Auto Money Maker – $2765.25 Per Day!

auto-money-makerAuto Money Maker is a new automated binary options trading tool by Arthur McCool claiming that there are 387 clients earned over $2700 a day on average. Considering the product is hitting the market today, it’s nearly impossible for them to have almost 400 clients already.

I’m going to have to take a closer look at the software and analyze any other claims that come across as suspicious or outright lies.

Auto Money Maker Review

There is very little that separates the Auto Money Maker sales page from those that we are accustomed to seeing on a daily basis in this market. There is a simple sales video with very poorly acted testimonials, an email subscription form to get you your “free access” and a contact form so that the developers can email you frequently until you unsubscribe. So if I sound overly skeptical today but as you can imagine reviewing systems like these can be frustrating. It’s hard to see such a large amount of binary options developers trying to take advantage of the public while offering nothing in return.

Video Review

Arthur McCool

arthur-mccool-proofArthur is a fictitious character created by a binary options developer. Arthur is not a binary options trader. He is merely a nickname that was already behind the failing Auto Money Machine a few months ago.

This developer shoots themselves in the foot with their marketing tactics. In order to reach more clients they release the product in multiple languages 2 different countries. In each of these versions the name of the creator of the software is different. This proves that the story behind the software is purely fiction and can’t be trusted. It’s quite embarrassing for a product producer to be the reason for their own undoing. Once you breached trust once, you can’t be trusted as a legitimate investor.


Like the other poorly put together binary options sales pages that came before them the Auto Money Machine team use fake testimonials. Despite this being an immoral and deceitful marketing practice it is commonly used by binary options developers.


In this case, you can clearly see that all the testimonials are using purchased stock photos. This isn’t re ally a surprise to me considering the product is being released today and shouldn’t even have clients yet.


The Auto Money Maker is not a binary options software that’s going to make you any money. The developer is unscrupulous and will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get you to sign up with his system. The team behind the system are not real traders and so I’m not interested in what they have to offer.

Here at binary today we are focused on real trading strategies that can be developed over time to return consistent profits. Just a few days ago I provided a free software that doesn’t require you to sign up with a broker alongside a strategy lesson. I suggest you check out the Binary Today Booster Strategy Lesson and see if it fits your trading style better than an automated solution that’s going to lose you all your money. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment if you have anything you would like to add.

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