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Published on January 22nd, 2020 | by John Kane


Binary Today 5 Review

Binary Today 5 did the impossible. It changed the way that I feel about 5 minute expiry time trading.

For over two years I’ve been adamantly against anything under 15 minutes but this new strategy can’t be overlooked.

5 minute trading is here, and I’m 100% on board.

With hundreds of active filters, advanced technologies and a superior methodological approach to trading, this is the best binary options software I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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Binary Today 5 Review

The highly anticipated Binary Today 5 software is here. Today I’ll be telling you why this is the best binary software on the market, how it works and what it can do for all of our trading accounts.

Let me start off by noting how inclusive the software is.

  • Works with all currency pairs.
  • Works with all binary options brokers.
  • Works with all levels of traders (beginners and pros).
  • Works in all trading sessions & in all countries.

This is very important to me. As the Binary Today community grows so does the foreign element and I want to ensure that everyone who reads this blog can take advantage of the systems I use to grow my accounts.

How Binary Today 5 Works


Before I get too caught up in the features, and my personal trading results let me deal with the basics first.

The Binary Today 5 software sends trading signals for 5 minute expiry time trades. You can receive those signals in three different ways.

  • In Metatrader 4 (my preferred method)
  • In your E-mail
  • In your Phone

When a signal arrives, an alarm bell will ring which will give you time to get to your computer and analyze the trade.

The signal is simple to read, it will tell you the asset to trade, the direction of the trade (put or call) and the expiry time to set. Obviously the expiry time is always 5 minutes.

My Personal Results

This is not one of those automated get rich quick schemes that promise to make you rich overnight. The Binary5 software is built to deliver actual results.

My findings over the past 6-8 months have been outstanding. As a test I started a $500 account in January 2018 and it’s progressed aggressively. So much so that it’s been my most used tool for the past 3 months straight.

See my findings here:

I’ve been testing 10 pairs and I’ve measured the percentage of growth with each pair. This may help you in deciding what pairs you want to start with. I plan on adding 10 more pairs, if not more and then just pick out the best of the best after about 6 more months of testing.

The performance is outstanding and I can’t wait to start reading success stories from the Binary Today readers.

Binary5 Strategy Discussion


I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. The Binary5 software uses a multitude of indicators that when used in conjunction filter out bad trades and create the underlying strategy. The software aims to determine the trend direction, and take advantage of quickly spotted breakouts.

I’ve watched the software closely and I approve of this method. It’s based on historical analysis and real trading knowledge, as every strategy should be.


Binary5 gives traders exactly what they need to be successful.

  • Reliable and consistent signals.
  • The flexibility to trade any asset.
  • 24/7 support & free upgrades for life.
  • The ability to see past trades to recognize trends.
  • A 5 minute expiry time strategy that will truly stand the test of time.

Binary Today 5 Client Feedback

The best way to see if the software is performing now, is to see how well the clients are reacting to it. There are a handful of different review sites, including my own where traders leave reviews. In all my time working with the BT5 software, I’ve only come across 5 star reviews, which makes me very happy. Here are some examples of the reviews I’ve come across from different third party sources:

Client Feedback 1

Client Feedback 2

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is now available as a free update for all current clients. This major update is focused on market accuracy, analysis and ensuring that the system continues to understand market dynamics beyond 2020. Along with this update is a major price drop of $100. Previously priced $219, now priced $117, it’s the perfect time to pick it up.

I thought it was a great idea for a price drop to make this more accessible, and available to all of the Binary Today readers.


Binary Today 5 is the future of the binary options market.

This is the #1 tool that I use in my daily trading and I expect to be using it for the next 10 years.

I’ve been able to consistently win over 80% of my trades and with the shorter expiry time I’ve been able to trade less while earning more.

I look forward to the comments, and the growth of your trading account.

Download Binary Today 5 Now

Binary Today 5














  • Great price
  • Proven strategy
  • Proven results


  • 5 minute signals only

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About the Author

I am a full time binary options trader. I was able to leave my job in the last 5 years and dedicate myself to trading fully. I never thought my hobby and passion would make a living for me but I am grateful every day that it has. My main goal now is to communicate with the binary trading community, contribute to different websites and learn from other traders.

Disclaimer: Binary Today would like to remind you that the content contained in this website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate. Past performance does not guarantee future performance, the above is not indicative and is purely for educational purposes only. Relying on the above for investment, trading or betting in binary options or Forex is not advised unless done so with virtual money only.

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676 Responses to Binary Today 5 Review

  1. WinningTrader says:

    BT5 is the best 5 minute signals available.

    Sometimes I wish there were a few more signal opportunities in the middle of the afternoon, but I’m happy with all the wins.

  2. Ebi George says:

    I already have a trading account with ICM Broker. How to inculcate Binary signals. Will this broker have any objection

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ebi, just follow the members area videos. No, your broker won’t stop you from using an indicator.

  3. winslow says:

    BT5 works very well with the MT2iqoption link for automation. I only use 2 currency pairs and I don’t need to analyze. once the signal is given, the trade is automatic placed on IQoption … Binary strategy should take the example on BT5 … they have a buffer problem that prevents automation

  4. Freeman says:

    Hello John!

    I have gone through the wonderful reviews for all the products on this site and they are really nice.
    Please I have just a question and I need your candid advice. As a newbie into the forex world, between forex steam which is for forex trading and binaytoday5 for binary option, which of these two do you recommend I start with? Should I go for forex trading or the binary option.
    I am really confused as to the one to start with.
    Please advise!

  5. Garcia says:

    Witch are the best pairs to trade on bt5 ?

  6. Garcia says:


    Is it true that from 12:00 to 18:00 gmt you do not need to see the trading assistant and still get 80% of itm ??

  7. Adam says:

    How well does this work with Nadex if you have to set the expiry? Nadex obviously has predetermined expiry’s.

    • John Kane says:

      I have not used the signals with Nadex, but I know many clients here have. I assume you just get as close as possible to the expiry, and make it work for you.

  8. John Kane says:

    Binary Today 5 still dominating in 2020!

  9. Joseph says:

    Hi John, Please with an account balance of 100USD, what is the recommended amount to start trading with Binary today5.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Joseph, you can start with 100USD. Just use good money management, and make sure to demo first to get the hang of it.

  10. Oliver says:

    Please I am still sorting out money to get this BT5 but before I jump in, I am currently trading demo account with Iqoptions and from your explanation of the signal you said I have to install the MT4. I have downloaded the MT4 from google play store but I searched for iqoption and it is not there. my questions are:
    1. must my broker be on MT4 before I can use the BT5?
    2. Will I get the signal alert on MT4 mobile and the MT4 PC?
    please clarify this for me. thank you.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Oliver, it makes more sense to purchase the software, then follow the simple guides. Trying to figure out how to install something you don’t have is going to be difficult. Everything you need is in the members area. You will use any MT4 broker, and you can get alerts to your phone.

      • Oliver says:

        Thank you John,
        I have signed up for BT5 yesterday. I am waiting for the market to open so that I can start testing on demo.
        On the member area, it says install the the original package of binary5 before installing the version 2.0.which i have done but will i copy and paste both the original package and the version 2.0 on the same chart?

  11. Yanic says:

    On a 2 week break from work, and winning some easy trades with BT5.

    Fun hobby, should do this more after work.

  12. ludovico says:

    Hi,nice to meet you my name is Ludovico.I came across your blog binarytoday and I read the article about the software binarytoday5, really interesting.
    I wanted to ask you a few questions , thank you in advance.

    How profitable is this software? [ binarytoday5 ]
    How many things can I do in a day?
    Could I build a salary?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ludovico, we work very hard to make it as profitable as possible. Yes, you can create a daily income utilizing our signals.

  13. Patty B. says:


    I’m very interested in purchasing BT5. 🙂

    Are there are any current coupons for this software?


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Patty, sorry no coupons. The price is $100 less than it was 6 months ago though, so it’s very affordable.

      • Yavor Nedyalkov says:

        Hello, As I am interested in Binary Strategy software, can I use it just with the e-mail signal notification, without downloading MT4? I mean I just get the notification for the signal on my e-mail and then manually go to my broker’s website and put the trade? And also, how fast should I react when a signal comes out? I mean, if, for example, a signal EUR/USD PUT 15M comes out and should be executed at 15:00:00, at what time does it come out? Is it at 15:00:00 or 1-2 minutes earlier so that I can have time to open my broker’s website(platform) and put the signal manually?

  14. Jenny says:

    Hi John,

    Website is down, how can I buy this software?


  15. Relebohile david says:

    hi iwant to know how to buy a binary today 5,and i use a visa card not a credit card

  16. Ernesto Noya jr. E. says:

    why i cant receive any signal? i open a lot of charts just to receive faster.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ernesto, the software sends signals based on the market. BT5 is a very active signal service, so signal frequency is never an issue. Likely, you just need to give it more time. Rushing, or impatience is never a good idea when trading.

      • Ernesto Noya jr. E. says:

        thank you very much. my mistake i dont choose the right mt4 because i have 2 from other broker i dont see it. now its ok… and iam winning. thank you and i will purchase your binary strategy M15 tomorrow.

