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IQ Miners has been promoting itself as an investment company, that is focusing in the cryptocurrency niche. The company invites potential crypto traders and investors to do business with them. IQ Miners acknowledges crypto-currency as one of the most popular digital assets that have been structured to function as an exchange medium that secures various financial transactions by utilizing cryptography; in addition to controlling the creation process of more units and verifying an overall asset transfer. 

The website of IQ Miners, shares a company registration number (10986349) that is associated with a company name of “Bitcoin Mining and Trading Ltd”. The company incorporation date seems to be September, 2017; however, the confirmation statement date for the company has been overdue since September, 2018 (even though the company status happens to be ‘active’ so far). The support email is: and their contact number is: +442039051041; according to the information available on their website they have provided customer support throughout the week (24/7).

IQ Miners Product Review

IQMiners is primarily an investment company in the cryptocurrency trade market. The company has not been very transparent or forthcoming on the company website, which brings in a lot of suspicion about the intent and legitimacy of the company. All they have been claiming on their website is that they can get amazing returns on the amount invested; there are no details into ‘how they would accomplish this?’. 

The website also has few options when it comes to investment plans that are available, however, the company fails to provide any details regarding these investment plans and there’s a lot of room for interpretation (which may not always be beneficial for the potential investors). Upon researching the company’s registration number, we found that the company had four directors enlisted. But three of the directors resigned (puts a big question mark here for IQMiners!).


IQ Miners have allegedly used a combination of promising business directions from the Binary or Forex trade market. Unfortunately, instead of providing details about the employed strategy, IQ Miners gives very general descriptions of “Forex”, “currency” etc. This seems a bit too unprofessional on part of the company. The company website enlists an “affiliate program” but again the link or main-page of the affiliate program gives a convenient ‘404 error’.

According to the company they have the ability to use the forex market volatility to their favor by employing specialized trading strategies (including portfolio diversification, widening targets, minimizing the risk). According to IQMiners, their team is comprised of professional traders and market experts, who carefully plan an intensive trade-strategy, monitor the market trends on a daily basis and analyze all the trades that happen.


  • Located: Burton Latimer, United Kingdom
  • Founded: September, 2017
  • Strategy: Not disclosed properly
  • Trading Results: Not verified
  • Price: Not specified

Trading Results

IQMiners have provided no information about the promised trading results. Although, the company does make some very extravagant claims of ‘high profitability’; they are all largely unsubstantiated. The company is conveniently skipping out on significant details, such as, how they are going to ensure the promised profits and what are the actual results (or if there are any at all…!).

Client Feedback

The company website does not share any feedback or testimonials at all. They do mention on their website that they have about 2700 investors but interestingly there are no testimonials to back their lofty claims. Moreover, there are no third-party reviews either and the company seems to be unknown. The links to social media profiles that have been shared on the company website appear to be broken and nothing could be verified about this company because of a huge informational deficit.

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IQ Miners seems to have quite a few gaps when it comes to company transparency, sharing their strategy and trading results, etc. In order to win over their potential clientele and establish themselves as a reputable company (i.e. if they intend to be one at all), they must fill in the most significant gaps (such as adding details of strategic information, trade-results, etc). Also, the fact that three-out-of-four company directors actually resigned, seems very uncomfortable and delivers a bad message to the general public. 

We are unable to ascertain if it really is a scam, however, they haven’t provided details of strategic information and everything is purely generic and vague that brings in quite an air of suspicion. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stay very cautious while doing business with them.

Have you had any experience with IQ Miners yet? Or know of any stories about this platform? Leave your comments below!

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