Whales Club Review 2020

Whales Club is a high yield investment program (HYIP), which promises a return on investment of about 5% every day depending on the investment plan and the period an investor plans to invest. The concept behind service, is that it is a small team of investors and crypto traders, who give smaller investors the ability to tap into larger investments. It is a new crypto trading platform that promises a flawless history in trading.

The idea behind the name Whales Club is that the whales are the big fish investors that bring investment opportunities for the small fish investors. The small investors will then graduate to become whales just like them.

Whales Club Review

Whales Club has three investment earning plans, all of which are unique. The first one goes up to 33 days, paying 5% every day. The second one goes for 20 days. It pays 125% after the 20-day round. The third and final round lasts for 100 days paying 5% each day. Each of the plans has a minimum investment starting with $30 for the first plan rising up to $5000 for the third plan.

The system takes part in several activities simultaneously involving trading different assets and content creation. However, they hardly talk about the different concepts and trading aspects in detail. Most readers prefer the binary options software and signals recommended here, because they have more transparency.

Referral Program

Whales Club has an affiliate program that enables them to get customers in an efficient manner. What the affiliate program does is giving promoters good commissions for any referral made on this platform.

Legit Or Scam?

You may be wondering whether this platform actually delivers its promises and whether it is worth your investment and time. The answer is not straightforward looking deeper into their website, thus we have to look at the issues surrounding them to determine whether. Keep reading to find out.

Legality and Support Details

The platform does not disclose any legal documents on the website. Not even their physical location is shown. What investment plan runs without giving such vital details? In addition, even the support team is hardly reachable given that they only communicate via email. With this, you have to take your time.

Trading Results

As already mentioned, Whales Club is involved in many activities including content creation and trading. However, there is no solid proof on their website. It is true that trading crypto has enriched many in just a matter of years. Nevertheless, it should not be taken as a shortcut to wealth. This firm does not offer a clear explanation of the procedures it follows to make maximum profits for investors. This is a huge red flag as far as investor’s confidence and transparency are concerned. We made the same observations in our recent reviews of World Way Capital and UltraTrading.

They do not lay out their average profits or losses, or even maximum drawdown for that matter. Investing with them could be risky, as you may never have the odds on your side. In addition, without any solid data, how will you trust a total stranger with your funds?

Another issue lies in the fact that they do not provide any info about who the traders and investors are. They only call themselves the whales but they do give any proof of any trading going on. How about a portfolio showcase their skills and success? They do not have any report either because they are not trading, or they are trading and the results are terrible.


Interestingly, the details of the owner are completely untraceable. The owner does not reveal his identity. The stakeholders refer to themselves as a team of people specializing in crypto and similar investments. The term team could be because they probably do not exist. This is also a red flag because such info should be made available to the public.

Is Whales Club Paying?

For the time being, WhalesClub is paying although this may not last long.

Just like all the other HYIPs, it will eventually collapse.

Apart from the above noted red flags, it could be important to note that WhalesClub is not insured or regulated. The company is not legit, so even if it does not follow regulations nobody will follow to check if they are being honest.

In addition, since it deals primarily with cryptocurrencies, you may never be able to get your money back. In any case, WhalesClub.io is not particularly secure and it could not be surprising to learn that somebody hacked into it and stole investors’ earnings.


Making instant profits is the dream for many people. Many such schemes promise great returns but abandon investors in the middle. Whales Club, for instance, promises great returns of 5% every day, which sounds interesting but more of a fantasy.

Whales Club may be sought of a pyramid scheme. However, this does not mean it is impossible to make money from it. It is just not legal or safe so to speak. Technically, claiming to be trading with your money when they are not is considered illegal. All pyramid schemes collapse in the and only the pioneer members will have profited. It could be important that you consider everything said above before investing with this company. Above all, do not put at stake what you cannot afford to lose.

Whales Club $30 to $5000
  • Price - 31%
  • Strategy - 49%
  • Results - 21%
  • Feedback - 55%
  • Support - 79%


2867 clients


No proven facts

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