  17. Idoko Owulo says:

    BT5 Surely looks great. Please i really want to get this clearly. If 5 minutes is the expiry, what is the time frame recommendation. thanks.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Idoko, it’s the 5 minute timeframe. All of this information is available to you in our members area after purchase.

      • Ibrahim says:

        Hi John,

        Looking at the Trade Assistant, what does it mean when the arrow is going up or down in an angle rather than straight up or straight down arrows? Does it make any difference in considering the direction of the signal?

        Please clarify.

  18. Sanka says:

    what are the best currency pairs and what is the best time to trade?

  19. Felco says:

    Very good and cheap too, easy 5 minute signals.

    Works like a charm.

  20. Anton says:

    Will the indicator work on other time frames? 1m, 15m, etc.

  21. felipe parra says:

    hi does anybody know of a broker that accepts us traders and is legit? thank s for your help in advance

  22. John Kane says:

    New video available showing a sample trade I made just a couple days ago.

    This is how Binary Today 5 2.0 looks in 2019.

    • Archiebald says:

      Hi John there is a news filter on the strategy does this work or should just make sure that I don’t take signals during news. Because sometimes the signals will pop up and it’s on a pair that is nof impacted by news. I’ve also noticed that if a signal was a loss the indicator will pop up another signal on the same pair genrally after the 2nd try it’s always winning. Is this based on your algo. THanks

  23. Amila says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Can you please advice me how to change the alert percentage in Binary5


  24. Amila says:

    Hi John,

    I need to Install Binary5 for MT5 Please help me on this.


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Amila, it’s not built for MT5. It’s built for MT4, just download MT4.

      • Amila says:

        Hi John,

        Binary5 is not sending signals to mt2 trading connector and what is the version we have to use in 2019 BinaryToday5_v2.0 or old one?

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Amila, I don’t know what mt2 trading connector is. You always want to use the latest version, which is 2.0.

          • Amila says:

            Thank John,

            I fixed that issue..

            MT2 is Interfere for MT4 to Broker account directly and MT4 signal will directly send to broker account and will take the trade immediate.

        • Arch says:

          Hi Amila what is the success rate of your binary5 after connecting it to mt2?? Thanks

        • Tokunbo says:

          Hi Amila,
          I just sent a mail for help with setup guide to connect binarytoday5 with mt2 connector for autotrading.

          • Tokunbo says:

            Thanks a lot Amila for helping connect BT5 and my broker to MT2 for binary options autotrading. You have been of great assistance.

  25. ron says:

    hey…those the indicator also give arrow on signals…

  26. Jerry t says:

    I have read so many reviews about binary 5, some are bad and some are good. but one review I picked from the reviews is you must choose from their brokers before you register, is that true?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Jerry, over 90% of the reviews are positive. The only negative reviews I can find, are from binary scam marketers that all left this market over a year ago, because they weren’t real traders. You can use Binary Today 5 signals on any broker, any MT4 broker, any binary broker. That statement clearly comes from one of the bloggers that disappeared when they realized this market wasn’t a cash cow anymore.

      • Javeed says:

        Does it work for binary option brokers like Olymptrade,IQ options? And after receiving signals,how quick we should open our platform to place a trade?

        • John Kane says:

          Yes, the signals can be used on any broker. You have a minute or two to place your trades.

          • Javeed says:

            There are 3 modes of receiving signals,out of these one is phone,through phone how would i get signal? Via direct sms to my contact number or else any?

  27. Jeff says:

    Winning is all I care about, and BT5 makes it very easy.


  28. robert martinez says:

    Hi ,installed BINARY 5 and have not got any signals since then,i mean 2 complete something wrong?

  29. DAVID GONZALEZ says:





  30. Ron says:

    Hello John. I cannot get the payment area to acknowledge the 15% coupon code.
    Thanks, Ron

  31. Jacuu says:

    Really a fantastic approach to scalping in binary options.

    5 minute trades are my favorite, and this is the perfect system for short term signals.

    I commend you for all your work on this John.

    • David says:

      Hi, jacuu. I’ve acquired the license but it’s not working very efectively for me. I hope you can help me with your strategy and process so I can know what I’m doing wrong. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

      • John Kane says:

        Hi David, should work well right out of the box, as it does most. Are you using the trade assistant to verify trades as they come in? This is an important aspect that can easily help you get the wins you deserve.

      • Filip says:

        Hope you figured it out David.

        My first week with the software was kind of bad, but now I’m 5 months in, and I almost never lose. Probably just takes a little getting used to.

  32. Emma Tayo says:

    Hi John you are doing a great work, well done and God bless you.
    I love to get into BT5 soonest but need to confirm if I could get 15 trades daily from 10 pairs trading only 3 hours London sessions. Hope the software still works good in 2019 as expected. Joining soon. see you inside

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Emma, the signals continue to be extremely successful. Yes you will get more than enough trade opportunities in your window.

  33. SedC says:

    I’m new in binarytoday5. just bought. I hope okay.

  34. Pete25 says:

    Hit 15 straight winners today, I guess the holiday break is over.

    Let’s get our money back!

    • Stephie says:

      Very nice Pete25!

      What hours do you trade BT5?

      I’m doing quite well lately, but my longest winning streak is 9 wins, would love to extend that to 15. Thanks!

    • Cedric says:

      Hi Pete,

      I have just purchased the BT5. I am based in the UK.

      What is the best time to place trades?

      Do you also place a trade with the 3 arrows minimum at all times?


  35. Tchelo Bruno Borges Lima says:

    I bought my software yesterday. I installed it today, and it’s been a few hours and he still has not given a signal, is it normal?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Tchelo, this is normal, especially in the holiday season. You can always just open more charts for a higher signal frequency.

  36. mrazk says:


    I am on a roll with binary today 5, unlike anything i’ve ever had in binary options trading before. this is one of the top systems in the market, if not the top.

  37. Kolwane Moleleki says:

    Hello,John what do people mean by Kenny’s strategy

  38. Paul des says:

    Signing up this week, I’ll update in a few weeks with my numbers.

    Already having great success with Binary Strategy, so I figured why not.

    • Paul des says:

      I’m 1 week in, and I’m sitting at 74% ITM. I made a mistake on a couple trades picking the wrong direction, so I’m thinking I shouldn’t have an issue raising my win rate a couple more ticks.

      That being said, I’m pretty happy with anything over 70%.

      I’ll update again soon.

    • Sebastien says:

      How’s it been going Paul?

      I am a BT5 user too, and finding it’s very good lately.

      • Paul des says:

        Very strong Sebastien.

        Every week I’ve traded I’ve been able to stay over 70% ITM, with the exception of 1.

        I also had a bad trading day yesterday, but it was American Thanksgiving so I shouldn’t have traded.

  39. peralta says:

    how many trades a day does this have?

    • James says:

      A lot.

      I haven’t sat around counting them, but I’ve always had enough signals every time I’ve ever sat down to trade.

      The quality is exceptional too.

  40. Sara says:

    Just signed up and won 3 straight trades!

    Thanks for this, feels good 🙂

  41. Sheilaa says:

    5/5 Stars for BinaryToday5

    Thank you!

  42. Shaner says:

    My first binary signal software, and I’m happy. Very easy, great for a beginner like myself.

  43. Luis says:

    Just did a morning session today to start the week with 8 straight wins.

    Beautiful thing!

  44. Sebastien says:

    Very underrated software, could easily be #1 here, love 5 minute expiry time signals!

  45. John S says:

    Hi John,
    Does any have any exprience trading BT5 on Nadex?

  46. Shelz1975 says:

    Lots of wins, no complaints.

    BT5 contributing to a wonderful summer 🙂

  47. Stace says:

    Having a great start to the month so far with BT5.

    22 wins and 3 losses.


  48. Paulo says:

    One of the only worth while binary options tools available.

    Anyone have a strategy to share they are using with BT5 in 2018? Just wondering.

    • David XT says:

      My strategy right now is pretty simple. Focusing on GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and USD/JPY. I’m trading just those three pairs and I’m not using the trade assistant. I’m just taking all those trades as soon as they come.

      This is working very well for me, so I hope you try it and get back to me if it works for you to.

  49. Plurl says:

    I’m in line with the rest of the comments here.

    This is working extremely well for me.

    I’ve never seen ITM’s so high before.

    • John Kane says:

      The conversation is so one-sided here. We should spice it up a bit. Is there anything in particular that you do different with the signals? Let us know.

  50. Del says:

    11 straight ITM’s.

    Ringing up wins over here.

  51. Agatha says:

    Lots of signals, lots of wins.

    That’s the best way to describe BT5.

  52. Yanic says:

    I really enjoy how many signals BT5 provides. I always have enough trades to place during the day, and the quality is outstanding.

    • Sally F says:

      I agree Yanic.

      I trade 12PM-4PM EST while my kids are at school, and it’s feeling great that I can contribute financially.

  53. Tochi says:

    Hey John

    Can I download this on the multiple computers I have at home? I work during the day and I’m at the office.Can I receive signals on my phone and enter them in Nadex when I’m in the office? I can’t down load the software to my job computer, so…. could I still trade away from home?


  54. Shells says:

    Been a while since any comments.

    I’m using this every day still and winning a ton.

    How about everyone else?

