Pump Trades Review

pump-tradesPump Trades is a binary options software by Alex Stewart. I am not familiar with Alex but he tells us that his system is 92.5% accurate. This is an extremely aggressive claim and one that I hope he has proof of.

Today I’ll be reviewing this system so the Binary Today readers understand how it works and if it’s the type of strategy we should be taking advantage of.

Pump Trades Review

The pump trades software is an autotrading software based on the FGTX FX algorithm. There is no additional information on this algorithm, how it works or any general discussion about the strategy at all. When I do a google search to find out more about this algorithm I come up empty, so I’m not sure why the FGTX FX is being floated and then not explained. Is this a way to make the system seem more technologically advanced than it is? There’s really no way of knowing, but I don’t see the purpose of mentioning an algorithm without any additional elaboration.

Looks like I’m one of the first people to hit the pump trades website because at the time of this review the video on their page only has two views. I guess that makes me the first person here because they most likely viewed their own video at least once. There’s a couple counters on the website that are meant to entice us to buy their software immediately. One counter shows us that the free copy is closed after two days, and that traders will have to spend a one time payment of $2990 after this in order to gain access. Yet, when I refresh the web page both counters start again so I feel like this is an idle threat. I doubt this vendor will have the guts to turn anyone away considering the fact that nobody has been here yet.

I won’t be recommending the pump trades system to the binary today readers at this point in time. I feel like this product has a ways to go before they are ready to compete in this market. I would like to see this software running for a couple of months before any of us give it a try. In the meantime, I hope they will explain to use what the FGTX FX algorithm is and give us some sort of information about their actual trading approach. If you have something you would like to add please leave your comments now.


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