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Published on July 8th, 2020 | by John Kane


Forex Fury

Forex Fury is a new automated EA. It’s rare that I ever review Forex products but this system is the exception for a reason.

It’s tremendous.

I have been happily participating in testing this software for months now and I’m extremely impressed.

Today I’ll be providing a review and informing the portion of the Binary Today readers that trade Forex that this is a worthwhile investment opportunity.

If you aren’t a Forex trader and you are binary only, you may still want to stick around and see what this robot has to offer.

Forex Fury Review

The Forex Fury software is currently the only automated trading system that I use and believe in. I was unsure at first if I would find success in this market since I’m a binary trader but I was pleasantly surprised.

In binary options I utilize only semi-automated systems, where I am still required to place the trade. However, in Forex, I am willing to use a fully automated tool to supplement my returns. So, instead of having to place the trades on my own, the EA (Fury), trades on my behalf. This works perfectly with my busy schedule, and is the perfect compliment to binary trading.

When the development team says they will do whatever it takes for traders to grow their accounts, they aren’t kidding. Since I’ve signed up with Fury I have seen incremental gains with each free update they provide. The ongoing support for the product, as well for the clients is the type of approach every single developer in this market should have.

The support team was so responsive to my requests, I feel like I learned a years worth of Forex knowledge in a few weeks.

Here are some of the important features:

  • 100% automated trading software
  • Compatible with all MT4 Forex brokers (NFA, FIFO, Build 600+ etc)
  • 93% winning percentage
  • Verified live trading results
  • Scalping many pairs on the M15 timeframe
  • Multiple filters to avoid bad market conditions
  • Easy 5 minute installation (I can verify this)


What I like about Forex Fury and the EA market in general is there are web-sites like myfxbook that can verify trading accounts. In binary options there aren’t any web-sites like this, and despite my efforts I haven’t been able to rectify this.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at how the Fury system performs live.

These are all clickable so you can go and see the exact trading history. One of these days we will have something like myfxbook in binary options, it will make it much easier to weed out the good from the bad.

In this case, we can see that the Fury software is very aggressive and yet still a low-risk investment.

More Accounts

I’ve come across more Fury accounts recently, so I figured it was time to update the review. I’m still actively using the EA as we approach 2019.

In a recent discussion with support, I found out that they’ve acquired a new, cluster of powerful servers to help their testing efforts. So, we can expect more free setting updates and different ways to take advantage of the best scalper on the market.

I’m really excited to get my hands on some different settings to get the full potential of this robot.

Recent Community Reviews

I’ve also found it very important in the Forex market to get real insight from actual traders that utilize the software. On FPA there are currently 41 reviews, and they are only getting more and more positive by the day.

In this image you can see the last four reviews for Fury, and they are all extremely impressive. From these reviews we can see that the robot is used by people all around the world, with clients in the UK, Thailand, Austria, and the Ukraine. Each one of these traders is winning their trades, and pointing out the benefits of the software.

Headlines like “Consistent Wins” and “Low DD,” tell the whole story.


Forex Fury is the only automated solution that I trust.

From what I’ve seen from this system I plan to make an extra $4-5000 a month on auto pilot.

I recommend this software to all of my readers, especially those that are interested in Forex trading.

They are currently running a 15% discount.

15% Off Coupon: Fury15

Forex Fury

$195 (after coupon)








Client Feedback





  • Verified 3rd party results
  • Proven strategy
  • Thousands of active clients


  • Higher price

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272 Responses to Forex Fury

  1. Lotz says:

    Using Fury on EURUSD, EURGBP and GBPUSD.

    I put 1 pair per account, and each account is gaining around 20% per month on low risk settings.

  2. Pete Ellam says:

    Hi just purchased FF in you guys experience what are best pairs to use

    • John Kane says:

      I recommend starting with 4-5 demo accounts, USDJPY on one, GBPUSD on one, EURUSD on one, then pick a couple pairs that you normally like as well.

  3. jedo says:

    Having a great time with Fury.

    Been firing up a bunch of new tests while in self-isolation, and they’re running great.

  4. John Kane says:

    Forex Fury V3 Update is now available.

    If you are a current client, go to the members area to download for free.

    Update includes:

    – Range detection
    – Reverse strategy
    – Stop after one set of trades

    Learn more about it in the Fury blog.

  5. Sheik says:

    Never even considered Forex until I got one of your emails a few months ago.

    But I’m happy I did.

    I have two Fury licenses now, and my account is growing around 15% per month trading 1 pair. I let it run and trade for me every day.

  6. Wilhelm says:

    Easy money, really nothing else needs to be said about Forex Fury.

    Takes little effort, and does the job it should.

  7. Yanic says:

    Signed up to Fury when you first started mentioning them, and now I am having good profits every month with little work.

    Forex Fury is a great program, and the support team really helped me. They introduced me to the cycle strategy, and I’ve been watching my account go up 20% per month ever since.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Just bought my 2nd license today.