  55. Bobby says:

    2017 the year of BinaryToday5? I wonder if 2018 will be too! 🙂

  56. Yellich says:

    5 STARS.



  57. followed says:

    hi i want to purchase binary today 5. what should i write on coupon code?

  58. Sebastien says:

    This is next on my list of products I want to buy.

  59. Jacob says:

    Good signals lately.

    • Donald Queen says:

      Hello Jacob. Did you have to adjust the settings for B5 in order to get successful signals? If so, what did you change? Would appreciate it a lot. Peace and happy trading./

      • Jacob says:

        There really aren’t any settings to adjust from what I can see.

        I just use the software, and pick out the pairs that seem to be working well at the time.

  60. Danny says:

    Can I use this on my mata 4 trader, on my iPad does this work ? Can I get a answer
    Thanks in advance

    • John Kane says:

      I believe you need MT4 on your computer. Then, you can receive signals to your iPad, and trade on your iPad.

    • Ibrahim says:


      Yes you can. First, you need to install MT4 in your pc. You have to leave your pc on at all times or have a VPS. Then, you can install RD Client in your iPad or iPhone. I receive signals in my iPhone and verify the signal in my iPhone via RD Client in mt4.

      I hope this help.

  61. Marcus says:

    Loving Binary Today 5 these days.

    The software is winning on almost every pair I throw it on.

    Really ecstatic!

  62. Steven says:

    Hi I was just wondering if you could give me some info on the bt5 like how many trades are generated per day etc…thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Steven, you can see this on the front page of the website. Depending on how many charts you want to run you can get 20+.

  63. DANG says:




  64. Dean says:

    BT5 is really good the last 2 weeks, my ITM is 77%.

    I think it’s starting to pickup some steam here.

  65. James says:

    Can BT5 trade for 1min timeframe and still getting best result?

  66. David says:

    I just bought BT5 and running it for a few hours, not getting a lot of signal at this moment. I want to ask most of the signal I received not agree by trade assistant but it end up in the ITM if trade taken. It only agree by trade assistant few minutes later after the signal. Is this normal?

    • John Kane says:

      If it doesn’t agree with the trade assistant within the first 30 seconds or so, I won’t take the trades. If you need more signals, consider opening more charts.

  67. Marco says:

    I cannot wait to test this! Seems very good one, most software, one can get, does not work…

    • John Kane says:

      Absolutely Marco, BT5 is having a great week too.

    • Ralph says:

      This is the only system that’s ever worked for me consistently. Since that’s the case, I’m going to try out Binary Today Trader and then Binary IQ too.

      I just want to win is much as I can and get as many signals as I can.

  68. Grimes says:

    I’ve been testing 30 min expirations and what I found is it 85% win rate.

    It’s good because sometimes when the 5 min is out the money the 30 will usually be ITM based on back testing gonna try this for the next few weeks and update yall.

    • Gino says:

      I’ve never even thought of doing this Grimes.

      I tried out a few trades after reading your post last week and I’m seeing some pretty effective trading results.

      Thanks man.

      • Grimes says:

        It seems to only work in ranging markets so just be careful.

        I stick to the 5 min expirations still with 3 to 4 confirmations

  69. Moosa Moreki says:

    Hi Mr John,
    Can Binary Today Software be used on a tablet? Can it work if I use it on a tablet?

    • John Kane says:

      I’m not sure Moosa, you would need to be able to run MT4 and install custom indicators. I feel like it’s possible, but I recommend doing some research on it first.

  70. Deleon says:

    15 straight wins over the past two days.

    I’ll take a pat on the back from whoever wants to provide it.


  71. Clayton A Hillman says:

    Sitting on a Saturday morning clicking on anything that “moves”. I went to a 1M chart and noticed many more trades than on a 5M chart and a better ITM%. For Binary 5 should I be using the 1M or 5M chart for signals?

  72. Prince says:

    hello john,
    Is binary today-5 , still working ?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Prince, absolutely, just look a couple comments down and you’ll see there are lots of traders using this on a daily basis.

  73. Franco says:

    This is my dream machine.

    I just want to give it ***** out of ***** stars! I hope that shows right.

    I’ve always liked quick and easy trades. When I first started trading binary I was always trading 60 second trades, but these sucked my account dry. Then I tried my own 5 minute strategy and this did okay, but it took too long.

    Binary Today 5 is perfect for me. It’s quick, and gives me the 5 minute expiry times I need to be successful.

    This is my #1, ahead of IQ and BTT.

    • seun says:

      Nice Franco,seems Binary5 has been really awesome from what you posted, to put it in perspective what would you say the win rate is like, like say from 10 or 20 trades you take how many wins is one likely to get?


  74. Claudio says:

    Hi John i ve just bought bt5 and i am going to use it next week.
    What Kind of money management and strategy do you suggest to increase slowly but consistente the account? Which is a reasonable weekly target to set a sorte of compound interest?claudio

  75. Sandile says:

    I wanted to buy the Binary Today 5 but now there is Binary IQ.I am not sure which one to buy now. It seemed that BT5 was clear enough on how to trade and what expiry time to use. Can anyone who has used both comment on which one is more accurate? I prefer to buy the one which is more accurate

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Sandile, they are both so close, you really can’t go wrong either way. The strategies are different, the filters are different, and the expiry times are different. Binary IQ offers 5 minute and 30 minute expiry times. Binary Today 5 is exclusively 5 minute expiry times. I still use both daily.

  76. Charlie says:

    This software is something else man! I bought my first car thanks to this amazing software!

  77. Sidney says:

    Binary Today 5 continues to be my #1 tool.

    I am constantly winning with this signal software. Binary IQ is good, but for me, I don’t think anything will ever be as good as BT5.

    To put it into perspective I’ve won 65 of my last 72 BT5 trades.

    • John Kane says:

      That’s what I’m talking about!

    • James says:

      Amazing man! What’s your strategy with BT5?

    • Seun says:

      could you explain how you use it Sidney or what strategy you use with it to attain such High win rate or do you just use it plainly the way it is to get such awesome results, would like to know so i could also apply thesame to get your kinda results.

      Cheers and thanks.

  78. Jackie says:

    6 for 6 today!

    Lovin’ BT5.

  79. kurt says:

    just bought a few hours ago, 4signals,3eur/usd 1usd/chf, all ITM…so far, so very good😁😁😁

  80. nic says:

    need to know what settings to keep.. is extra signals set to true?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Nic,

      I use the default settings.

      When you first drop the software on the chart the defaults will automatically be set.

      You don’t have to change anything.

  81. jennifer says:

    now I know what I want for my birthday lol this would be awesome to have

  82. Yan says:

    24 trade win streak with Binary5 right now!!!

  83. Nutcha says:

    Hi John,
    I have question.
    In binary 5, do I need to download or install software?
    Can you explain what is 1 licence 2 licence?
    Thank you.

  84. Vince says:

    This software continues to amaze!
    After coming back to Binary5 from testing out personal strategies I developed, the accuracy of this system is still incredible. I wish I would have kept an accurate track record but the overall ITM percentage averages in the high 70s if not higher. This site is really a bright light in the dark world of the many binary option scam systems. Keep up the good work John!

  85. Ronald says:

    UPDATE 2/13/2017:


    324/389 – 83.2% ITM.

    I have diligently traded this software since it’s release 8 months ago and I have piled up some incredible numbers as you can see above.

    My main approach is to analyze each trade afterwards to see what I can learn. Sounds basic, but this extra time makes it very easy to avoid bad signals when they come in.

    • John Kane says:

      Very very impressive Ronald!

    • Braxton says:


      How many hours a day are you trading Ronald?

      • Ronald says:

        I don’t really sit with my computer but I have it available to me 10 hours a day for trading purposes.

        Like most of the traders I read about here I just walk over to the computer when the bell sounds and a signal is ready for me.

        This is much easier then when I used to trade manually.

        • Sunny says:

          Very impressive result you have there Ronald.
          Just a quick one. Whenever you get a signal, do you look at the trade assistant and the Momentum Indicator if they both agree before you place the trade and how many arrows do you look out for?

      • Sunday says:

        How can l regesst now pls

    • Ibrahim says:

      Hi Ronald,

      Please give us an update how things are going?

      Whenever you get a signal, do you look at the trade assistant and the Momentum Indicator if they both agree before you place the trade and how many arrows do you look out for?

  86. Stephen says:

    Hey John.

    I just signed up with CTOption as my broker, as I live in the US.

    Will it be a problem somehow, that I signed up with the broker (to check him out) before purchasing Binary Today 5?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Stephen, this is no problem. You can use any broker with Binary Today 5. You can be with the broker already, or sign up after. Makes no difference.

  87. Blake says:

    February is lining up really well for a big month.

    I’m winning every trade that I take… or at least feels that way 🙂

    How’s everyone else doing?

  88. eric says:

    Markets have been tough this month but somehow Binary Today 5’s been the one system that’s managed to keep me winning.

    I’ve relied heavily on the trade assistant during this period.

  89. Antonio Rosado says:

    Hi John,
    Considering GMT Time, what are the best hours to use Binary Today 5? Does it work well during night, when the markets are closed?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Antonio, lately I trade from 1PM EST to about midnight. It’s worked fine in the 16 out of 24 hours that I’ve tested it and many of the readers here use it around the clock.

