Binary Today Trader Review

Binary Today Trader is years of hard work, strategic development and historical analysis.

This is John Kane’s personal signal system that works.

This system has developed over years through sweat and determination.

Today I’m thrilled to share my strategy with you. I know that this will grow your accounts because it’s worked consistently for me since I broke into this market years ago.

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Binary Today Trader Review

Today I’m going to explain to you how the Binary Today Trader works, what you can expect from it and why it’s different from anything you’ve seen before.

As many of you already know, I’ve been working on this software day and night for months. It’s kept me up late and at times it’s cut into the work here I do on this blog.

It’s all been worth it.

The Video

The Signals

alert-for-binary-today-traderThe Binary Today Trader is first and foremost a binary options software built to send you high quality signals.

You can receive these signals three different ways:

  • On your PC via MT4 (pop up alerts with sound)
  • On your Phone
  • In your E-mail

Depending on the type of trading you prefer, you can receive signals for 4 different expiry times. I prefer 15 minutes and above.

  • 5 Minute Expiry Times
  • 15 Minute Expiry Times
  • 30 Minute Expiry Times
  • 1 Hour Expiry Times

You also have your choice of trading pairs, I just use all four EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY & USDCHF.

I use the out of the box settings so there is no need for customizing, unless you like to tinker.

The Results

What’s more important than the Binary Today Trader results? Nothing.

We update our results daily on the website, this is a screen shot of the results, you can check in daily to see the progress of our signals.

My goal is to keep an ‘In the Money’ ratio over 70% and I’ve been able to accomplish this with my strategy since 2012.


The Trading History & Testing

What sets the Binary Today Trader apart from any other system I see on the market is it’s transparency.

You can test years of data against the strategy and see exactly how it performs. This is helpful in testing new pairs, expiry times and coming up with new ways to approach the market.

There are free guides in the members area that will show you exactly how to test the software properly and how you can use it to your advantage.


The Strategy

binary today trader strategyMy personal strategy is to take advantage of a classic trading style, the reversal trade.

Without getting into too much detail since it is discussed in the video and on the main web page I will say that the strategy is based on pin pointing market shifts.

When the market is trending in one direction there is always a reversal, the strategy I use makes sure that I’m aware of when that reversal is happening so I can provide optimal trading signals in all sessions.

The Features

So what do you get with the Binary Today Trader?

Everything you need.

  • High quality signals sent to your PC, E-mail and Phone.
  • Signals for multiple pairs and expiry times (you’ll never be sitting and waiting).
  • The ability to view past trades and test new strategies.
  • 24/7 support, free upgrades, and lifetime access for a one time charge.
  • Works in all countries and trading sessions.
  • Works with all binary options brokers.


It’s pretty clear where I stand on the Binary Today Trader.

I believe that this system is a must own and that it will stand the test of time.

Over the past two months these signals have accounted for over 80% of my income.

During this exclusive launch I will be providing a 15% coupon so make sure that you take advantage of that now.

Don’t be left out, join us and use my personal strategy today.

I look forward to it.

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