    My tests are going so well, I want to run two live accounts now, so I’m officially a DIAMOND member! Feels good 🙂

  9. Ali says:

    Hello, thanks for this grate review. I just bought this ea, but I have some questions if there are still active members in this discussion:
    1- Is the GbpUsd the only pair that should be trade on the 23-23:59 hour? Or other pairs also is fine with those settings?
    Shall I change the time if I use a vps that is located in the us and show other time, or this 23-23:59 is not depending on the computer time but the brokers time?
    Which other settings I have to modify to get this to run correctly?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ali, yes all that matters is the broker time, and their GMT offset. The FAQ and the success guide on the Fury website covers this all in real depth. I recommend those resources.

      • Ali Alaarajy says:

        Sadly I have asked them for refund today. They were very helpfull and told me that a refund is made. I still wait for it, but I am sure that they refunded. A grate support, but the problem with me is I cannot accept or tolerate that a sl 29 pips and tp only 5 pips. I think what if I get three or four stoplosses and then I need 24 winners to get recovered. Not to talk about earn. I dont know, but I could not find any ea that have an advanced trading system that will trade because specific trading terms. I will avoid martingale, grid and scalping. I dont know if that is possible in this market or not. If any one that can recommend an ea or trading service that offer such I wil appreciate it.
        I am sure that the ForexFury is a grate choice for the less newbies than I am. I have specific situation that will not let me learn to trade in this market, so I hope that the readers of my comment will not get a bad impression of this ea. The fault is fully my own.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Ali, it’s a great software, and the default settings are in line with any other scalper. The system can go months without a single loss, which is why it is more than feasible and has been for years. That being said, you can always change the settings to suit your needs, and the support staff / blog provide details on how to do so. Happy that you got your refund, but I do feel like you are missing out.

  10. shillx says:

    This is the only product i trust that isnt a binary product, very good, and very easy to setup for me.

    • Tokunbo says:

      Hi shillx,

      I’m looking to also purchase forex fury.

      Can you please share details on the forex pairs, settings and strategy, trading results, etc.

      Thanks for your kindness.

  11. Jenn says:

    Takes some effort and time to use, but it’s 100% worth it once you set it up.

    I recommend testing a few demo accounts for about a month, and then going live.

    Play it safe, play it slow and win some trades.

  12. Robert W.Moreel says:

    What is the risk percentage setting in the default on Forex Fury?

    • John Kane says:

      It is 20 on default. Usually I turn money management off and just set my own lot size though, I prefer that.

      • Bogan says:

        We just signed up and I found this 20% risk to be kind of scary. John, can you give a newbie a bit of a schooling on why they would have it so high and, given you manage your lot size manually, what kind of % is reasonable without tightening the leash so much that it stops working? Thanks ahead for making yourself available to answer questions.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Bogan, you have full control over the risk %. Feel free to lower it as you continue your demo tests and find what works best for you.

  13. Cashel says:

    I have 5 demos running, testing 5 pairs (EURUSD, EURGBP, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD)

    4/5 are winning, and 2/5 are winning big.

    Just going to run them for 2-3 months, and then start cycling them into my live account.

    • bob lee says:

      Thanks for info and glad for your success. Please list each pair and your success ratio with each, I am going to start real trading next week Planning on EUR/USD . your comments??
      Bob Lee

  14. jl24 says:

    Happy to have Forex Fury V2 on all my charts now.

    In the first week it picked up over 130 pips, so I’m happy with the update, and happy to be a part of this.

  15. nobrainer says:

    It’s a total beast, and version 2 is coming out with some new features too.

    I recommend Fury to anyone who wants to grow their accounts.

    It’s a no brainer.

  16. Paskal says:

    Simply wins trades.

    There really isn’t much else you need to say about this thing. It’s a beast.

    A little on the pricey side in comparison with binary products, but worth every penny.

    And I like that you don’t have to sit and wait for alerts. It just trades for you.

  17. abel2 says:

    Easy wins.

    Forex Fury is simply a dynamo when it comes to determining short market movement in ranging conditions. Exceptional at scalping, in every sense of the word.

  18. Zahabiya says:

    Thank you for sharing such an informative review. A tremendous tool for every trader, in any market looking for consistent returns.

  19. Shayne says:

    Fantastic EA!

    Can’t wait to tackle 2019 with some easy pips.

  20. Silo says:

    Still trading binary options, but I am moving a lot of my money to Forex.

    I really like that Forex Fury trades for you, and you don’t have to do anything.

    It’s easy, and it wins.

    I recommend.

  21. Jean says:

    Very happy, and just have a few aspects I’d like to share.

    1. Use the unlimited demo accounts, this is a huge bonus. You can test different pairs, trade time hours, and settings to build your own strategy.
    2. Give it time, don’t expect overnight success. It’s a long term winner. Any loss, will be clawed back.