  90. Chris says:

    Hi John, is there any screen shots on how to trade with nadex using binary 5? 5 minute binary options?


  91. Gary says:

    Hi John, I have tried BO’s on and off over the last few years without any success and am willing to purchase B5, I just hope i have found what I am looking for to turn my luck around.

  92. Leo says:


    I trdae binary’s for almost 2.5 years and have seen many signal indicators and providers but this is amazing.

    Thank you!

  93. Martin says:

    Hi John

    Can you explain the difference between Binary 5 & Binary Today Trader ? Do they both provide the same signals and accuracy each day / month etc. I see Binary Today Trader works on reversals, does Binary 5 work off the same strategy. Any help m8 in which is the better system to use for 5 min trades. Thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Martin, these two systems are entirely different strategies that work on different expiry times. Binary 5 is the better system for 5 minute trades. Binary Today Trader is for 30 minute and 1 hour trades.

  94. Dale says:

    Binary 5 is such a ridiculously good product that I don’t use any other strategy or manual technique that I spent 3 years learning.

    When I first researched B5 I read some negative reviews and thought nahh this can’t be good. But I kept coming back here and you convinced me.

    Now I know what you said was true. Those negative reviews are from competitors trying to promote crappy auto trading software.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done, and all the emails we went through to get me here.

    You deserve anything you want in the world.

  95. Johnbull says:

    please i want to ask how many hours does it takes for the software to get to someone after purchase,
    thank you

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Johnbull, you get the software immediately. After you send your one time payment you are sent an email that allows you to register and gain access to your full lifetime membership.

  96. Karl says:

    John, I have a question please,

    How is t possible the price jumps from 179 to 229 when trying to checkout on binary today 5?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Karl, this is VAT Tax and conversion if you aren’t in the US. You can avoid it by ordering directly at


        Hey John,

        Can US Traders use MT4? Also on Binary 5 and Binary Today, do they have Fibronachi indicators available programed in? Thanks so much!

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Yvonne, yes US traders can use MT4. It’s the most used trading platform on the internet. They don’t rely on Fibonacci principles, no.

    • JB says:

      I’ll advise Karl you make use of the Coupon which John provided which will give you 15% discount. During checkout just click on the checkbox for Download protection and remove that option to save you money as well, then copy and paste the coupon on the “coupon code” space provided and click update. Purchase with your credit card and voilà ☺your success journey has begun.

  97. Mansoor says:

    Hello John and Hello community,
    I am just new to Binary Today 5 signal software. I have recently purchased it and am excited to see the results. I have one question regarding the news filter. Do you guys also avoid the medium impact news announcements? Or only the high impact news? I have enabled both high and medium impact news because of the short term trading of 5 minutes and wondering whether it is a good idea or not.
    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

  98. yas says:



    Where i can download 2 files for indicator RSX mq4 and exe4
    please if you can put in right direction is ADX indicator any good for confirming trends

    if someone can let me know

    many thanks

  99. Theo says:

    I think the RSX indicator is one everyone should consider using, it’s a little bit more accurate than the momentum

    • Donald Queen says:

      I’ve tried to install RSX indicator in mt4 but the indicator does not appear in mt4. Can you explain you did to successfully downloaded and install RSX indicator? Thank You.

  100. Sam says:

    Could someone post a video of them using Binary 5 using Nadex as I seem to think it’s confusing?


    • David Oldershaw says:

      Hi Sam, if you sign up for a free account with Apex investing Institute they have a basic binary trading course with videos using Nadex that is quite good.

      I’ve traded a Nadex demo using Binary Today 5 and BTT with good results. Its a little more complicated than a conventional broker but the Apex course will help you get a better understanding.


      • Bob Lee says:

        David I am USA and want to you Nadex with binary today 5 I will take the Apex coursePlease explain your experiene with Nadex and Binary 5 What was your weekly results number of trades, wins, loses.

      • Val says:

        I’ve been through the website but still don’t understand how to do choose the correct strikes to use with binary 5 on Nadex. Could you explain more please? Thanks.

  101. Carl says:

    Is this system still performing well.

  102. Willison says:

    Can someone elaborate on how to use the RSX with B5?

  103. Ben says:

    Hey Guys,

    Right now, I am on the border with buying Binary Today 5. I have already spent money on other programs that have wasted my money and I don’t know if this is a good system. I mean everyone here is saying the system is Great but all the other sites are saying it’s not… anyways what do you guys think, is it worth the money, what do you like about the system, and if you guys don’t mind me asking how are your win rates.


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ben, ignore the sites that say this is bad. All those sites are run by scammers promoting the worst products available. In the end, all the real traders end up here on Binary Today.

    • Martin says:

      Hi Ben

      Can i ask did you go ahead and purchase Binary Today 5 in the end ? if so, How well has it been performing for you ? Im just waiting and reading all the comments b4 i jump in which is wise i believe. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, i live in the UK so hoping to find some other UK traders on here.

  104. Ann says:

    Hi traders im new for everything of trading, i always read John kane website so i follow some of all your comments and experience for a year some traders are new also in binary or as a trader,so i bought binary5 and i got my broker for US trade, i didnt start my trade yet im still afraid of trading any advice for the pro. Thank You so much

    • Dave says:

      Hi Ann,
      I would recommend trading with a demo account before trading with a live account.

      After practicing with the demo account and have grown more confident in your trading you could then move onto live trading.

      If your broker doesn’t provide a demo account then perhaps have a look at You can sign up for a free demo account with no strings attached.

      They don’t accept US traders but just use a fake UK address to sign up with i know a number of US traders that have done this with no problems.

      Hope this helps


  105. Steph says:

    It’s a wonderful Christmas for me thanks to Binary Today 5! 🙂

    • Eliel says:

      Binary 5 is how to make money in this market just got the system a few weeks ago and im seeing consistency starting real account soon this system is really good

  106. Grimes says:

    Hey guys ive been doing more testing and i found out if i just wait till 3-4 on the trade assistant are confirming and you get a SHARP up or down on the momentum indicator (Must be really clear up or down) that i am 90% wins. 27-3 to be exact.

    But the thing is i probably rejected over 40 signals to get those. But its a game of waiting for the right set up .

    Now when i trade i don’t even care about the outcome because I’m so sure that with 3 out of the 4 confirmations and a sharp momentum indicator up or down you are basically guaranteed to win.

    The downside of this all is just waiting because all signals arnt perfect ups.

    • Bob Lee says:

      Great results Over what period of computer viewing time did it take you to make the 30 trades , since you rejected over 40 other signals. How and who could set up a colored or sound signal to alert investors when this exact situation occurs so computer viewing time could be decreased and very accurate trades could be accomplished.
      Your thoughts please

    • Jason says:

      Hey Grimes, can you share a screenshot of your high% trade example for clarity?
      Thank you for sharing your findings with us.

      • Grimes says:

        John already made a video on it. Just look for 3 out of 4 arrows and the momentum indicator in right direction its not hard. Just try it

        • Barry says:

          Hey Grimes, about the arrows, when the signal came in, if there’s 2/2, do you wait for it to become at least 3/1 before you trade or you skip the signal altogether? does it take you at least a minute before you put the trade?

  107. Greg says:

    just thought you might want to try using the RSX indicator with input settings of 4 to me it works a little better than the momentum indicator about showing direction

  108. John Kane says:

    December 14th Binary5 trading session now available.

    View it here:

  109. Sandrine says:

    Is the software set for GMT time or EST or PST time? Is it possible to change the timing once the software is downloaded?

  110. Sandrine says:

    What’s the difference between Binary 5 and BTT? Can anyone explain,please? Which is best or shall both be used in binary option? Thanks in advance for your replies! Happy trading!

  111. Noel says:

    Every day I just continue to win with this software. It’s going on three months as a member of Binary 5 and avid reader here at Binary Today. I’ve followed everything you’ve said to the point. I’ve listened to every podcast and followed every single strategy update.

    After 3 weeks of demo trading I went live with Binary 5. Since I’ve made over 100 trades with an ITM% of 77%.

    I was not a trader 3 months ago, and now my friends all come to me like I’m the pro. Sometimes I give you credit, other times I take it for myself 😉

    Thanks for everything.

    • Grimes says:

      Hey man congrats. Ive been getting good wins since the product came out. I actually just went on a 7 win run. Yesterday USDJPY was 7 for 7. Was Good .

  112. Gary Gray says:

    Hi John in your videos you enter a trade straight after a signal is given, If the momentum indicator is showing the wrong slope how long do you wait for the momentum indicator to change direction before ignoring the signal and waiting for the next?

  113. Mel says:

    What pairs are most of you trading during London and New York Session ? 🙂

    • Sheahan says:

      I trade whatever my broker has available whenever I trade.

      This way I get a lot of signals, I want as many opportunities as possible with Binary5 as I’ve found the signals to be extremely reliable.

  114. louai says:

    will it work with tradingview platform?

  115. Gary Gray says:

    Hi John, do you use the momentum indicator at its default setting of 14?


  116. Ryan says:

    Does anybody here set the use “extra_Signal_filter as False in the EA options?

