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Today I’m reviewing another service dedicated to reacquiring lost funds from unscrupulous binary options brokerages, Payback LTD. The creators of this service believe that they have what it takes to have your funds returned to you, because the “company is comprised of people that used to work in the options and Forex industry.” They believe that having insider insight, sets them apart from their competitors, and gives you the edge you need in order to recover your money.

The company, started in 2017, is located at Ben Gurion Rd 38, Ramat Gan, Israel, 5257354. They provide us with their email address, and many numbers for phone support. Traders can email, or call US 1-6469680944, UK 44-2033188546 or AUS 61-283174997. It’s good to see that they have full support, and that they are providing their full address as well.

Payback LTD Review

With the number of online scams on the rise, there was obviously a need for a solution. Eliminating scams completely is not possible because there are always new ways available to these fraudsters and scammers. No matter how cautious people may be, these cybercriminals know how to exploit their weakness and use it for their own gain. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit on your hands and not do anything after being scammed. A decade or so ago, there weren’t many options you could take for dealing with these scams. You could think about hiring a lawyer, but these scammers were like ghosts and were difficult to track.

Eventually, people had to accept their losses and live with them, even though they certainly weren’t that small. However, even if you have lost your money, it doesn’t mean you cannot get it back. You just have to find the right solution and this is what you can find with Payback-LTD. Their name tells you what they are here for; their job is to help people in recovering their stolen funds. It is something they have been doing for the last four years. The company is based in Israel, but it has its offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia and Canada.

It has been able to spread their services to these countries because it is good at what it does. Payback-LTD has an impressive success rate when it comes to recovering funds and has assisted many clients who lost their money in online trading and investment schemes in doing so. Payback-LTD can be like a blessing at a time when things seem bleak and you don’t think it is possible to get any help. But, how do they work? Obviously, you would want to know the process before going in because you don’t want to be scammed again.

With Payback-LTD, you have the perk of using the initial free consultation they offer in which you are given the option of discussing your case with their team. This is a great opportunity to provide the information you have and see how they respond to it. They ask you to provide evidence of the fraudulent scheme or broker and other details. They don’t take your case straight away and review the details before telling you whether recovery is possible or not. This is definitely reassuring because it tells you that their goal is not just to make money by falsely luring clients.

Their team comprises of experts in different areas, whether it is law, banking, trading or business strategy, which means they are aware of what steps have to be taken to begin the recovery process. An initial fee is required to start and this is a minimal amount, so you don’t have to be concerned about cost. Bear in mind that the process can take time because it is not easy to find these scammers. They will continue to update you throughout and are available to answer your questions through various customer support channels.


Payback-LTD is ready to provide its services for handling different kinds of scams, whether it is investing and trading, financial crime or others. After they have recovered your stolen funds, they will ask you to pay a small commission. Even this commission is negotiable and you can discuss it with their team before deciding how much you will pay. Payback-LTD is honest and transparent about all its activities and will not try to mislead you during any step.

Furthermore, they have also added other services to their platform that can come in handy for their clients. They can help you vet companies before you invest with them and can also help businesses in making better and smart decisions. With their expertise and knowledge, Payback-LTD helps clients in recovering their stolen funds and find the right investment opportunities to avoid being scammed in the future.

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