247 Faster Pay Review: Why you should stay away from this scam?

The internet is full of many new scams that pop up daily and disappears as soon as they come. Many of these scams are based on cryptocurrencies and they come with elaborate promises of making you rich. 247 Faster Pay is one such scam that is based on taking your hard-earned money through cryptocurrency trading. Most people do not have expertise in cryptocurrencies and this scam aims to take full advantage of this. Although there are many legitimate ways to trade in crypto, they often have slow withdrawal rates and it may take you time before you figure out how to trade. However, 247 Faster Pay claims that they can do all the trading for you and you can expect instant withdrawals.

247 Faster Pay is a company that claims to be registered in trading cryptocurrencies. However, they have not registered with any country and they can only be found through the contact information on their website. Of course, this information cannot be verified. The website address is https://www.247fasterpay.com/en/ and they have no other contact information. The contact form that is available on the website is offline, which is strange for such a large company. Additionally, they claim to be registered in 2008, but this information cannot be verified as well. Therefore, these are early indicators that there is something suspicious about this scam.

247 Faster Pay Review

The 247 Faster Pay scam is based on the principle of crypto trading. They claim that they can turn your investments into profits. In this, you do not have to do any trading yourself but rather, the website has an automated trading system that can do your trading and release daily profits. Of course, this is not possible as no software can be more accurate than humans in a volatile market. They provide different plans that start from $300 and the site promises returns starting from 100%. This is unrealistic, even when trading with cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, the plans include daily withdrawals, which makes the investment even more suspicious.


The strategy of 247 Faster Pay seems to be unrealistic. They claim that they can generate profits daily, which means that these profits will be compounded monthly. At some point, the principle investment should be finished. However, 247 Faster Pay claims that once you invest, you will continue to get profits indefinitely, which is unrealistic. They also claim that they can double or even triple your investment in a single day.

There is no legitimate trading that can generate such profits consistently. They claim to be registered as a forex broker, but their business strategy is based on trading bitcoins. This shows that their strategy is in doubt and is most likely a scam. Furthermore, they claim to have a 24/7 support team. However, when we tested the site, we found that their support does not work.


  • Product: 247 Faster Pay
  • Company: 247 Faster Pay ltd (Registration details were not confirmed).
  • Strategy: Bitcoin and crypto trading
  • Trading results: Unconfirmed
  • Minimum deposit: $300

Trading results

247 Faster Pay claims that their trading results are the best amongst all cryptocurrency traders on the web. They have different plans in which your investment starts from $300 and you could see trading results of up to 300% daily. However, this is impossible, even in the most positive market growth.

The trading results cannot be confirmed through any customers or legitimate reviews. Instead, the reviews point to it being a scam. You should never invest any money on sites that cannot provide proof of their claims. If they promise certain trading results, they should back it with evidence and a consistent track record. Otherwise, it is a scam.

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Client Feedback

The client feedback surrounding 247 Faster Pay has been very negative. Although we have found one or two [positive reviews, these seem to be sponsored by the website itself, and cannot be considered as authentic. Additionally, many of the reviews claim that the company took their money and refused withdrawal requests.

In some cases, customers lost their supposed earnings through shady brokers who claim to representatives of the company and legally registered. Therefore, the negative customer feedback points towards the fact that this whole thing is a scam. It may be possible that one or two customers may have had negative experiences, but it is unlikely that a legitimate business will have more than 90% negative reviews.


247 Faster Pay is a total scam and you should stay away from it. It does not guarantee any profits and is designed to keep your money as deposits. After making an initial deposit, you may never see your money again. The company will refuse withdrawals and scam you. Therefore, you should always start trading with a registered broker, who is unlikely to scam you and has verified contact information.

 Have you had an experience with 247 Faster Pay service yet? If you have, how did it go? Share all the details with us in the comments below…!

~ Happy Trading!

247 Faster Pay $300 deposit
  • Price - 65%
  • Strategy - 61%
  • Results - 24%
  • Feedback - 9%
  • Support - 83%


Low starting deposit


No proof

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