    • Sebastien says:

      Thanks Jean.

      I just signed up 4 weeks ago and I have yet to see a loss. I was anxious at first letting it trade on my behalf fully automated, but now I’m at ease with the decision.

      Going start testing more demo accounts like you suggest.

  22. bl959 says:

    Up and running, 100% win rate through two weeks.


  23. Nicolas says:


    Last week i purchased forex fury and had a successful installation but the demo accounts haven’t been traded yet. On the top right corner of the chart is a ‘sad smiley face’ next to the forex fury watermark, don’t know if that indicates why i haven’t been seeing trades.
    Would really like some assistance as i am very excited to see results.

    Many thanks

    • John says:

      Hi Nicolas, this means you have not installed the software properly. You have to allow live trading. This is shown in the members area videos. You can also email support, they respond very quickly. That should be your first step when you need help.

  24. dfx55 says:

    Forex Fury is such a great automated account grower.

    Thank you for the introduction.

    I am havin a lot of success.

  25. Thanman says:

    I have been running FF on demo for almost a week now, just studying what it does.
    Slight drawdown due to GBPUSD falling below it’s pivot late one evening and being stopped out in the Asian session.
    I have seen Forex Fury win multiple trades and I feel this is a great EA.
    Looking forward excitedly to the next few months.

    • John says:

      Good to hear that Thanman. Forex Fury is still my main automated trading system.

      • Samuel says:

        Good day to you john I am totally new to this software. May I know the meaning of EA? u said Forex fury is an EA?

        AND u also mentioned u are looking for an autopilot passive income of $4-5000usd a month on this software. How much would your starting capital have to be? And can u get these results right off the bat in first month onwards?


        • John says:

          EA means expert advisor. It is an automated trading software that connects with the MT4 platform and trades for you. You can get results immediately with the software. The software looks to gain 20-40% per month, compounding. For specifics, I recommend emailing support via their website.

  26. Forex4Life says:

    Best EA I’ve ever used, hands down.

    Run it on GBPUSD, and USDCHF.


  27. Shayne says:

    This is my first robot, and it’s great. It’s easy for a beginner like me to setup and get trades, and once it’s setup it does everything for you.

    Perfect compliment to my binary trading like you recommended!

  28. Trinh says:

    Been using Fury for a full year every single day.

    It does all the trading for me.

    I don’t do any manual trading anymore.

    It’s an easy investment.

    • Bob Lee says:

      please explain in detail your experiences with Forex fury. What % of trades are successful?
      what settings do you use? What is your ROI monthly? Do you change settings or just leave alone
      Glad to hear your success. Let us know more

  29. ForexGOD says:

    A tremendous tool for every trader, in any market looking for consistent returns.

    My 2 Cents.

  30. Shelly says:

    I’m a big fan of Forex Fury.

    It’s my favorite EA currently, and I think everyone should be using it by 2018 if they want some easy pips on a weekly basis.

    • Gary Steckoll says:

      Hi Shelley I will appreciate if somebody could assist me to setup the forex fury system. Will you be so kind to lend me your time.

      • John says:

        Hi Gary, if you follow the members area video step by step, it installs very easily. Just don’t skip any steps and you won’t have any problems. Also, support is very helpful when it comes to installation as well. You can just email them with images of where you are stuck, and they will guide you, or even connect to your computer if you continue to struggle.

        • kai outzen says:

          it seems that everyone is winning on forex fury , tell me where does the money come from to pay for this .The brokers must be losing big time ,I like a response please . Thank you

          • John Kane says:

            Hi Kai, one Forex robot isn’t enough to hurt the bottom line of a broker. Over 90% of traders still lose, and only a .000000000001% of traders would be using the Fury system.

  31. Stephen says:

    Does Forex Fury settings need adjusting now that UK clocks have gone back for winter?

  32. Bluemosaic says:

    Has anyone used forex fury with a spread betting account (in Uk). I have it set up in mt4 with ig index mt4 account but with spread betting the min size bet is £1 a point. Lots not used. This has a lot setting. Do I just change this to 1.00? Thanks

  33. Zeo says:

    Thought I’d give some useful tips for Forex Fury as I’ve been using & spectating it for a while. For safety I recommend setting up a SL (stop loss) (easier with one trade up) especially for weekend trades on Friday as the market could shoot beyond Forex Fury’s auto SL you could set up a TP (take profit) but for the weekend there’s potential that you could earn a lot more so I would let FF TP.
    Also this is a fantastic software. I don’t think I can find a clear weakness on it although I have a theory of one but it doesn’t seem to faze it much since it can recover itself especially on top of that if you can manage your money or let alone have a lot yourself.

    • John Kane says:

      Good stuff Zeo. Thanks for sharing.

