Epic Winner Software Review

epic-winner-softwareEpic Winner Software is a binary options product calling itself the “one click profit machine.” They claim that their members have already made over $5 million. They believe that if traders follow all their instructions then they will earn $100,000 by the end of this year.

Today I’ll be analyzing the system, the sales page and anything else I feel is relevant that will add to this review. As always, you can comment below the article and see what other Binary Today readers are saying.

Epic Winner Software Review

The Epic Winner Software website provides more information than we are used to seeing in this market and that’s a good first step. Although, they do use some of the same marketing methods we see some of the other scam developers use. While in the video they tell us that they can’t make us millionaires, they do also advertise the fact that their members in total have made millions of dollars. Yet, I’m skeptical of this fact because the system just hit the market and their sales page video only has 16 views on YouTube. In order for there to be hundreds of traders making thousands of dollars with this system there would have to be thousands of views on this YouTube video. So we have our first red flag.

Like most other binary options systems the Epic Winner Software developers tell us that we can keep our wallets in our pockets. However, when I go into the members area I can see that we will have to deposit money with a binary options broker in order to access this software. Thus, we can’t put our wallets away and I’m not impressed that the people behind this product insinuate that we don’t have to spend any money and mention this multiple times. Also, they tell us that they are not affiliated with any of the brokerages they recommend. This is also not true because the affiliate link at the top of the page means that they will profit from your signup.

I could spend all night reading through this Epic Winner Software website and picking out discrepancies but I don’t think it’s worth my time. I’m not impressed by the sales presentation and unless some of the red flags I’ve pointed out are addressed I won’t see myself moving forward with the robot. If there’s anything you would like to contribute please leave a comment now. Thanks for coming to Binary Today and let’s have a great start to the week.


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