Quick Cash Method

quick-cash-methodQuick cash method is a binary options software by Michael Thompson. Michael claims that you will earn almost $6000 a day or he’ll personally pay you $5000. This is a promise that’s been made many times in the past but as soon as the software doesn’t perform the developer is nowhere to be found. I can’t promise that’s it’s going to happen this time but it’s more than likely.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if you can trust Michael and his new binary options trading system.

Quick Cash Method Review

Michael tells us that his quick cash method is available right now for free but normally it costs traders $3000 per month. This is not explained any further and we are expected to take his word for it. I find it very odd that a system going for $3000 is now magically being given away for free. Also, there is no record of this trading system anywhere online before this sales page so I believe Michael is just telling us that the system is worth $3000 to make it seem more credible than it should.

Michael’s main sales pitch pits himself and his quick cash method against other binary options scams. He tells us that this isn’t one of those systems. He is offering his software to anyone who has a computer and his competitors are using a simple script to pretend like their system is only available to your country. I’ve pointed this out in many of my reviews in the past but it really doesn’t make Michael any different. Another element Michael is doing differently than his competitors is by offering signals as opposed to automated trades. Personally, I do prefer signals because that injects the trader back into the process. If you see a signal and it’s ridiculous you don’t have to take it but if it’s an auto trade you have no choice. While this is my belief I don’t believe that this concept legitimizes Michael’s product.

Quick Cash Method Results

The quick cash method doesn’t provide us with any real results. There are multiple screenshots throughout the sales video on the front page but none of these can really be trusted. These screenshots can easily be manipulated in Photoshop by anyone with just mediocre computer skills.


As much as Michael Thompson wants to us to believe that he is different from the rest of the binary options community I just don’t see how that’s true. The sales pitch video is just like any other binary options scam we’ve seen come before it and that’s bad news for the quick cash method.

Obviously, if you are still interested in the system I suggest that you wait a couple of weeks and see what the rest of the community has to say about this. Thank you for coming to binary today and have a great start to your trading week.


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