      • Peter says:

        Hello John, Zeo,

        How do you set SL with Fury without it using it’s auto SL and TP points? I find sometimes this doesn’t trigger until I have to close the trade myself.

        Also John, what time setting will I use for Fury if my broker’s GMT offset is +3. I’ve had quite a few losses with Fury which is unusual as others don’t report the same. I’ve even gone as far as setting the SL to 90 but still encountered those loses. What could be responsible? I really need help John, please.

        Thanks in advance.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Peter, the SL and TP are always set. They are just hidden from the broker. You don’t have to close trades on your own.

        • Zeo says:

          Sorry it’s been a while.
          To setup a SL (for MT4) just right click on your order & click modify or delete order then set your points so for a SL you’d put in 290 but you will have to adjust it by dragging the SL as it will be off. The TP & SL is mainly for going offline if you don’t have a VPS & if you’re doing a weekend trade & going for more pips you’d have to check your broker’s opening & closing times & run FF before the markets open.

          I’m glad to share some info with it.

          Best regards.

  34. N. L. says:

    Did anyone suffer that big lost last week Thursday going into Friday?

    Also, does it always use the 29 pips stoploss or does it stop out with less?

    Thanks in advance

    • John Kane says:

      Yes, the loss is on the account as well. Fury will bounce back as it always does. I have no concern. I actually think, now is the best time to join in because after a loss it won’t lose again for months.

      • Raven says:

        Hi NL,

        I too have been using Forex Fury on a live account for some months now and can confirm its steady and profitable. I agree with John, these losses are rare and the EA is already well on the way to recovering from last week :0)

  35. Tnadoln Vuthinantha says:

    Can i use xm broker? Is it suitable?

  36. JB says:

    Hello John,

    Please can a single client purchase multiple (say 3 or more) licenses of Forex Fury for use with his different brokerage accounts?



  37. Jacob says:

    Could you or anyone confirm with proofs FoerxFury still work?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Jacob, it’s performing very well. I know quite of few of my readers still use it but it’s set and forget so there isn’t much conversation to be had once it’s set up.

    • Angela says:

      It is working well. I just deposited $100 as a test and made $13. Forex Fury works. I will add more funds to my broker account.

  38. Angela says:

    This this EA still works? Thank you.

  39. Dennis says:

    Hey John,
    I like your review on Fury as I have been following it for several months and can’t find any bad reviews.. I would like to try it soon! My question is would it be a good idea to use this with different brokers to help spread the risk?
    My choices are limited as a US trader but trusted Forex brokers are much more established than most binary brokers.
    I have reviewed most binary bots and am quite sure they are all scams and most brokers they sync with are worse.I do like some of the binary signal services like Binary Today Trader.I will eventually try both..Any binary brokers you would recommend for Us traders?

    Thanks Dennis

  40. Ammar says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the review was wondering if any good FX EAs had finally come out. Does this have to be run on a VPS? Or do you simply turn on your MT4 for the 1-hr trading time?



    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ammar, Fury is an excellent system. a VPS isn’t required. You can certainly run it off your computer. If trades are open they can go longer than the 1 hour but they generally don’t.

  41. Alex says:

    Hello John,i a novice in forex and IT engineer as job but wants to give it a try.
    Now i understand first step decide on fury and get an accoutn 229$ and maybe discount with coupon thats clear.
    Now needs to work with a broker here it that clear so needs to register to have one and link it to fury but some i read not working as good so how to decide on and how to set it with fury ?
    Onother question would be how much as a total start buget were looking at so 229$+trader account=?+ starting investement bank roll=?Any video showing this being done as i have yet to find it ?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Alex, yes you can order the software with a coupon. As for a broker, they have recommendations in the members area. There is no required minimum deposit but I would suggest around $300 to start.

  42. Segun says:

    Good day, I am new to forex and interested in buying ff, do you have any idea of the broker I can use that the EA works perfectly on as I reside in West Africa, Nigeria to be precise.

  43. Ashley says:

    Hi John,

    Are you doing anything to manage the losses this month? or just letting it run like usual?
    Have had some great months, January started strong, however has had a number of losses recently and we are now well into the negative


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ashley, I’m watching it closely. Haven’t decided a full course of action yet. I do believe it will bounce back.

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks John,
        I would be very interested in your future thoughts regarding managing losses.
        I have been letting Fury roll over month by month compounding & building nicely! However I wander if it might be better to set the account at a constant $$ value – withdrawing winning profits each day, and if there is a loss letting it build back up to the set account $$ value. Hope that makes sense!?
        Withdrawing profit daily guarantees profits, then losses would be minimal – you wouldn’t be losing your winnings
        I’m also interested to learn your binary strategy if it works, I have traded a lot of forex in the past, however have no idea about binary.


  44. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I am thinking of buying this robot. Is this still working?

  45. Shay says:

    I bought it last week. It has been running for three trading days, and there has not been a single trade yet on my micro account. I hope I have not been scammed.

