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Published on February 28th, 2020 | by John Kane


Broker Review: Binary Cent

Today I’m looking at a new binary options broker that provides traders with the opportunity to trade many different sizes, Binary Cent. This broker sets itself apart from the pack by offering traders trades that start as low as ten cents. This is great for traders that want the live trading experience, while they test of different strategies and figure out how to be profitable with a live account. Of course, they offer larger trades as well, and require a deposit of just $250.

The brokerage is relatively new, as it opened its doors in 2017. Their offices are located at Suomen Kerran LP, Centre Office, 58A Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SA, Scotland. To get in touch with support, traders can email or call 1-829-9476378. They also offer phone support for Russia, China, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. If you need any of those numbers, just go to the contact page which can be found on the binary cent website.

Binary Cent Review

I’ve just recently started my relationship with Binary Cent, and I’m very happy with what I’m seeing so far. The customer contact has been responsive, and I’ve been assured on multiple occasions that withdrawals will never be an issue with this brokerage. Considering this is the number one problem with most brokers, I make sure to ask brokers incessantly before I even sign up if they are going to be able to honor our agreements. It’s sad that this is the case in the binary options market right now, but hopefully more brokers like this one find a place in the market and start to replace the unregulated brokerage with issues.

There are 7 advantages the creators of this broker focuses on providing to the binary options community. They promise guaranteed withdrawals within an hour, a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, trader guidance, 24 7 multilingual support, secure trading and more than 10,000 daily process transactions. They also tell us that they have nonstop trading, which allows traders to trade even over the weekends. I have not tested this, and I’m not sure exactly how this would work considering the markets are closed. I assume this means that they have long-term trades that can last over the weekend, or even a couple of weeks.

Video Analysis

Account Types

There are currently 3 different Binary Cent account types. There is the bronze account that comes with live chat, one hour withdrawals and a 20% bonus. Then there is the silver account which comes with live chat, one hour withdrawals, a 50% bonus, a master class, and 3 risk-free trades. Lastly, there is the gold account which comes with live chat, one hour withdrawals, a 100% bonus, a master class, 3 risk-free trades and a personal success manager. As you probably already know I never recommend personal success managers, or anything that even closely resembles a binary options account manager.

There are just too many horror stories when it comes to binary options account managers. I don’t see why a skilled trader would ever work for a broker, so normally when you are getting someone who works with the broker to trade for you, they aren’t a skilled trader. That is just common sense.

Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to withdrawals, they pay traders via Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, Neteller, Skrill, and Perfect Money. Only the credit card option comes with a transfer fee. In regards to withdrawal time, every single option guarantees withdrawal processing within one hour.

I can’t tell you enough times how important this is to me. There have been too many times in the past where traders have been caught with too much money inside of a brokerage account, with the broker not honoring the withdrawal.

I am confident that that is not the case with BC.

Binary Cent Trading Contests

Every week the team over at Binary Cent holds a $20,000 contest for traders to win prizes, based on the volume of their trades. Traders are automatically qualified to enter this competition when they have more than $250 in their account, and it doesn’t matter how many trades are won or lost, just how many are placed.

I recommend that you check in with the leader board every once and a while to see if you are climbing close to the top, so you know what prizes you are eligible for.


At this point in time, I am willing to provide a recommendation to the Binary Cent brokerage. I am very happy with everything that I’ve seen this far, and I believe in both the support team and their respectability. If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please leave your comments and questions below the article now.

Binary Cent

More Information on Binary Cent

Binary Cent





Ease of Use









  • Guaranteed withdrawals
  • Wide range of methods
  • Secure trading


  • Some negative feedback

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19 Responses to Broker Review: Binary Cent

  1. Keith says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for all you do here for the community. Are you still using BC, and if so have you had any issues with withdrawals?



  2. deriek says:

    I haven’t used the auto trading program that comes with Binarycent, but I’m an avid user of the broker with other signal program. I use binary strategy and binary today 5.

    This works really good with binarycent broker, and I think that’s the route you should take.

    Don’t use broker managed accounts, or autotrading. I don’t see what broker wants you to win, so why would they have an autotrader to win for you? Use a third party software / signal service like i do and you’ll do just fine.

    • Dom says:

      I saw your comment last week.

      Signed up with both the signal providers, and I’m doing very well.

      My next withdrawal from Binary Cent is going to be huge!

  3. Pavol says:

    I am from EU from Slovakia (central Europa).
    BinaryCent copy trading trading is scam. Success rate of best providers was only 42%.

  4. Themes says:

    Are they still functioning and can I start trading with biycoins
    Is there withdrawal valid

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi all. Looking at the website set up and wording, is binary cent not the same as binary mate, which is again the same as fin rally? Looks like same broker under different names. This alone makes me sceptical. I may be wrong of course. Thanks

    • John says:

      I believe there is a connection, but it hasn’t negatively impacted the platform, or my relationship with the broker thus far.

  6. Frank says:

    Binarycent is fraudulent operation. They are dishonest from the girls, to the trades, to the misleading bonuses. YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR PROFITS.. I REPEAT – THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING YOUR MONEY OUT.

  7. ron says:

    I too live in the U.S….I’ve been ripped by offshore brokers to the tune of $6k over the last 4 years.
    So my question is the same, as John ask
    I’m done sending money to overseas, i.e.: European brokers that prove to be liars and thieves..

    Any one with any experience on a live account with Binary Cent that’s more recent

    • Norman says:

      This is why I haven’t put funds into these offshore brokers. I really want to trade B.O.
      Do you have broker at this moment you like?
      Wish Nadex was customer friendly, had more pairs and times.

  8. John says:

    Anyone withdrawn from this broker yet? I am in the US and have delt with “closet brokers” Not a good experience. They start off fine but then go sideways on withdraws?

    just wondering before I deposit.

  9. Vince says:

    Just started trading with this broker today. So far everything has been going smoothly, I really like the trading platform and the fact that they have tradingview charts on there. Trade execution is very fast and the range of currency pairs they offer is quite extensive.
    Really hoping this broker is here to do business and withdrawals wont be an issue.

    • Donald says:

      Hello Vince. Is Binary Cent still working successfully for you in 2018? Thanks

    • Sara says:


      Have been reviewing issues of US banks cancelling transactions with Coinbase, not being accepted.  Please advise anything regarding this topic, would like to avoid any future issues.  Any informational updates will be appreciated. 

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