    If so what’s the performance? I’ve just bought Binary 5 and was wondering if anybody had any experience with the extra signal filter….

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ryan, I haven’t tested this very much yet. When I set the filter to false I get quite a few signals but I’m not sure how accurate they are.

  117. Stefan says:

    Great start to my week.

    This evening I cashed 9/9 trades, I’m off to bed 🙂

  118. Rumen Valev says:

    Hello John and the binary today community.

    I just had a few questions regarding going into binary trading. I have settled on Binary 5 and Boss Capital as my broker. I am a bit unsure as to some of the terminology, what exactly is a MT4 and is that required in order to be able to use the strategy you talked about in your $804 live trading video?

    Thanks, all the best!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Rumen, MT4 is a free platform used alongside the Binary 5 software. Everything you need is available for you in the members area with full instructions and videos.

    • Mark Kimberley says:

      Hi folks I’m Mark from the UK. I’m interested in gettting the B5 software. I am totally new to this so at the moment just reading up. However I work mon to fri 8 till 6pm. So in reality I wouldn’t be able to trade until 7pm GMT. Will I be waisting my efforts or can I still Profit. Maybe a UK user could help.
      Any help would be Much appreciated

      • John Kane says:

        Hi Mark, you can certainly trade after work. Most of the readers here have jobs and do the same.

      • Tom H. says:

        Hi Mark, I’m a US (East Coast) trader. Starting at 7 GMT would mean starting during the afternoon of the US session. My experience has been that it’s usually pretty dead then, so your first couple hours, till Asia kicks in, might be a bit slow. But I see no reason overall why you can’t trade under the circumstances you describe. Just wanted to give you a realistic expectation.

      • Mike says:

        I have just started on this site and doing like you reading up, and with Johns help I have got MT4 installed and doing some demo testing, where in th eUK are you I am at ST10

  119. Stefan says:

    Great first few months of B5 for me.

    September I went 66-10
    October I went 85-15
    November I’m 12-2

    This is the best I’ve ever done in my 1 and a half years of trading.

  120. John Lane says:

    Mr. Kane can you please explain how this product can be used on NADEX. No one has answered that question yet. Everyone in the USA mostly uses NADEX. I would buy the product if you could do a video explaining how this works on NADEX binaries.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi John, if you scroll down you will see many people discussing using Binary 5 with Nadex so it is certainly possible. I’ll look into doing a video for you!

      • Val says:

        Could you please do a video using binary5 on Nadex? I know for sure now that I want to purchase binary 5 but I am still confused about how to do this on Nadex since i can’t find the answer anywhere even scrolling through all the comments. please make a video and send me the link. Thank you.

  121. arujunan jeyachandran says:

    Hi John,

    i recently purchase Binary 5 its amazing.i have before used signal services & indicators.
    all most of the system cheat & fraud but B5 is great i received around 6 signal after the setup & broker is ayrex test in demo account on 5m 5 / loss 1
    again thank you very much for you provide this amazing product.

  122. Jeff says:

    Excited to see how you did in October John.

    The month was really good for me so I expect to see the same from you!

    Been testing some new pairs with Binary5 with a lot of wins but it’s only 3 weeks so I’ll let you know more when there are more trades to go through

  123. Brian says:

    I´ve installed Binary5 but haven´t traded live with it yet. The last two days have seen good win rates with the unscreened signals so I plan to test the signals next week with screens. I like to use Heiken Ashi (HA) candles so my plan is this; when I receive the M5 signal from Binary5 I will check to see if the M1 HA candle is in agreement with the direction of the signal. If so, I´ll place the trade (basically, a simple time frame alignment strategy). I also use two other indicators, RSI and MACD so I will monitor whether agreement from them increases the accuracy of the trades. I´ll let you know how it works out. Binary5 does not produce a lot of signals but hopefully I can get 50 trades in my test next week.

  124. chris says:

    Hi There, is anyone using Binary 5 with Nadex trading?

  125. Roger says:

    What a great month this was!

    I’m extremely pleased with the quality of signals Binary5 is providing.

    My $300 deposit is not sitting at $950 after being live for just two weeks. I’ve traded aggressively but I was never in doubt 🙂

    • Steve deBoer says:

      Hi Roger,

      Great results! Which time zone are you in and what times are you trading? Do you trade the Asian, European or US markets?

    • Jon says:

      Hi Roger,

      Was wondering how you analyzed trades.

      How many trades were you placing a day over those two weeks?

      Cheers to your incredible success!

    • Theophilus says:

      Do you trade the US and Uk session or Asian time and what’s the maximum trade you have had in a day.

  126. Kenni Siu says:

    Hello John your latest video that you posted really help me a lot with my trading, that strategy really gain my profit, if you have any more strategy that you use in the future, please make a video of it..


  127. Frankie says:

    More and more wins! Loving it 🙂

  128. Rob says:

    I am getting only a few B5 trades these days even when 10 charts are in 5mins. Has the market dynamic changed from the B5 setup?

  129. Elaman says:

    Hi John,

    does software require manual gmt setup?

  130. Peter says:

    Binary5 continues to win for me.

    Your video live trading session a couple days ago has really helped me this week.

    I have 16 wins and 0 losses this week.

    After 25-4 last week and 33-7 the week before I’m starting to feel exceptionally confident.

    Thanks John.

    • Norman Utsey says:

      That’s awesome! I’m excited to use B5 along with all the advice from John and everyone on here. Such a cool community!

    • Kenni Siu says:

      yes, with that momentum indicator strategy really help avoid from loosing the trades, it does really give me more confident with trading now…

  131. Jill says:

    Are the times shown in the results table EST?

  132. Norman says:

    Any US traders on here using Nadex with B5? Nadex is a hard platform to use, but being a US trader I’m nervous about using foreign brokers. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Bob Lee says:

      I am USA and share your concerns about foreign brokers. Is any one using binary5 program and Nadex?
      Please explain your method of trading binary5 on Nadex
      Bob Lee

    • Jon says:

      Hi Norman,

      I’m a fellow US trader, and I don’t use Nadex, but I have used CTOption for just over a year now, and haven’t had any issues at all.

      I understand your reluctance as a US trader to use a foreign broker, but I thought it might ease your mind a bit to know I’ve had nothing but a good experience.

      Hope that helps!

    • Pipsurfer7 says:

      Yes it should be easier though but lower profits than the overseas brokers of course. Should rarely lose a trade with Nadex since you can get ITM strikes but for less payout. Going live with them this week. Cheers!

    • M Louis says:

      It should be fine Norman – been using Nadex for a while. The payout is smaller but you should hardly lose a trade since you can buy the strikes already in the money.

      • Norman Utsey says:

        Good to know. For example, I know on Nadex you have multiple binary options for USD/JPY to choose from correct . When B5 gives you a signal, how do you pick out which one? Thanks again

  133. Hiep Dinh says:

    Hi John,
    Does the Binary 5 software work on MacOS?
    I know MT4 has MacOS version, but can we download and install the Binary 5 on MacOS?

  134. John Kane says:

    New live trading session now available, go here:

    I walk you through a new strategy I’m using that will help you increase your ITM% drastically!

  135. Kareem says:

    Is it possible to have Binary 5, Binary Ascend and Binary Today Trader on one MT4 platform?

  136. emilio says:

    hello john, sorry.

    I have a question .

    I recently purchased, the binary 5.

    I have to follow every signal?

    Also night session? sorry . thank you.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Emilio, no you don’t have to follow every signal. You can trade whenever you like, however many signals you like. If you read more comments where you made this one you will see that there are many different strategies and approaches to using Binary 5.

  137. Kingsley says:

    Thank you John for this great system. I love Binary5. I’ve been making more wins and less losses.
    My broker does not give me more pairs on the Short Term. Can you recommend any other brokers that give more pairs?

  138. Des says:

    Hi John,

    Been eagerly waiting for the next video

  139. Jake says:

    I am a happy customer.

    I started with Binary5 two months ago and the results have been stellar.

    Just recently I started testing your Binary Booster strategy and I’ve been having a lot of success with this too.

    Since signing up my ITM is 77%.

    This is the highest it’s been since I started trading binary 2 and a half years ago.

    Thanks for everything.

  140. Aniko Bugar says:

    Dear John,

    I am really newbie in binary options, however I have already tried different signals but I have burnt down my accounts:-(.

    I am following you for a while and I want to buy the Binary 5 and I am happy that I could read positive feedback.

    Before buying the Binary 5, I have a question (maybe it is stupid):
    – I have a very old HP computer, so I was thinking to use the Interserver as you suggested. Do I need to sign up before joining your program or is it working separately?

    Thank you very much!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Aniko, sorry to hear you used bad signal services before coming to Binary Today.

      You can use your old computer, the Binary5 software requires very little resources to run. You can join B5 and then worry about a VPS if that’s the route you go.

  141. Chris says:

    Hi There, is there any videos that show people how to use the software of Binary 5? or any videos of Binary 5 please.


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Chris, I’m going to record another trading session in the next few days. In the mean time this is from last month:

      • Hutch says:

        Hey John I just purchased Binary5. I’ve been trading options for over 2 years now with good and bad results. I have tried some other signal services with MT4 that you have suggested on top of my own indicator combinations. I know some signal providers have built in new filters to stop signals during those period. Have you looked into implementing new fliters into Binary5. Also have you worked on intigrating Binary Booster directly into Binary5? Thanks for your time.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Hutch, there is a built in news filter in Binary5. Integrating is a good idea.

