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Today I’m reviewing another service dedicated to reacquiring lost funds from unscrupulous binary options brokerages, Payback LTD. The creators of this service believe that they have what it takes to have your funds returned to you, because the “company is comprised of people that used to work in the options and Forex industry.” They believe that having insider insight, sets them apart from their competitors, and gives you the edge you need in order to recover your money.

Considering the type of business, it’s quite odd that the creators of this service do not provide us with their company address. They do provide us with their email address, and three numbers for phone support. Traders can email, or call US 1-6469680944, UK 44-2033188546 or AUS 61-283174997. It’s good to see that they have full support, but I still would like to know why they are not providing us with a physical address.

Payback LTD Review

The Payback LTD group uses a 4 step process, they feel is the most efficient way at returning your money. They review all of the details of the complaint, collect all of the necessary documentation, then confront the owners of the companies, as well as their banks, and finally claim back your funds. Obviously, they make this process sound simple, but I’m sure you can expect some difficulties throughout this process. It’s an assumption, but I believe that working through process like this would require a fair bit of patience.

In order to qualify for fund retrieval, traders first have to recognize if the broker they are utilizing is either regulated or unregulated. The team tells the community that unregulated brokers will frequently advertise automated systems, bonuses and insured trades as ways to entice new clients, but none of these aspects can be trusted. The automated systems are program to lose, while the bonuses and insured trades features are just used to lock traders into contracts that ensure they aren’t able to withdraw their funds. In most cases, the binary options broker will provide you with the bonus, but in the small print, it will say something like you have to trade this bonus 30x, before you can withdraw any funds.

The bottom line is, you have to be very careful when you sign up with a binary options broker, and you should never sign up with an unregulated broker.

What’s Required Of You

In order for the Payback LTD team to start working for you, you need to provide them with adequate information they can utilize to build the case.

  • Provide all trading statements and transactions
  • Link to the broker or advertisement you signed up with
  • All communications you’ve had with this brokerage

After you’ve set this information to the team, they will analyze your complaint to ensure that it is valid, and then make sure you agree with their terms, so that they can start pursuing your funds.

Binary Recovery Skepticism

I’ve reviewed the 3 websites dedicated to recovering traders funds from binary options brokers, Wealth Recovery International, Win Chargeback and My Charge Back. Payback LTD is the fourth, and I can’t say I have a clear picture of this new recovery market.

While there are quite a few companies doing this, I’m not so sure how successful any of them are. In closely following the comments being made here on binary today, I’ve yet to hear any glowing success stories. That doesn’t mean that these services are working, or doing everything they can to recover traders funds, but it is contributing to a healthy dose of skepticism that’s only building over time.

My main concern, is that most of these services are requiring traders spend a fair bit of money on the front end, with the expectation that they will recover their funds. Yet, if the funds aren’t required, traders can be out anywhere from $600-$1200 in addition to the original funds that were lost.

I’m not saying that any of these services are bad, but you have to understand that there are no guarantees when it comes to dealing with banks or unregulated binary options brokers, so using a service like this one will be a risk.


I’m in no position to recommend Payback LTD or any other binary options recovery service at this point in time. In order for me to truly believe that these services are worthwhile, I would need to see some real client feedback, and not just testimonials on the sales page, but real comments made here at Binary Today.

Thank you for reading the review, and please leave your comments below the article now.

Payback LTD Undisclosed
  • Reputation - 66%
  • Ease of Use - 73%
  • Proof - 23%
  • Client Feedback - 21%
  • Support - 82%


4 step process


General skepticism
Bad client feedback

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