Binary Review: Aurum Tech

aurum-techAurum Tech is a new binary options product by Marco Shoemaker. Marco claims that his software provides a proven strike rate of 95% because it’s able to analyze the financial market in real time. Every single software is able to analyze the financial market in real time so this isn’t some sort of new technology being used.

Today I’ll be providing a review and analyzing what this new binary options developer has to offer the market.

Aurum Tech Review

While the Aurum Tech sales page looks very professional I’ve picked up on quite a few issues and discrepancies immediately. If you scroll down near the bottom of the webpage you will see a headline that reads Aurum Tech in the news. Here, Marco wants us to believe that there have been articles written about him in the Financial Times, CNNMoney, Bloomberg Business, and Sky News. Yet, if you search for these articles on any of these websites you will come up empty. It turns out Marco clearly Photoshop these images to make it seem like there were articles written about him on these news outlets. This is untrue. Marco has never been discussed on any single one of these websites and a quick search on any of these sites proves that.

Video Analysis

In the Aurum Tech video we fact check a lot of the deceitful marketing practices and show the software for what it really is.

Marco Shoemakermarco-shoemaker

Not only does Marco lied to us about the news outlets, but I don’t believe that he is actually a real person. Doing several Google searches we’ve found that there is no information about Marco Shoemaker anywhere. He is essentially a ghost.

To add to that, Marco has also been involved in other binary options trading systems. He actually played the role of John Harrison who was supposed to be the CEO of the Mirror Trader software. It’s very clear to us here at binary today that Marco is an actor and we cannot believe any of the story that he presents to us.


peter-jeffersonThe testimonials, like the rest of the Aurum Tech sales page are very deceitful. We’ve found that the images being used are actually stolen from other websites. There is no doubt in my mind that the testimonials are all fake and there isn’t someone named Peter Jefferson who turned a $750 deposit into over $270,000 with this application.


The Aurum Tech trading software is clearly another binary options scam. The people behind the software do a very poor job at conveying an honest message. Every single piece of proof provided is jaded and can’t be trusted. There isn’t a single piece of evidence on this website that can’t be disproved and thus there is no reason for us to sign up.

I recommend that you check out the top rated binary options software as voted on by the readers here at binary today. This way you know what can be trusted and what can’t. If you ever need help in the binary options market feel free to send me a personal email and I will actually respond to it, just test me.

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