          • Hutch says:

            Sorry about that. I guess I should have got it installed and looked at possible setting options. I just assumed it didn’t have news filters cause people were commenting about not trading signals during news feeds. By default you have it shut off. Do you find having it off doesn’t effect signal accuracy? Have you tested the indicator on Gold or silver? Look forward to testing and using the indicator.

          • John Kane says:

            Hi Hutch, no problem. I haven’t tested Gold or Silver yet but I’d like to.

  142. Shane says:

    Wow! Over 255 comments now, when I started with Binary5 over a month ago I didn’t know what to expect.

    I was one of the first clients to sign up and there were less than 5 comments here when I did. I’m happy to see so many people building strategies and winning trades.

    I’ve personally had a lot of success with B5.

    I am at 75% ITM which is the highest I’ve ever achieved in my two years trading binary options. This 75% is from nothing but Binary5 trades. I’ve traded over 200 trades since signing up so it’s a very large sample size to go on.

    From time to time I take too long to place trades or I misread signals and I’ve included those in my 75% so I could probably get it a little higher but I’m working on that.

    I’m definitely taking a close look at the new Binary Today Booster tutorial and I’ll be adding that to my strategy as well.

    Love all the comments everyone!


  143. angel says:

    John when I attempted to download the MT4 from the Booster site it sent me to a MT4 for Australia? I’m in the US, but is that going to matter or should I just google MT4 download and go from there?

  144. Chris says:

    Do you guys have any courses that teach about how to effectively trade binary options, I am looking for a course that teaches how to trade binary options effectively, also well as money management with binary options, that has a good strategy for trading binary options?


  145. kyle says:


    I’m currently using Banc Da Binary as my broker, would this B5 work?

    Taking in account that BB only has expire times of 10mins.

  146. Muhammad says:

    Hey John,

    How long do I have to put in the trade with my broker from the time I get the signal?


  147. Grimes says:

    Hey guys im back and glad to see everyone having good results. Im gonna be trading all week and updating my results daily for the rest of the week.

    Ive already told couple of friends about the system because ive been on a roll lately with it!! We love John Kane and B5 !! Talk to yall later.

  148. YAS says:


    Just purchased binary5 today looking forward to publishing some good results soon

    • Yas says:

      Hi john
      Just a question once binary5 is setup do we get the alert pop up automatically once the signal is issued or do we have to activate alert on metatrader

    • Kenni Siu says:

      my result are awesome so far at 10 won and 2 lost, I prefer not to trade during news or lunch break.

    • Kenni Siu says:

      Hello YAS
      my trades at the moment 13 wins and 3 looses from this morning, one thing to keep in mind always check the news before you trades, sometime the signals come 5 mins before news, even though the signals alert candle is ITM but your trade won’t expire yet because of the delay you place the trade, so that’s one thing…

      • Amila Gayan says:

        Hello Kenni,
        Can you please tell me that what time you are doing the trade (GMT or EST) and how many pairs you have open in the MT4 and how many signals you are getting during the trading hours ?
        Thanks & Best Regards,

      • yas says:

        Thank you will keep an eye on that
        just question when you taking the trade do you trade straightway as soon as you get the signal or do you wait for couple of seconds before placing a trade?


        • Kenni Siu says:

          during the 13 wins and 3 lost it was from 8:00 am east – 12pm east after that the signals was quiet,
          Yes, our goal is to expire exactly the same as the candles…

      • Sandrine says:

        Good point!

  149. Amila Gayan says:

    Hello Traders,
    I am from Sri Lanka and i have purchased B5, Can any one tell me that what is the best time for trading in Sri lanka. oping your positive reply.
    many thanks.

  150. olakunle olusegun says:

    Hi john, can software work for Nigeria people.

  151. Vince says:

    Purchased Binary5 about a week ago and am pretty impressed by the quality of the signals the software provides. Its averaging 80% ITM for me after close to 50 trades which is fantastic.

  152. David says:

    John — I noticed that all the winning trades on your demonstration video paid out 67% profit Is that typical for 5 minute payouts? I’m wondering because I had been assuming binarys typically paid out 75% to 80%.

    P.S.> It would be nice to show trades on CTOption on a future demo video for US traders who don’t have any other options (no pun intended).

  153. Lanny says:

    John, what do you do about trading during high impact news events? Do you pass on trading then or trade through them?

  154. Ian says:

    Hi all traders,
    Since there are many questions on what time zones each trader have the best results with B5, i decided to create this post so those who had good results can post it here so that many who wanted to know can easily find it within one post rather than having this information all over each individual post.
    It will be good to state which session traders find it most profitable and success with, for example, US Session ( London New York till end of New york session) and state each of your own EST or GMT time zone. or Asian session ( Australia JApan cross till whatever end time session) and which EST or GMT. It will be very beneficial if traders can state which part of the world he or she is from as many here including myself try to convert this whole EST GMT PDT jargon. Thanks all!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ian, I trade 11AM to 11PM EST.

      • Ian says:


        Thks for the reply! It seems you start your trade time just one hour before London close. Is there a reason why you dont start earlier than that? am just asking.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Ian, it takes me a couple hours to wake up, I try not to trade groggy! 🙂

        • Dave says:

          Hi Ian,
          I’m in the UK (GMT) which is 5 hours ahead of EST.

          During these volatile times, I’ve found the best time is 7am to 10am. After 11 am things go a little quiet.

          I don’t trade during the NY market as most of my losing trades have been during this time.

          I’ve found when both US and UK markets are open together the volatility is a little crazy and B5 and BTT dont seem to handle it well.

          On the few times I’ve traded after the NY market has closed (9pm uk time), signals have been slow coming but are more accurate.

          Overall I think B5 is fantastic, I trade with the arrows (3 or more agreeing with the signal) but its worth testing to find the best time trade to maximise results.

          • John Kane says:

            Hi Dave, thanks for letting us know your thoughts. I’m impressed by your approach.

          • Martin says:

            Hi Dave

            I also live in the UK and was wondering what the best times are to trade.

            I haven’t yet purchased Binary 5 as im waiting to see more results from users who live in the UK. Can you tell me when you started running the software and your’e results so far.

            Thanks 🙂

      • Patrick says:

        Could you please convert to my time zone I live in Toronto Canada what time would that be here?

        • Dave says:

          Hi Patrick
          Toronto is the same as EST, 5 hours behind UK time.

          Many people here are finding 5pm to 11pm EST is a working for them.

          It might be worth testing this time for yourself to see how you get on.

    • Steve says:

      I have been trading from 7:30am to 4pm EST. I will also be adding from 7pm to 10pm EST as well to see how that does for me as sometimes it is hard to trade through the day with normal work responsibilities.

      • Ian says:

        Thank you guys who had contributed to the time they are trading. Its very interesting then to see the different success rate each individual has even though they trade the same session….and i hope to see more contributing as we get to see and collate some sort of a pattern. As of now , we see Dave to be trading the london session, slow but accurate signals. Steve is trading the london – NY cross over till end of NY sessions. So far we have yet to see anyone who trade the asian session. Guess its too slow? keep this information coming guys!

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Ian, I do have a lot of readers trading the Asian session, I’ll have to see if I can get one in here.

        • Tom H. says:

          Hi Ian, just wanted to point out that the video John just posted showing B5 trades was between the hours of 8 PM and 11 PM EST. That would have been in the asian session.

        • Steve says:

          I want to try trading the Asain session to see if this trading session works better for me. Trading during the US session is quite volatile from what I am seeing right now. I would rather have less signals but more accurate results.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Martin,
      I’ll try and keep this as detailed and as short as I can. I purchased B5 as soon as it was launched, and before that I used BTT with the trade assistant, so had a very good idea how things worked. Now I only use B5.

      I trade to a daily target/stop loss, and stop live trading and go onto test trading as soon as I hit one of them. (my goal is to consistently grow my account week on week, not to make mega bucks each day).

      It wasn’t easy to do this, but I learned the hard way, it’s easy to over trade and lose what you’ve won.

      I don’t sit at the computer all day. It’s in our office area and when I hear an alert I go to the computer. Most mornings I switch the computer on around 7am and it stays on until around 10pm.

      When looking at the trade I make sure that the signal agrees with the trend, and at least 3 arrows agree. If those rules are not met I don’t take the trade.

      I also make note when major news events are announced, as these do cause volatility and I treat signals with caution around these times.

      From testing, I know 10 min trades work just as well as the 5 min. Because of all this I usually hit my target before 9am most mornings.

      Occasionally I do hit stop loss, and the temptation is there to carry on, but today for example….

      I took a 5 min and 10 min trade on EUR/USD at 8:20 and won both. That meant at 2-0, I had hit my target for the day and went onto test trading.

      Due to news events and a very volatile US session so far, my test trading is currently OTM. (I keep to the same rules for test trading).

      Because of the way I trade my live trading is 88% ITM, and test trading is running at 69%, which is still pretty good and ITM. (I find mornings are best but check news events).

