198
  • Strategy: Cloud mining
  • Mining results: Unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Mixed

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Mining Results

Unfortunately, the mining results of fliphash are not impressive either. This is because they do not provide any verified mining results. They do claim to offer a specific hash rate for each of their investment plans, but they do not show real mining results. This is quite strange as cloud mining is quite transparent and mining results are usually available for verification. The fact that they do not provide verifiable mining results shows that there is something fishy with this company.

Client Feedback

If there is one area where fliphash performs poorly, it is the customer feedback. They have quite poor customer feedback, even though they have only been around for a short while. Many customers are facing issues with the withdrawals. They are not clear with users about the withdrawals in the start and many people don’t even know how long it will take for them to earn anything significant. For this reason, the customers are experiencing issues when they try to withdraw the mined bitcoin to their wallets. Some more experienced customers have claimed that they are not providing the hash rate that they promised.


If you are looking for the best way to earn bitcoins, then go for trading. Bitcoin mining is quite unprofitable and many companies like fliphash are selling plans that don’t work. They are not registered to provide such services, they don’t have accurate information on their mining hardware and the customer feedback is poor. This shows that you should avoid investing with this company if you want to avoid a loss.

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Fliphash Minimum investment: $198
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


They claim to have the best mining strategy in the market

They offer high profitability T

he company also has an affiliate program


There is little background information about the company owners

They have not explained their mining strategy sufficiently enough

Their mining results do not seem to be verified

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