Bitcoin Fast Profit Review: Is it safe to invest in this site?

Bitcoin Fast Profit is a recently established trading site open to investors who want to deal with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Fast Profit claims to have years of experience and a trading strategy run by AI and automated trading software. This makes it amongst the few sites that could help you make profits through bitcoin trading. However, most investors know that the profits that they advertise are unrealistic.

Bitcoin Fast profit only started to become operational in 2018. However, they claim they have years of experience. This does not make sense. Most of these automated crypto trading software companies are no more than 3 years old. They do not even have much market experience. The site was registered in 2018, but has not provided much registration details.

While they do ask for your complete contact information upon registration, including your phone number and email address, they do not provide any of their own contact details. Isn’t it strange? The only way to contact them is to fill in your query in a contact form. This is strange enough as they do not even provide an email address. The only way we know that this site exists is through the website: Other than this, they do not provide any contact details.

Bitcoin Fast Profit Review

When you access the Bitcoin Fat Profit site, you’ll be greeted with the bold promise that you could earn $13000 in profits within 24 hours. The best thing is that the software is free and they do not charge anything. However, when you read the FAQs, you’ll notice that the minimum deposit is actually $250, which is standard for most crypto trading sites.

However, this site claims to be using AI technology in their trades. Because most people view AI as relatively advanced technology, they use it to convince new traders to invest in their site. However, you will still be required to fill in a contact form and provide all your details before you can access your account. After that, you’ll need to make a deposit before you start trading.

The site’s main tagline is that they are able to make $13000 profit in 24 hours. However, this is unrealistic and you could become a millionaire in a few days. If this was the case, then everyone would invest in this site. Basically, the site tries to convince the investor that their technology is far superior, which is what enables them to make such profits. However, even if this is possible, it would be highly unsustainable and they cannot guarantee consistent daily profits of such magnitude. Besides, they don’t mention how much you would have to invest to earn $13000 in 24 hours. It is simply unrealistic.


The trading strategy of Bitcoin Fast Profit is quite unique. They claim to use a combination of various trading strategies to achieve their high profits. However, the main strategy of this site is to use automated trading software to generate profitable trades.

The site claims that this software is based on AI technology, so the automated software decides which trades are profitable. However, they also claim to use arbitrage trading, which means that the site can use leverage to make trading profitable. However, it is unclear how this applies to bitcoin and crypto trading. Even if this were true, there is no logical way to make daily profits of $700 without investing a huge sum.

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  • Company: Bitcoin Fast Profit
  • Product: Automated trading platform
  • Minimum Investment: $250
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Strategy: Arbitrage trading, AI technology
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

Trading Results

Bitcoin Fast Profit claims to offer two basic profit packages. Firstly, they claim that you could make $13000 in 24 hours. This cannot be verified by anyone who has tried to invest in this site. Besides, it would be highly unsustainable and illogical as well. Secondly, they claim that their investors are earning $700 daily. This means that you would become a millionaire in 4 years without investing a single penny. This too, cannot be verified.

Client Feedback

Because Bitcoin Fast Profit is similar to another popular site: Bitcoin Profit, they have managed to get a few unsuspecting customers. However, this has led to many negative reviews as customers have complained that the promises made by this site are unrealistic. Besides, the testimonials on this site are very similar to the ones found in a few other sites, so these do not seem to be authentic.


Bitcoin Fast Profit seems to be yet another site that makes promises that it may not be able to keep. While there is nothing wrong with setting high standards, this site goes completely unrealistic by claiming that free software can make you thousands of dollars per day. In addition to this, the registration details cannot be verified and the site provides very little contact information. The trading strategy simply does not add up with the claims that they make, so it is unwise to invest in this site.

Have you been considering to avail their services? Or, have you had any experience with Bitcoin Fast Pro? If so, we would be happy to hear from you; share in the comments section below.

~ Happy Trading!

Bitcoin Fast Profit $250 (min deposit)
  • Price - 30%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Results - 20%
  • Feedback - 40%
  • Support - 25%


They claim to have automated trading bots and operate on AI technology to help leverage profitable trades
Claim to use arbitrage trading and promise profits of upto $700 a day


They do not provide ample details about the strategy they have employed
There is no proof of trading results that they have promised

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