CitiNews Market Review

citinews-marketCitiNews Market is a new binary options product that promises to turn our dreams into reality. The website is disjointed and not very well put together. The first sentence on the webpage includes an egregious spelling error, and the daily market tips seem out of place.

Like most binary options systems we are being offered a free system that’s going to do all the work for us. I’ll be providing a review today and a place for the binary trading community to leave their thoughts and feedback.

CitiNews Market Review

The CitiNews market website does not provide us with very much information. There is a four minute video that has had nine views, and a two step process that really just explains how 60 second binary trades work. They don’t discuss their system and the role it plays in binary options at all. Listen to this statement from the video, to me it’s the type of marketing I can’t stand. The narrator of the video tells us that “in a few minutes I will tell you about the revolutionary financial advice I got from a financial expert who happened to be an old friend of mine.” Now, what is this even supposed to mean and why is it in the video? Some mystery old friend of someone we don’t know is telling him that he has an easy way to make tons of money. Why would I believe this story? I just don’t see any logic here.

Next, we have the CitiNews Market daily tips. I really don’t see how these help binary traders at all as they are just market break downs that don’t include any advice. These videos are being produced by a YouTube channel that goes by “Trading Central” and none of the videos have any viewers. I’m not sure why these videos are being included in this sales page and it would make much more sense if they actually discussed their trading system.

At this point I will not be recommending CitiNews Market to the binary today readers. I really don’t see anything relevant on this web page. It seems as though we are expected to believe he ran into an old friend who happened to be a financial advisor and now he has all the answers. Quite a few holes in that story. If you have something you would like to address please leave a comment on this review. I appreciate your time and hope that you have a great day.


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