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Published on October 11th, 2016 | by John Kane


Option Bot 3.0 – 7 Day Trial

option-bot-3-0Option Bot 3.0 is an automated binary options software that’s now available to the marketplace. One of the main questions we will be answering today, is how many chances should we give a binary options developer?

In this review I will be analyzing the overall performance of this developer and whether or not we should be enthusiastic about their latest release.

Option Bot 3.0 Review

The one thing that makes Option Bot 3.0 interesting is that they’ve had a long history in this market. The first version was released in 2012 and Option Bot 2.0 hit the market in 2014. So, they have consistently stuck by this software. Yet, if you dig deep enough the majority of real binary options traders will tell you that they lost money with both version 1 and 2. That’s why I asked the question “how many chances should we give a binary options developer” in the introduction. If this development team has failed to produce a winning system since 2012 it’s hard to believe that 2016 is going to be the year the changes it all.

Video Review by John Kane

Market Analysis

trend-settingsYou may ask yourself, why are there so many new binary options systems like Option Bot 3.0 hitting the market every week? The answer is quite simple, but I don’t think most binary options traders would be happy to hear it. While the deceptive nature of binary options developers is clear and repugnant the binary options traders are too frequently enticed by products that are shiny and new.

Even if a product is continuing to perform profitably, the community is often not interested because it’s not the newest model. That’s why you have developers constantly releasing new products, and not focusing on the quality of the system. They feel that they can just released a new product when the community realizes the last one is bad.

Then there is also the issue of affiliate reviewers that bash every product except the one that earns them affiliate income. It’s easy to see which reviewers these are because their reviews rarely ever get comments and the comments they do receive usually come all within the exact same week (they are fake).

Trading Results

I know I got a little off track so let me get back to a major issue I have with Option Bot 3.0. This system fakes demo results. If you signup with a demo and start trading it will win a lot of trades but if you look closely it will be telling you it’s a win when it’s actually a loss.

This is very dangerous.


I am not recommending Option Bot 3.0 to the Binary Today readers. The developers of the system have had 4 years to put together a winning system and they’ve failed to do so. Instead, they rely on new updates that provide traders with nothing new, and fake results that make the software seem better than it is.

If you are looking for real binary options trading tool I suggest that you pick up Binary5. It’s a real binary options strategy that provides real results and has hundreds of real trader comments every day.

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namaste joehuey
namaste joehuey
2 years ago

namaste…………… link please

3 years ago

Thought i would give this a try but after signing up with a broker your promised you get to trade all the 15 currency pairs with the support and resistance lines on the charts.
Sadly all i got was about six currency pairs and only a basic line chart to make a trading decision lol. There is loads of sniper trades you can use where you just push the button and take a 60 second trade. Sadly you can do this loads of times on the demo but as soon as you go live you maybe get about two. Then told you have too many open positions.
The Option Bot sounds shiny and great but believe me save your cash and learn to trade a proper system. Thankfully i only took small trades but have pulled the plug on this piece of garbage as i cant even reach there customer support to resolve the issues with the problems i had. Scam

3 years ago
Reply to  Graeme

i want link

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