      Sorry for this being long, but hope it helps.

      P.S… find what works best for you, to develop your way of trading.

      • John Kane says:

        Hi Dave, you are a shining example of why I made this blog. Thank you for sharing your trading strategy, and your methodical approach. I’m impressed to say the least.

        • Dave says:

          Thank you John .. like most I started the wrong way and blew 2 accounts and lost a lot of money.

          I came across Binary Today over 2 years ago and have slowly learned how to trade the right way.

          The first 2 important lessons I learned was,
          — when not to trade,
          — and demo trade until I could consistently make a profit.

          Its safe to say I’m a different trader today then when I first started, and much of that is down to you and the Binary Today readers.

          Thank you all, and keep contributing to comments as people do learn from what is written


      • Brian says:

        Hi Dave,
        I like setting goals also. Could I ask what size bank you started with and what amount would you invest per trade? I see you can reach your target in two trades so I am assuming your investment would be a percentage of your bank. I also like your stop/ loss strategy.Thank you for passing on these ideas to other traders.

        • Dave says:

          Hi Brian,
          When I started live trading with B5 I had an account balance of over 4K, (I had already been trading with BTT, and B/Wave prior to B5).

          My average trade is between 3% and 4% of my account balance.

          I use CT Options and one of the reasons why is, when placing the trade you don’t have to write the trade amount in.

          They have buttons with £5, £25, £50, £100, £200, £400. When placing a trade you just press the amount you want to trade instead of writing it in.

          I work out what 3% of my account balance is, and choose the amount which comes closest to it. It’s a small thing but, for me it helps placing a trade a smoother process.

          My target and stop loss are based on monetary values and not trade counts. For example, 2-0 is a higher monetary value than a 3-1 trade count.

          Play with the software to test what works best for you. I tested B5 for 2 weeks before going live.

          B5 last week was on fire, it hardly lost a trade. This week is a little different, it’s not the software, it’s the markets.

          Markets change. For example, since Brexit they’ve been highly volatile. When the US market opens in the afternoon (here in the UK) sometimes it’s so volatile it’s virtually untradeable.

          So you need to test and learn to trade in those conditions and know when to stop.

          Two of the hardest lessons I had to learn was.
          — Patience, don’t set high expectations to early, it’s a marathon not a sprint.
          — Discipline, know when to stop and stick to it, don’t sneak back for an extra trade. Protect your earnings and account balance.

          Hope this helps

      • JB says:

        Hello Dave,
        I’ve been studying your comments and testings and having done some testing of BTT for weeks I can say you are more than likely correct with your observations about market movements and reactions perhaps cos we share the same timezone. I’ve had some great and awful days trading live and blowing my accounts as well but I want to follow a strict strategy and discipline henceforth as I intend purchasing B5 soon.
        My question is when trading with B5 do you just take 2 winning trades in a day and that’s all or that was with BTT? Secondly, do this winners come at a particular timeframe? Also, have you consistently had this 2 winners on daily basis trading the UK session?
        I really don’t mind sticking to 2 – 0 consistent winners every blessed weekday 😉

        • John Kane says:

          Hi JB, I take what the market offers. It’s usually more than two trades. Between the two systems they give me quite a few solid opportunities.

        • Dave says:

          Hi JB,
          To answer your first question, do I stop at 2 winning trades each day? … At the moment yes, I then go onto test trading.

          I usually hit this target most days trading between 7 & 10 UK time, and normally with my first trade of the day as I take a 5 min and 10 min trades with each B5 signal. .. I trade Mon to Thur.

          The real question is could I do more? … Yes absolutely, and will be.

          My testing consistently shows that the worst time for me to trade is when the UK & US markets are open at the same time, as this is when most of my losses occur.

          The question I’m asking myself is … do I really need to trade to a daily target? .. I like the stop loss strategy and will be keeping that. But I think I’m moving towards a weekly or monthly target.

          The more I use B5 the more I’m impressed with it and its potential. When I first started in Binary, I used to dream of taking 10 trades per day with a win rate of 70%.

          My testing so far shows that B5 can do that and more, especially when you take 5 and 10 min trades. .. It’s quite exciting when you think about it.

          • Ian says:

            Hi Dave,

            how do you determine which to take a 5 min or 10 min trade? is there a particular pair that is more towards 10 mins expiration and another tpwards 5 mins expiration??



          • Dave says:

            Hi Ian,
            When I receive a signal I check to see if at least 3 arrows, and the trend agree with the signal. If those 2 rules are met I take a 5min trade and a 10min trade.

            I find when trading with the trend the 10min trades are just as good as the 5 min.

            I don’t favour any particular pair or look for any other criteria. Just the arrows and the trend.

  155. Desmond Chapple says:

    Hi John,

    Does Binary5 only trade on the weekdays? I have it downloaded along with MT4 i’m just trying to get it set and ready to go.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Desmond, no system works on weekends, the markets are closed.

      • Desmond Chapple says:

        Ah, I see, Thanks Mr. John I was curious about it and I’m hoping by tomorrow I’ll be able to tell some positive results, I’ve seen so many on here, just hoping to be one of the comments that praises Binary 5 as well. ^.^

  156. Lahsen says:

    Hi John what is the best time for trade I am living in Canada I already bought the system would advise me please.

  157. Leroy says:

    Hi John after spending the last couple of days reviewing FiboCode I also came to the same conclusion after watching you review video. I have now purchased this software instead after seeing such great reviews and your impressive results.

  158. John Kane says:

    Hey guys, I just uploaded a video showing the Binary 5 software in action.

    You can watch it here:

    I’ll be putting together my August income report tomorrow as well, so look forward to that!

    • Tarilate says:


      Hi John. So i have purchased the Binary5 software, and i have been testing it for a while. Please I need to confirm how you pick your trades. Do you use the arrows to place ur trades? Or do you wait for the signals then look at the arrows? Also, if the alert doesnt pop up, can I use the arrows alone to place my trades?

      • John Kane says:

        Hi Tarilate, no don’t use the arrows alone to place your trades. Only trade alerts. You can see my strategy in the video I posted above, I recommend checking that out!

    • Marios says:

      Thanks John !

  159. David says:

    I am very pleased with binary5, Today was my first day of trading with the signals.It took me a day to figure this all out. I am only trading 6 pairs, based on the ITM succes rate % when you click it in your MT4, it will give you the succes percentage.

    Because of this I only had 10 trades during 7:45 am and 4 pm. ( living in Europe )
    9 of the 10 were all ITM.
    Needless to say I am very pleased with Binary5 and look forward to some fantastic trading days.

  160. Grimes says:

    Here is an update as promised.

    Overall : 32 Wins & 8 Losses. = 80% Win Rate

    I’m impressed with this system. I was kinda scared to use this during the USA session but it still kicked butt.

    To be honest, i do suggest after USA session ends at 1PM PST (DO NOT TRADE) until 5PM PST – in my experience, those are where most of my losing trades came from.
    If i didnt take those trades id be at 36-4 which is hard to believe but its true.

    Now to all the people out there still on the fence let me tell you this. I do not know john personally only time i have spoke to him was on this post when he responds and I’m not an affiliate and i don’t care to make money off selling his product because i can make way more by taking his trades .. I said that to say. This is the best system i have had. Ive tried so many indicators and they were hit or miss. Im actually in a live trading group with one of the biggest binary options groups (You can guess who LOL) and Binary 5 has made me more money than the group ive been in with the big time traders.

    I recommend you guys grab a copy. Cheers.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Grimes, this is phenomenal news! I’m really glad that you are getting the most out of Binary5.

    • Angela says:

      Grimes, thanks for sharing the best trading times! I noticed the same thing. I am trading from Brooklyn, NY!!!! What’s up??? I think I may call out a sick day from work tomorrow. Lol! I will make more money from this than my 9 to 5 job! I was scammed in the past with worthless softwares, applications, etc…. but this is the real deal!!! Just try it on a demo account for a day or so to test it out. You will quickly change to a real account! John, thank you for sharing and I will definitely check out your other products! Peace!

      • Grimes says:


        Yep. I think its important we all share what works and what doesnt so we can ride the Binary 5 train to wealth.

        Id run a few more days on demo before running on live tho.
        Also please let me know on any tips or tricks you find out.

        Are you using the trade assistant before entering trade or just jumping in?

    • Lee says:

      Which broker u are using now ,Grimes 😎?

      • Grimes says:


        Im using Porter Finance + Citrades

        (Citrades stops the 5 min trades at 5pm PST so i change over to Porter then). Not promoting them at all just saying what i use.

        But im gonna open an account with the recommended brokers from John on my next round of withdrawals mainly because Porter Finance pay out drops at 5pm PST and i heard the ones john recommends are still the same pay out all day. But id ask John or contact them directly to verify.

        Have you purchased the system yet? If so what are your honest thoughts and win rate?

    • Ian says:

      Sorry i am trying to understand your trading session, do you mean you execute trades during US sessions during london new york cross over till NY is over? So after NY is over you stop?

      • Grimes says:


        Hey sorry i wasn’t on here for a while.

        Personally for me asia works the best. Usa did work but it was too crazy with news coming out.

