BS finance Review: Is it Worth Your Investment?

The BS finance scheme is one of the most controversial schemes in the cryptocurrency market. They position themselves as an investment firm, as shown by the name. However, there is speculation as to whether real investments can really produce the levels of return that this company promises its users. The company claims that they make money by trading between various cryptocurrencies as well as forex stocks. However, this is a standard thing that most people are doing individually. This does not guarantee the level of returns that the company is promising. They also claim that they have the most qualified professionals in the market. This team allows them to become an established leader in trading crypto for high profits.

The company claims that it is registered in the UK. It was registered in 2018 but only became active in the cryptocurrency industry recently. This information seems to be correct. However, they are providing financial services, which they are not qualified to do. This means that they are involved in illegal trading. Additionally, much of the contact information seems to be dysfunctional. This is a red light sign that you should be careful of as companies that lie about their registration are usually scams. You can contact them on +442080897218 or access their website at They also provide links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts on their website.

BS Finance Review

BS finance is a scheme that offers different investment options. Most of these options guarantee large amounts of returns on a small investment. They offer returns as high as 2.1- 3.5% daily. This seems absurd. Most people would only get that much on a yearly or maybe monthly basis if they kept their money in the bank.

Therefore, the initial indication is that the investment scheme is impossible to achieve, even if you are dealing with forex or crypto. The difference between this scheme and other such investment scams is that this company claims that most of the operations are run by real people while other companies base their scams on robots.


BS finance does not clearly define exactly how they are able to reach such high levels of returns. Clearly, they are hiding their strategy from the public as there is no legitimate investment that can give you such returns. Even real businesses will only give such returns after months. Additionally, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not always on the rise, so you would likely see profits as well as losses.

Furthermore, their claim that they also invest in forex trading cannot be proven as forex trading does not come with a guaranteed profit either. Therefore, you should always carefully scrutinize the trading strategy of such scam s before making an investment in them, otherwise you risk losing all your money.


  • Product: BS finance
  • Company: Financial investment
  • Founded: 2018
  • Strategy: undefined (or not explained properly)
  • Trading results: not-verified

Trading Results

The trading results of BS finance cannot be verified through any third party. Judging from the information on the website, they provide different investment options with subsequent trading profits. For those that invest more money into higher plans, you are told that you will get daily returns up to a certain percentage and afterward, your initial amount will also be returned.

However, it is impossible to trade crypto and earn daily returns of the magnitude that the company claims it can provide. Additionally, most of the feedback provided by the clients who used this service claim that it does not deliver the level of profit that it claims.

Client Feedback

Because BS finance is a new scheme, there a few customers who have experience with them. However, those that do, claim that it is a total scam. The company does not deliver on its promises. They show high levels of returns and then make away with the initial amount that you have invested. For example, they will tell you that you will receive your capital after a set amount of days. However, this is a lie and most people never get this payment back.

In addition to this, there are multiple review sites where customers have complained that their payments have not been processed on time. While a few customers have reported small levels of returns, these are usually minimal and the company uses them to get positive feedback while scamming other customers.

There are other services similar to BS finance, that you may be interested in taking a look to gather a comparative understanding…


The BS finance scam seems to be a waste of your money and the latest scam in the cryptocurrency world. Many people who have invested in this scheme have reported high levels of loss. This does not take into account the unrealistic system that they have created regarding how they generate such returns. Even cryptocurrency cannot give nearly as much money as the business claim. It is also far from being a stable investment option. Therefore, BS finance is a total scam and you should stay away from it to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

Now, it is your turn! Share with us, in the comments section below, any experiences or opinions about BS Finance.

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BS Finance Undisclosed
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 39%
  • Results - 44%
  • Feedback - 40%
  • Support - 75%


2.1 – 3.5% daily return


No proof

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