Binary Backdoor Review

binary-backdoorBinary Backdoor is a new options trading software that’s built to make traders an average of over $2900 per day on full autopilot. I’m sure you’ve heard this script before as I have many times.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Binary Today readers understand if this binary options software is any different than the systems we’ve seen in the past.

Binary Backdoor Review

The front page of the binary backdoor is basic. It consists of a simple video and email subscription form. I’ll be going through the video but also taking a close look at the members area to see if there is more information for us to analyze. The developers of this system claim that the binary systems on the market are working as they are supposed to and the reason why the trades aren’t being won is because of outside factors.  While I’m waiting to find out what these outside factors are the video is aggressively using lifestyle marketing techniques by showing fancy cars, trips and large bank account statements.

The narrator in the binary backdoor video tells us that he used to work for a brokerage and for every deposit traders made he got a commission bonus. He tells that us in a period of 6 years doing this he only made $7500. Who in their right mind would do a job that’s paying just over $1000 a year? How do I trust someone who wouldn’t move on from this bad job years earlier? Then, he goes on to tell us that the broker sends false signals to reduce each traders chance of winning. The story continues to get even more outlandish as it goes on and I get less and less interested.

I am not recommending binary backdoor to any of the Binary Today readers. In writing this review I simply didn’t see anything impressive whatsoever. The video is a long story with no proof to back up any of the claims. My goal isn’t to make investments based on stories and videos either. I need real hard results. I don’t need to hear that a binary options software is making nearly $3000 a day on autopilot and then hear some strange tale about how it happened. I watch movies and tv shows for entertainment, I don’t need it from binary options systems. That’s all I have to say about that. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment or question now.

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