        I would do asia session which is 5PM PST to 8PM i take 8pm off then go back at 9pm i stay up late because i wanna be rich so i need all the trades i can get.

        • Ian says:

          Thks Grimes! Sounds wonderful. May i know what pairs are you trading in asia session? I Always thought asia is too slow and not move much but i guess its more stable for binary.

    • Desmond Chapple says:

      Hi Grimes, I figure I should take your advice, I live in Georgia, USA and when i started trading with this I was up 5 wins to one loss, I will try your idea in hopes of better results, I will let you know ASAP.

    • George says:

      Hi Grimes,

      Are you using Nadex as your broker? I think I read that you did,


      • Grimes says:

        I was gonna try them but i found some brokers that friends personally withdrew from with no issues so i went with them I should try it out tho have you been trading with Nadex?


  161. Angela says:

    Fantastic software! Great results! Excellent service! I am so thankful I found your website. I am truly excited. I just installed Binary5 over the weekend. It was the Labor Day Holiday weekend in the US. I did test on Sunday night.. I won all 7 signals! I work full time so I also installed MT4 platform on my phone — I received signals. I just increase the volume. I am going to try your other products. God bless you!

  162. Kelman Gunnie says:

    Hi John

    I just got started with downloading the software.
    Im new to this trading stuff.

  163. Mo says:

    I won 23/25 trades last week and I’m excited for the markets to open.

    Binary5 is helping to recover losses I suffered with copy buffet.

  164. Niranjan Setty says:

    I’m keen to buy it but I wonder why you haven’t uploaded the Binary5 Trading video yet.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Niranjan

      My focus isn’t on promotion right now. I’m focused on the existing clients and making sure everyone is up and running properly. I’ll put together a video next week.

  165. David Fredriksz says:

    I purchased Binary 5 this week. I had some problems with installing, not because of the product but me being pc challenged. The support department at Binary 5 did a great job helping me out, so I have it all running, within 10 minutes I already had 3 signals. I do have to figure out which pairs I am going to trade. Not all pairs are in my broker.

    I will report when I have my results.

    Thanks John for sharing this with us.


  166. Grimes says:

    Just signed up today. Gonna install and let you guys in on my trades end of the day or by tomorrow.

    • Marios says:

      Yes , appreciate this !

    • Grimes says:

      Heres my update : 14-4

      I was busy running around and didnt have alot of time with the system. I lost 2 in a row to start and i thought it was a rip off. I kept going and won 9 in row and only loss 2 other times since then.

      I would recommend signing up for the Text message and email alerts because at times i was sitting by my computer for a long time before the next signal but now i just have the alerts to my phone i walk to comp and enter trade and go back to my day. I dont check the last trade until a new one comes in. That helps me from being so attached to the outcome…

      I can say for sure so far so good. I would recommend it. Ill post tomorrow after my session.

      • John Kane says:

        Well done Grimes, thanks for the update. Be a little more cautious today since we are into Friday. Friday trading is generally much more difficult to predict.

        • Grimes says:

          quick question here. Do you recommend skipping the usa session and only doing the asia session? Which times do you think work best?

  167. James says:

    I’m having a good start to the week so far winning 10/11 trades.

    This is my first two days with the system so I’m not ready to say it’s perfect but it’s doing what it’s supposed to so far. I’ll add onto this again at the end of the week, hopefully with more winnings to report on.

    • tim griffin says:

      hi james and congrats….

      how much time are you trading daily…..and….

      do you take every signal that comes up…



  168. Daniel says:

    Hi all,

    Do I have to sign up with a broker in order to be able to use this product? Or can I install it and just use its services to send signals, and then trade on Nadex from there. Thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Daniel, no, you don’t have to signup with a new broker. You can use your current broker and receive signals normally.

  169. Melkorka says:

    Hey, does binary5 work best with the brokers you recommend ?

  170. Dennis says:

    Hi John,
    Just purchased a copy of Binary5..Would you explain what 1-license or 2-license is and why would you need or want 2?

  171. J.A. says:

    Haven’t had too many trades this week but I’m still consistently winning, and that’s all I really care about.

    24-4 so far and building quickly.

    I am going to add the Binary Today Trader to get some more signals soon.

    • A.L. says:

      Hi, J.A.
      When you are trading with B5 signals do you wait at least 3 or 4 arrows show the same direction of the signal?
      Or just place the trade as soon as possible and don’t care about the arrows?
      Thanks for your time

  172. Paula says:

    I signed up just over a week ago and the results are in.

    My first day was slow but it’s picked up since.

    I have taken 35 trades, winning 28 and losing 7.

    This is my first time with 5 minute expiry times so I’m obviously quite surprised with how well I’ve been doing but I really feel like I understand why the signals are coming. It all just makes sense.

    • Brian says:

      Which pairs do you opened on MT4?

    • Nyor says:

      Hi Paula,

      Good to here that you are successful with binary5. Could you please share how you take the trades and how many currency pairs you use? And how many hours you spent each day looking at the charts to end up with 35 trades?

      I noticed that with the extra filters, it seems to have lesser signals per day. All the best and thanks!

      • Paula says:

        Hi Nyor,

        I don’t spend much time looking at the charts at all. I wait for the bell to ring, and then I look at the chart, place the trade and that’s it. I don’t even watch the trade either I just check in on my results later.

        I’m using the major pairs right now and I trade just how it’s explained in the members area, no more or less.

    • Steve says:

      What trading sessions are you trading in?

      • Paula says:

        Hi Steve,

        I’ll run the software from around 1PM-11PM.

        I do find quite a bit of success in the evenings so far which I guess is good for people who work during the day.

        • Ulrich says:

          Hi Paula,

          Which Timezone are you located?

        • Steen says:

          Hi Paula
          When you talk about evening trading – Are you based in US or Europe?
          Thanks and all the best

        • Steve says:

          Obviously you’re having great results, judging from your posts. However, your comment about this being “good for people who work during the day” makes me wonder if you’re for real? I’ve noticed that most of the comments here are overly positive, and very general. Just an observation.

          • Paula says:

            I try to be very specific in my responses.

            I guess you are used to negativity online, that’s just not who I am.

            I believe in B5 and the strategy. If it provides a lot of trades after 5EST then it would be good after work for people in my time zone, I guess I should have specified that.

    • Marios says:

      Hi guys ,
      I am thinking to purchase Binary 5 ! Are you testing it and is it really 81% the accuracy as they say?

      • Paula says:

        In my short time trading Binary5 I’m close to 81% so I believe their tests are accurate.

        • Cheryl says:

          Hi Paula I am in Australia and an a sceptic so wanted to know are you still having positive results

          • Paula says:

            Still going great Cheryl!

            Haven’t lost a trade this week.

          • lee says:

            Hi Cheryl ! do you have positive result on B5 ? Im in Australia too, Thanks

          • Josh says:

            Hi Cheryl and Lee,

            I’m in Australia and have had binary5 for a week. I’m paper trading after work (approx. 5-10pm) using 8 pairs. I’m going through an Australian broker registered through ASIC which I feel comfortable with, but they only offer 8 pairs on a 5min expiry. I’ve had a couple of days where there’s only been 1 trade and 0 trades, 1 losing day and 4 winning days so far. I did have a day off work where I traded for 12 hours for 4 trades (3w-1L). I’m focusing on signals with 3+ corresponding arrows,and these are at 75% ITM. (12 wins – 4 losses). So far the strike rate is good, but would prefer more trades.

  173. Josef says:

    Hi John,

    when placing a trade with Binary 5 are you also use the same strategy with the embedded Assistant that at least 3 of 4 arrows must show in the direction of the signal?
    e.g. Call signal and 3 of 4 say ‘BUY’ ?


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Josef, I will generally consult the arrow on the chart. You don’t need to install the trade assistant or any other tool, everything you need is built into Binary5.

      • Josef says:

        Hi John,

        I was referring to the information within Binary5 that shows similar data as the trade assistant does. (STOCH, RSI, EntryCCI, TrendCCI)
        As suggested I only put Binary5 on a chart, I was only curious which information on the Binary5 information window, that is put onto the chart, you are using…


      • Tom H. says:

        Hi John, don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I think what Josef was asking was whether, for example, you would take the trade if the alert said Call, but three of the arrows in the “M5” trade assistant (part of the Binary5 software) said Sell. Do you take all B5 alerts, or do you screen with the included TA? I’ve wondered this myself, and I’m not completely clear on your answer. Thanks!

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Tom, yes I use the built-in arrows on the chart. I feel it’s always best to take advantage of what the software has to offer.

  174. kevin says:

    Hi, John
    Thank you for this amazing software.I have been using the Binary Ascend and looking forward to use B5 soon.Just a quick question. What if i saw the signal 1-2 mins after it was sent? Do i still take the trade or not? Also, what if this happens to a 15 or 30 mins signal?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Kevin, the software only provides 5 minute signals. If you see it too late then you won’t take the trade unless you feel comfortable with it still.

  175. Les says:

    Hi John,
    Another Les here! A few weeks back I bought BTT and I must say it’s doing the job I wanted it for (especially in conjunction with the trade assistant). Interestingly I have been using it on the 5 M timeframe with hardly any problems. However I see there is the new Binary5 just released. I’ll take a look when you get your v