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Published on January 8th, 2020 | by Sara Kane


Nevis Trade Review – Is it another scam?

Nevis trade claims to be the most successful trading company in the world (as far as Forex trade and binary options marketplaces are concerned). It claims that it has the most professional workers and employers that help deal with cryptocurrency, stocks, and trades. But the reality appears to be either totally the opposite or clouded in ambiguity (if we give benefit of doubt to the company). 

It is a well-known market gossip that Nevis Trade seems to have all the attributes of a possible scam. However, we are going to keep an open eye about whether or not this application can be trusted upon. One of the very facts that puts doubt in minds of a user is that it charges a lot of money from its customers and investors. Moreover, people (who do the investment) do not get to make a good profit in return. It is crucial to stop all of this and educate people on what is right and wrong. This trading platform claims to have a vast network all over the globe.

The company website ( shares a customer support email id: and a contact number: +44 (20)38077324, they also seem to have an active online chat support facility for their prospective investors. A person named, INGRAM, Tyler, has been designated as a Director of Nevis Trade. 

Nevis Trade Product Review

Nevis Trade doesn’t fare well on credibility because of clouded information related to strategy and profitability claims that are evidently exaggerated. Not only that it leads to bigger problems but also it is quite risky to trust their products. Since Forex market is full of upheaval and uncertainty, new traders often jump on any viable or probable option available to them. However, people really need to hear this that it is not okay to always trust what the internet shows you; it is wise to always cross-check and verify the information that is provided online.

The motto of Nevis trade is to make money easily and profitably. This company claims to make its investors financially strong and independent. They also claim to provide the best trading platform which has a network all across the globe. However, the company fails to provide supportive evidence for all such claims.

Not only that this platform seems to be a big scam but they also claim that when you sign in on their website then a broker is linked to your account? This is not true and these are all unrealistic fantasies. In short Nevis, trade appears to be making use of either misrepresentation of information or exaggeration (given the 1000% daily profit promise!), in order to persuade people to invest in their company.


The main strategy of Nevis trade seems to be in their benefit and primarily inclined towards making more profit through little investment. The company seems to be promising lofty profit margins (on a daily basis) which makes the whole deal a bit hard to believe. Moreover, the strategic information provided by this company is insufficient.

The company offers about eight investment plans with a daily profit margin from 2.5% to 1000%, which is outrageously unbelievable. The minimum deposit starts from a mere $10 to as high as $150,000. Even if we feel inclined to keep an open mind about the company’s authenticity, it becomes very hard to do so due to a lack of information about the exact strategy of operation behind the investment plans and offers.


Here are some facts and figures about Nevis Trade as displayed on their company website:

  • Founded in: March 2019
  • Location: London, UK (91 St. Norbert Road, Brockley, London, United Kingdom, SE4 2HA)
  • Representative Offices/officials: Thailand, Russia, Bangladesh, Poland, Nigeria ( )
  • Company registration: 11854223
  • Trading Results: Not verified
  • Strategy: Not explained
  • Amount to be Deposited (min): $10
  • Withdrawal for Crypto (min): $3
  • Withdrawal for USD (min): $2
  • Minimum Withdrawal Time: Within 48 hours
  • Referral Commission: 6% or 2% or 1%
  • Representative: 10% or 2% or 1%

Deposits that are in Cryptocurrencies may become visible, after 3 Blockchain confirmations; while the deposits in USD (Payeer, PM) are reportedly added automatically.

Trading Results

Another big thing that people really need to know is the trading results of the Nevis trade that cannot be verified and neither Nevis Trade makes an effort to provide supportive data for these. The promised profit margins are not realistic yet the company claims to have profitable trading results. People often get scammed by this and it leads to loss of money.

Here are a few other options that you may want to consider before making your decision about Nevis Trade:

Client Feedback

When it comes to client feedback you won’t see much of the positive feedbacks on Google or any other platform. Most of the feedback is negative because of the poor service and lack of professionalism of this trading company. If you are looking for a trading organization it is crucial for you to first do your research and then invest in a quality-based trade company that involves cryptocurrency and stock exchange.

Nevis Trade displays a few generic comments on their website, however, the data cannot be verified. 


In short, if you are someone who wants to invest in a trading company functioning in cryptocurrency it is always better to have a mentor who belongs to this business. If not then you can always do your research. With Nevis Trade there are major gaps in information and unrealistic results that the company promises. The company fails to provide proof for their trading results, neither reveals any trade data. Moreover, Nevis Trade also has major gaps in sharing strategic information about its mode of operation.

Nevis trade, on the whole, has a questionable presence in the binary options and Forex trade market and various reviewers (online) have expressed concerns and faced a great loss of money due to this organization (people have even straightaway labeled it a big scam). Therefore, if you are someone who loves cryptocurrency or stock exchange then it is a must for you to do your research and be cautious when making an investment with Nevis Trade.

Have you had any experience with Nevis Trade? If so, we look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below!

Nevis Trade

$10 Deposit Minimum








Client Feedback





  • Multiple head offices
  • Low minimum deposit


  • No 3rd party proof


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8 months ago

Yessss its a scam.3 times i have tried pull out mu profits…,never happend….STAy AWAY from this platform

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