Wall Street Rescue

wall street rescueWall Street rescue is yet another free binary options product. The developers of this software claim that their software is a moneymaking system that will give you and your family the life you deserve.

Today I will be providing review and letting you know my thoughts and opinions on this new software(wallstreetrescue.co) and what it may have to offer.

Wall Street Rescue Review

The Wall Street rescue video starts with fear-based marketing. The developer of the software goes through handful of scenarios that would cause permanent damage to a person’s pocketbook and lifestyle. He tells us how you got into a car accident and now somebody is suing you but you don’t have money. I really don’t like this approach because it’s playing on people’s weaknesses and fears and then telling them that they have the solution to these issues. This is not exactly a way I look for my investments because I want proof, strategy discussion and actual numbers, not stories.

When you go into the members area of the Wall Street rescue software you are greeted by another video that says you are lucky that you did not miss out on this opportunity. As I scroll down I see stats from the system that show that it has made over $3 million taking over 5000 trades. They claim to have a winning ratio of 93.2%. All they really show us though is a collection of about 20 trades that happened 3 days ago so the stats are not collaborating with the numbers they are providing us.

I will not be recommending Wall Street rescue to any binary options trader or binary today reader. I think my review really set it all so I don’t have to go over the major points here again. If you want help in binary options feel free to click asked John at the top of the website and send me an email. I can direct you and show you what works for me and what works for the rest of the binary today community. That way you make the right decision and don’t get caught up in another money sucking scam.

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