Trade Legit: legitimate trading or scam Investment Company?

Trade Legit is an online investment company that deals in stocks, shares and crypto currencies. They claim to have the best team that will help get results that other companies cannot offer. They also claim to make investments in the best performing stocks on the stock market and various exchanges. While they are not specific about their exact product, they do claim to offer mixed investment options. The customer does not deal with the trades directly. Rather, they handle your investments and all you do is wait for the returns. It is basically an investment firm. They deal with third party products and sites, and do not have their own physical product. With returns of 1% daily for 7 days, one can only wonder how investments in stocks or crypto can bring such high returns on investments. Another thing to keep in mind is that stock investments are not fixed when it comes to returns, so it is a mystery how they can offer a fixed rate of return. You should review the company in detail before investing.

Trade Legit claims to have their headquarters in Norway and have only been operational since 2020. They are registered as a company in Denmark, but they are not regulated. This means that they are not registered with any financial authority. Another thing that grabs one’s attention is that they provide a British address and phone number. Why are they located in Britain and registered in Denmark? If you want to contact them, you can phone them at: +4592457204. You can also send them an email at If you want to see the company information, you can visit the website at: However, the site is not secure, which is very unprofessional on their side. Their office address is at: 24 King William Street, London, England, EC4R 9AT. However, they have not provided any address in Denmark, where they are registered.

Trade Legit Review

When you visit the website of Trade Legit, you will see a few plans to choose from. The minimum investment you can make is $5 with a profit of 0.5% after 24 hours. They have 9 plans in total, each with a different return on investment. The last plan that they have has a minimum investment of $10 with a profit of 200% after 35 days. Anyone who has some experience in trading knows that such investments are impossible to achieve, especially if they are fixed investment plans. Another issue is that they offer investments without providing details on how they plan to earn the profits.


If you are looking for the trading strategy of Trade legit, you will be disappointed. They claim to offer investments in stocks, shares and cryptocurrencies, but they do not specify and trading strategy. What stocks are the investing in? What cryptocurrency are they trading in? You will not find any information related to their trading strategy when you visit the website. Before investing in any company, you should always review their trading strategy. If it makes sense, then it is worth trying out. However, if they don’t provide enough information, it can be difficult to say whether their investments are legitimate or not.


  • Company: Trade Legit
  • Product: Investment plans
  • Minimum investment: $5
  • Trading strategy: Unknown
  • Trading results: None
  • Customer Feedback: Mixed

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Trading Results

While some of their investment plans are hard to believe, there has to be a base for some of the claims. If Trade Legit has a trading strategy that can deliver results in the long run, then investing in their site would not be an issue. However, they have no provided any verified trading results either. Without these trading results, there is no way of knowing whether this company is actually investing or not. While it is understandable that they have only been operational for a few months, they should at least provide a week or two of previous trades to prove their legitimacy.

Client Feedback

Another thing that raises questions about the Trade Legit site is their customer feedback. Customers who have invested in the short term have gotten returns, but those that made larger deposits are not able to withdraw their funds. This is just another reason to be careful when it comes to investing in this platform. With such poor customer feedback, the risk of such an investment is quite high.


If you were planning on investing in Trade Legit, then think again. The site is not registered with any regulatory body. They do not provide accurate details on their trading strategy either. If you look for legitimate trading results, then you will get nothing. Besides, the poor customer feedback makes investing in this platform more risky. It’s always better to invest with regulated trading platforms if you want your funds to be safe.

If you have had an experience with this company, we would love to hear from you! So share with us your thoughts, in the comments section below!

Trade Legit $5 investment


Trade Legit is a trading service operating in binary options, cryptocurrencies and stocks.

  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Support


Small minimum investment

Many investment options

Company headquarters address provided

Up to 7% daily returns


No verified results

Little information as to how it all works

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