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binary-options-votingOne of the most important elements here at binary today that sets us apart from all the other review sites on the Internet is transparency. We achieve this by having an overly active reader base that comment frequently and help each other.

Another thing we do here at binary today is give anyone in the binary options community a vote. You’ll find on this website that every single product with a certain level of popularity is involved in a competition for a 5 star rating. This means anyone on the website, whether it’s their first time coming, or they been a long time reader has a say. If you believe that a software, broker or signal service doesn’t perform the way you wanted to then you have the power to give it a one star out of 5.

Voting Example: Binary Today Trader [ratings id=”32595″]

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If you go to the best binary options software page you will find that there are very few products with positive reviews. This is a sad state of affairs because we can see that the overall product quality in the binary options market isn’t all that good. This makes it easy to see why there are so many binary options traders and writers that approach this market with a very skeptical angle. I’m sure you’ve read many articles that say binary options is a scam. Considering the amount of bad products and brokers in this market I really don’t blame people for having that opinion are writing these articles.

The wonderful thing about binary today though is that we break away from a losing mentality. Here we have established a community of winning traders using winning strategies and winning software. I believe a big part of how we got here is due to community contributions and allowing traders to vote. A few of the systems on this website have over 1000 votes now, so we can see exactly what the public thinks about a system before we get involved. This gives us a lot of power and it’s one of the things at binary today that sets us apart from the pack. That, and the fact that we don’t promote every single system that hits the market.

I know the weekend is just around the corner so I hope you have a great time stepping away from the markets and clearing your mind. The point of this article, today is to obviously discussed binary today community, thank the readers and ask more of the readers to submit some votes. Thanks for coming to binary today and please come back again soon.

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