Mirror Trader Review

mirror-traderMirror trader is a new binary options product by John Harrison. John promises us that all we have to do is mirror what he does and we will make over $14,000 per day. According to the website there are members that have made over $500,000 in profits in less than 2 months. This is starting to sound more like a fantasy, than reality.

Today I will be reviewing this system and informing the binary options community of my thoughts and opinions. Under the article traders will also be able to add their personal input which I always look forward to reading.

Mirror Trader Review

tony robbinsSo first things first, we have to look at the claims being made by this new binary options product developer John Harrison. I believe that the promises are way too ambitious. In the testimonial section of the website their are a handful of people that are getting unbelievable returns. Susan Brooks is showing a total profit of $28,000 and she joined 2 days ago. Thomas Cooper joined 5 days ago and he’s made over $70,000 in profit. Patrik Holub joined 2 weeks ago and he showing a profit of over $200,000. There are 9 more of these testimonials and each is less believable than the last. That’s not the only issue that I’ve uncovered. The testimonial image for Patrik Holub is actually an image of Tony Robbins, directly from his LinkedIn account. That’s a major red flag.

Mirror Trader Results

The mirror trader developers show us two areas for results. The testimonial section which I have already proven cannot be trusted and a live results table. This live results table erratically shows 60 second expiry time trades firing at an incredible speed. Each trade is $25 and there are over 5 to 6 trades every single minute, this type of trade volume is very dangerous. Not only that, I just don’t see how a 60 second scalper could truly be making people hundreds of thousands of dollars in such a short period of time. This type of binary options strategy can work well, but not with 60 second trades. I am in touch with some of the brightest and most talented binary options traders on the market and none of them can find consistent success with 60 second expiry times. This is just a recipe for disaster.


While it isn’t always a popular opinion of mine, I do believe that we have to take a step back and reevaluate our thoughts about the mirror trader system. I really don’t see any reason why we should jump into this investment quickly without it being tested by be binary options community first. I don’t believe that this system is going to provide us with the necessary tools and strategies to be successful in the long term.

Please let me know what you think about the software and feel free to contribute to the binary today website wherever you see fit. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to send me a personal email if you ever need any help in this market.

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