    • John Kane says:

      Shay, go to the FAQ on their website. The system works great, you may just have to make a couple adjustments to the settings.

      • Yannis says:

        I seem to be having the same problem almost as if Finfx are blocking trades PS I’m assuming you’re using Finfx right? I was able to trade it at 20:00 GMT but not at 21:00 GMT which on myfxbook they always trade at that time.
        I have used it on a demo and on another broker but I switched to Finfx due to lag

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Yannis, I’m using ThinkForex. If you go to the Forex Fury FAQ you will see what you can change to ensure that the software will not be blocked by the broker. Change Max Orders to 1 as a start.

  46. Ali says:

    Hi John, sorry i m new to EA. Does the robot set the amount to trade or we have to set it from the deposits in the platform?

  47. Sean says:

    Hey John, can you let me know which broker you use for Forex Fury? If US residents can you use it? If not, any recommendations.

  48. N. Lennon says:

    Happy New Years

    Anyone letting the “Fury” beast out of its cage starting today or is it too soon? Btw, it did well being left on in my Demo Account…

    • John Kane says:

      Ya I’m going to start running it again, markets look perfect for it in 2016.

      • Roz says:

        Hi John,

        At present, I leave FF on all the time.
        1. Is there a time (EST) when it should it be turned on and turned off?
        2. Does it trade better at one time rather than another?
        3. Most importantly, how does one ensure that FF is opening trades at the right time?

        Thank you.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Roz, I leave it on all the time as well, I never turn it off. The software only opens trades 4-5PM EST. It’s a specific strategy that makes for a very disciplined system.

        • ntbrk says:

          Hi I tried other times and for longer periods even though I was advised against by the costumer service and the results were not impressive. In fact with my demo account from 10k went up to 11k but later btw nov and dec went down to 8.5k. In my live account I have it with the recommended settings and its performance is much better.
          Thaks John again after being burnt before finding your page was the best thing this past year

  49. Roz says:

    In looking at myfxbook demos for 1K, 3K and 5K, it appears that 1K had a gain of 111%, 3K was 39% and 5K – 306%.
    Questions from the above:
    1. Why is the 1K investment more profitable than the 3K?
    2. Wouldn’t it make sense then to invest 1K rather than 3K?
    3. Would it be advisable to invest 5K if one can afford to?


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Roz, the only difference is they are testing different risk percentages. Nothing as complicated as you are laying out here.

  50. Ashley says:

    Hi John,

    I have been trading Fury for 4 months, Sep & Oct with incredible results, Nov was not so good, Dec has been great so far!

    I was just wandering what is your Max Slippage set at?

    Ashley – South Australia

    • John Kane says:

      I’ve kept this at the default setting.

      Glad to hear you are doing well.

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks John,
        Have you heard of Axitrader? My MT4 account is with them,
        I am only getting 4-5 trades each day, i’ve never seen 6 or 7 like some others do.
        I am just wandering if it may be my choice of broker? do you have any thoughts of they are excellent or if I should change?

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Ashley, could also be the size of your account. It really doesn’t matter though as these trades are all essentially the same trade. So whether you have 1 or 7 there is no difference.

      • Ashley says:

        My Max Slippage is set at 3. I am not sure if default is 2 or 3? As I have found info mentioning both of these options.
        All my other settings were automatically set as default

        Best regards,
        Ashley N.

  51. Carl Drechsel says:

    John, I just got my 7th win on Fri. trading. That is 7 for 7 on carry over trading from Fri. to Sunday.
    Also, because of the way the trades were entered, this one was huge.
    I love Fury!

    Thanks for finding it!

  52. Roz says:

    Hi John,

    First, thank you for your recommendations on FF. It’s doing well:-))
    Secondly, should I shut down the system with the upcoming holidays. And if yes, then what dates? What do you plan to do?
    Thank you once again for all your support!

  53. Steve says:

    How has everyone’s results been with Forex Fury so far? How were your results for November?

  54. Carl says:

    I’m 6-6 on Fri. trades

  55. Randall says:

    Just risk 2% of account is best cause if bad month you will not blow up your account Be very careful or do not trade 1 week before or after holidays.. Fury is high win rate but you still need good risk management ..

  56. N. Lennon says:

    Although everyone keep saying use defaults, are these settings safe for small $450- $500 account sizes. One has to consider the “RiskPerCyclePercentage=20” parameter being quite risky if all 7 trades go against you….

    Any suggestions or does the high win percentage rate take care of this concern.

    Thanks & Happy Trading

    • John Kane says:

      Hi, then set maxtrades to 1 and it will only take one trade at a a time. That will substantially lower the risk. Although, Fury has proven itself over the past few months and I am not fearful.

      • N. Lennon says:

        Thanks for prompt reply John,

        I just want to know do you think it’s safe enough to leave on defaults for the account sizes listed above. Would you leave it on with that size account?

