Lifestyle Payments

lifestyle-paymentsLifestyle payments is a binary options software that’s following the footsteps of its predecessors. The team that put this software together are telling traders that it’s their turn to join a small group of private investors that are earning thousands of dollars every single day.

I’ll be reviewing the potential of the system and whether or not I believe the binary today readers should consider it a trustworthy investment opportunity.

Lifestyle Payments Review

Like most of these binary options products lately the lifestyle payments group software is quite unreasonable with the expectations that they set. The developers of the software tell us that their clients are currently making over $17,000 a day. They also tell traders that this opportunity is only available today. If traders don’t take advantage of it right away, they will never have another chance. Considering I’ve been on this page multiple times today and yesterday I feel like this is clearly just a marketing tactic. This is also the first red flag because now going to find it difficult to trust this vendor as they haven’t been truthful within the first 30 seconds of their video presentation.

One of the things I do with products like lifestyle payments is that I fact check. Since these vendors rarely ever provide us with much evidence I like to take a little extra time analyzing the proof or results we do see. In this case I found that the vendor shows us an EZTrader broker account with over $1 million and it. Yet, when I went into the members area to register my account it is signing me up to the BigOption broker. It doesn’t make sense to me why they would show me results from a broker that isn’t even compatible with the software.

At this point I don’t have the confidence in lifestyle payments and thus I won’t be able to recommended to the binary today community. From what I see this vendor needs to do a better job of presenting the product and making sure that it aligns properly with their message. If you something you would like to add to this review or you just want to say hello please leave a comment below the article now. I hope that this review has helped to make a more informed decision.

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