Midnight Money Machine Review

midnight-money-machineMidnight money machine is a new binary options product promising to make traders over $1500 every single midnight. The software is created by Jeff Farrel, the CEO of JF Media. I have no experience with this developer nor have I ever heard of his company in relation to the binary options market.

Today I’ll be providing a review so that the binary today readers know if this is a viable trading opportunity.

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Midnight Money Machine Review

The midnight money machine website is very simple. There is a YouTube video and an email subscription form that we have to fill out in order to gain access. My initial thoughts on the system are not very positive. The website doesn’t come across very professional and the video barely talks about the software at all.

In my research, I’ve tried to find Jeff Farrel and his JF media Corporation. I found no information about Jeff and none of the companies that go by this name have anything to do with binary options trading. In the binary options market it’s not a good thing when there are holes in a product developer’s story, it generally foreshadows disappointment.


Testimonial from a suspended account

Another issue I have with the midnight money machine is an issue that I have with many binary options products. In order to cover their asses they tell us that the system they are releasing is a beta test. If you’ve been on binary today then you’ve probably heard this speech before but it still rings true today. A beta test is used by product developers to weed out issues and bugs before the product is ready for the public. If you are a smart investor you would never take part in a beta test because the likelihood of bugs and issues is almost 100%. If you lose all your money all Jeff has to tell you is that this is a beta test and that’s what happens.

I am not recommending midnight money machine and I do not recommend any binary options beta test to the readers here at binary today. In this community we are smart, diligent and cautious binary options traders. Our goal is to make money consistently and limit risk. I do not believe that this software embodies the goals of the traders who read this website and therefore I cannot give it my seal of approval. If you have tested this software or you just want to leave your opinion please comment below the article now. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate all the time you spend here learning to become a better binary options trader. This is John Kane and now you know.

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