        I promise I won’t hold you responsible for my losses lol. It was just a little scary experiencing my first lost with the defaults for my $550 deposit. It won all the trades yesterday though… Yayyyyyyy!

        P.s. Wish I had it on the defaults then:)

  57. Mike says:

    Hi John,
    I have been running Forex Fury on a small live account now for a couple of weeks. I also have Forex Steam running on the account at the same time. Have you tried Forex Steam? So far I am fairly impressed with it. I am going to buy Binary Defender through your site and hopefully between the 3 Programs I will Start making money. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. I really enjoy your site. Thanks

  58. Roz says:

    Hi John,

    I thought I had asked this question but can’t seem to find it.
    I am signing up with FF but I had questions about the two additional charges. One is the ‘download protection’ for $19.95 and the other is ‘a back-up CD’ for $22.95. Should I be buying into both or not? Thanks.

  59. Dodie says:

    Hi John I went with a broker here in the states that only will give me 50:1 Leverage. Does anyone have a better broker that will take $250 to start and will give a better leverage? Love the software, every trade has won but since I have a low leverage I’m only winning $6 to $9 a trade.

  60. Kate says:

    sorry, I have worked out the answer for myself I didn’t realize that binary and forex were two different types of trading! I have set up FF successfully, and I already have a forex broker, however im not sure how to link the two so FF can trade on by behalf. Any advice?

  61. john says:

    Hi,john i just newly got the fury software and i have not had a single trade in the last five days thanks .

    • John Kane says:

      Hi John, then you don’t have it setup correctly. Just go to, they have easy solution for this, 60 second fix.

  62. Dodie says:

    Hi John, Having a little problem with the program trading more than once in several days. What do you have listed in Expert Advisors/ Properties/ Inputs section?

  63. gift says:

    Hi John! Is the coupon for fury still active?

  64. gift says:

    Hi John!! I have lost a lot of money trading binary options, but after seeing the forex fury review, I feel I should jump in and get it. But I am still skeptical and hesitant, so I am wondering, since you have tested the forex fury, could you please refer me to your test results and your present result, so I can take a look. I know I have seen a lot trading binary options, it has not been easy even with signals provider software.

  65. ntbrk says:

    FF is great so far, my demo account went up from 10k to 11.423k in about a week, just want to know if anybody know how to increase the trade since the EA trades only once a day. I change the number on max orders but did not trade at I am going back to the original number (7). Any suggestions anyone?
    Thanks John for you honest reviews.

  66. N. L. says:

    Does this Forex robot have the same issues like Forex Steam concerning setting and figuring out what the Offset is for the news trading time? If so, what is Fx Choice’s Offset?

    Thanks in advance

  67. Bhart says:

    John, I am looking into this product and asking if it is still working well? I have no experience with Forex. I have read that sometimes these EA’s work for awhile and then they stop. Could you update me?

  68. ntbrk says:

    Thanks John for mentioning to your readers FF. I have been testing FF with a demo account for a week and the results are impressive. So far it is 100% accurate

  69. ntbrk says:

    What settings are you using with FF?

  70. Bob Lee says:

    thanks for third party results. I am new on forexfury and only getting one trade a day so far.
    I am usa and use broker. Will my results mirror forexfury 5k account on thinkforex broker. If not, how do I obtain those results from my broker?

  71. John Kane says:

    I also recommend turning off trading Fridays, I did this, I feel it’s safer.

  72. Zurab says:

    Hi John and ntbrk,
    How can ntbrk use the BBW’s demo account for the Forex Fury? Forex Fury should be installed on the forex broker’s MT4 with the real account, should not?

  73. ntbrk says:

    Hi John
    I have one mt4 account for BBW, can I use that account to forex fury or I need to create a new account?
    Thank you

  74. Kat says:

    Haii john, are you set the ea trade on friday?

  75. robi e says:

    What you think about FX-pro broker?


  76. robi e says:

    Hello everybody,

    I use Forex Fury about 2 days now and im impressed with results.7 trades all winners
    John,can you please tell me how can i put printscreen here with results?
    Robi e

  77. Mark says:

    Hi John,

    I’m going to buy ff. Which is the best broker to use? Im on the west coast? Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Mark, I would just do a quick google search for low spread Forex brokers, that’s your best bet, if you run into any troubles in your hunt just come back and ask.

  78. Kennet says:

    Like this software very much so far!!! I am running live, but also on demo account. I have tried demo accounts with 1:100 and 1:400 leverage but honestly, I don’t see any major difference. What is your experience?

  79. manoranjan das says:

    I am in the USA.
    Who is/are the good brokers with low spread?
    Anyone know about “Think Forex”?

  80. manoranjan das says:

    For this program to work, you have to have your computer on 24/5?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Manoranjan, you do not. As you can see in the results on this page the trades are open during 1 hour and usually closed within 1-3 hours, thus you would only need your computer on a few hours a day.

  81. ntbrk says:

    hello everyone i would like to know if forex fury is still going strong? Thank you for your responce and help

  82. Bob Lee says:

    John, thanks you for your prompt reply. I have purchased forex fury and I look forward to reporting my future profits

  83. Bob Lee says:

    Please help me understand forex fury verified results by myfxbook.
    1 is the graph and trade results from the actual forex fury$5000live account shown at the bottom of your forex fury page, set with normal default settings? If that is the case every one would have the same results with default settings if they had a $5000 account ? True?

    2 Does myfxbook have actual real time view and copy authorization to the forex fury live $5000 account

    3 Does your experience with myfxbook give you proof that their information is valid?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Bob, they are using the settings provided for free on the front page of the website. Anyone can download them, even people who haven’t purchased Fury yet. The results are legitimate, they match up with mine as I’m doing my tests with the same broker. I trust in myfxbook and Fury.

  84. Tim Z says:

    Hi John,

    I have had ForexFury running daily for over two weeks on my live account and there have been only 4 trades so far. I certainly understand the Greece news and the spread ate is under 2. What current feedback have you received or am I the only one having this problem?

    Love Binary Brainwave and your Range Finder and Trading Assistant!


  85. Harley Martin says:

    Hi John,
    Just downloaded Forex Fury.. Using one of the MT4’s demo”s that I use for Binary. What broker would you recommend for US West Coast client when I choose to go live.Thanks …

  86. scott says:

    I’m in Australia, which broker with low spreads, would you recommend for Fury and also which one for binary – BA & BBW.
    Thanks for a great honest site.

  87. Steve says:

    Who else is having success with Forex Fury?

    • Jennifer says:

      I am. I have been using the default settings. Mine traded five days in June with one losing day, nine days in July with no losing days, and twice this month with no losing days.

      Yesterday I decided to change the max_spread to 3.0, thinking maybe my broker’s spread is the reason for so few trades. Certainly I am thrilled that my account is growing – I’m just wondering if I can play with the settings and get more trades.

      • John Kane says:

        Hi Jennifer, the max spread may help you get more trades. If I were you I wouldn’t change anything though, when you’ve got a winner, that’s a very good thing!

        • Jennifer says:

          Yes, lol, I chickened out and put it back to the default spread. 🙂

          • John Kane says:

            Good idea, play it safe.

          • Steve says:

            Hi Jennifer,

            What is your percentage in profit that has happened for you so far? I don’t want to ask about actual dollars…just a percentage would be fine.

          • Jennifer says:

            Steve, I actually just took my money out of the forex broker I was using because I found a forex broker with a much lower spread. My hope is that the forex broker with the lower spread will mean more trades for me, in line with what I am seeing others post. My former forex broker was on GMT+0 and my new forex broker is on GMT+3, by the way.

            I signed up with the forex broker Forex Robot Nation recommends – the one for clients in the United States.

            I don’t mind giving specific dollar amounts. I put in $250 when I first bought the software and opened the broker account, and then a short time later put in another $5,000. When I closed out the account yesterday I had grown it to a little over $6,400.

          • Eddie says:

            Hi Jennifer, I also reside in the US. Are you using PAX Forex that Forex Robot recommends?

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for your response Jennifer!

        • Steve says:


          Which broker did you go to and what are their spreads? What is your ratio of leverage you are using?

          • Jennifer says:


            I have gone to Pax however Fury has not traded for me since. Given the amount of money I put in they say that their typical spread on the GBPUSD is going to be 0.7. Leverage is at 1:100 right now but I can contact them to have that changed if I want. Quite honestly, I turned Fury off today given the current state of the market and will wait a few days to turn it back on.

          • John Kane says:

            Should have kept it on Jennifer, huge day yesterday.

    • Zeo says:

      I most certainly am having a lot of success with this it’s crazy!
      By far the most superior piece of software I have ever seen.
      I have been racking up 21 wins since I booted the software in the past 3 days and not one loss.

  88. Duncan says:

    Hi John
    I’m new to forex ea’s. Could you advise if you can set how much of your account you’re willing to risk per trade within forex fury. I.e. 0.5 a lot. Or down to 0.01 if you wanted. Also does forex fury have a way of knowing that it sets stop losses that will be easily covered by the existing balance in your account and not expose you to losing more than you effectively have available ?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Duncan,

      I just use the default money management, so you don’t have to set your lot size it does it for you. Yes it does this in the money management as well.

  89. Luis says:

    Hi John, can I use banc de binary as my broker with forex fury..

  90. bob says:

    any thoughts on their recent losses? Also. thinking of ordering 2 licenses, one for self and one for our Family foundation. If I do, can I use the same broker for the 2 accounts? Still would like your personal recommendation on a broker for this Fury plan
    best regards

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Bob, looks like they are quickly starting to recover from any losses. They happened due to the news in Greece, the market is erratic right now. When the markets steady Fury will do what it does best, long term winning streaks. Any low spread broker will do you well with Fury, if in the US, FXDD is a good trustworthy option.

      • Bob Lee says:

        thanks John for your prompt replies. Before I start Fury plan and broker sign up, if I buy the two license plan, will fxdd or other broker, accept my two separate accounts Like to know before I sign up.

        Also will a $2000.00 account be adequate for the fury plan ?
        Your thoughts please

      • Bob Lee says:

        John, fxdd not accepting us clients, they refer to their Malta location.
        So, I have bought the two Forex fury programs and now need 2 brokers for each program, to accept usa investor > I prefer a usa broker. with meta trader. and low spreads. your thoughts please on fxcm, fOREX.COM, OANDA, TRADE KING, CITIFXPRO,
        or others of your choice.
        Thanks, ready to get the program going and I will report programs results

  91. Zeo says:

    Hi John can we still start with a $200 deposit for this system?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Zeo, yes you can. The Greece news has been tough on the software but it will soon recover once this is passed. I’m continuing to run it.

      • Zeo says:

        Thanks for your regards 🙂
        Also I’m wondering even through this tough time how well does Fury cope?
        Despite the Greece news I’m still doing great with Brain Wave.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Zeo, Good to hear that in regards to binary brain wave. Fury has done okay but I expect it to get stronger moving forward.

  92. Ana says:

    Hi John,
    I know this has nothing to do with binary options, however I’m feeling really tempted to try Forex Fury but I’m feeling really lost on they way it works. Would it be possible for you to make a video to show us how it actually works like you did with Binary Ascend for example? I’m really keen to learn more about FF. =) Thanks John!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ana, I’ll see what I can do, it’s actually easier to use than ascend. You install it with a quick copy and paste and then it does all the trading for you, you don’t have to make any decisions.

  93. Gordon says:

    Hi John

    Sorry, but my knowledge is non-existent with forex. When you sign up with Forex Fury, does it automatically direct you to a broker. How would it connect with a broker to trade automatically?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Gordon, yes they automatically direct you to a broker.

      • Bob Lee says:

        What broker do you use with this Fury Forex auto trade system?
        What broker do they recommend?

        Is the fury system fully automatic trading? No input required by the investor after investor has set his $ per trade limits. correct?

        In your mind, are they lucky or do they really have a very good trading system?

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Bob, I believe in their strategy. It’s a great trading system. You can use any Forex broker you like, I recommend one with a low spread. Their recommendations are all in their members area. It’s fully automatic, no input required at for investors.

  94. John Kane says:

    They got another account up.

    Forex Fury 5K:

    This one is undefeated so far, looks great.

  95. Jennifer says:

    Hi John,

    According to your real testing of this Forex Fury EA so far, do you think we should let this ea to trade on FRIDAY when market can be closed with open trades to be left until the next Monday?

    Usually, after the weekend, market is very unexpected on the next Monday, as all of us know. So, how do you think about letting this ea to trade on every FRIDAY, or stop trading it on every FRIDAY? especially, Non-farm payroll days are also on first Friday of every month.

    Please share our opinions.


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Jennifer, from what I’ve seen I’ve been letting it trade over the weekend. I’ll probably turn off Fridays at some point, I usually don’t trade Fridays in my own trading.

  96. Jennifer says:

    Hello John,

    So far, results on their myfxbook are good, but still a short period of time. I am following their results for 3 months, and will buy it then.

    I hope this will be my final forex robot. In the meantime, if anybody has good results, please share your comments here.


  97. Steve says:

    Are you going to be posting your results as apart of your monthly income report and which broker are you using for this?

  98. deepak says:

    Hi John.

    is this a product from the same people who developed forex steam? How reliable is the system given that you have used it for a few months in comparison to other robots out there? As with steam being fairly consistent are we in for the same with this product?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Deepak, I believe different owners but some of the same team of developers. I definitely see Fury being much more profitable and consistent. All the people I’ve spoken with so far are having no issues matching their results with the live accounts on their site.

  99. JimmyB says:

    Hi John,

    I am a sucker for systems, robots etc and am drawn to this software. However, I have had zero profits from the items I have purchased over the last 2 years, so before I jump into this one could you tell me how you rate Forex Fury against Forex Steam?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Jimmy, I like steam but I really prefer Fury. For one, the transparency is unmatched and my trades always line up with theirs, which is exactly what I want.

  100. Yin says:

    Your mention 4000 to 5000 on autopilot… On what amount of deposit?

  101. Mitchell says:

    Two days in and I’m 6-0, feeling good, results here

  102. Stefan says:

    Easily the best looking system I’ve seen in a long time.

    I bought it right away, had 3 straight wins and now I’m just waiting for my next batch of winning trades.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  103. N. L. says:

    What are your personal results on A Live Money account John?


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