UltraTrading Review 2019 (UltraTrading.io)

Ultratrading.io is an automated crypto trading platform that operates on the principles that their doors are open for everyone who is enthusiastic about crypto and anyone willing to be part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The website boasts of being the world’s first automated crypto trading opportunity as well as having a portal that supposedly benefits all levels of traders.

Based in the United Kingdom, traders can operate on a global scale as they undertake the best deals. Being an automated platform, even the inexperienced people or those without resources can independently trade crypto. The platform claims that the casual crypto follower can profit from the same bold moves that the pros make. Users can invest with as much as they want and the rewards are directly proportional to the amount invested.

Ultratrading.io Review

  • Automatic trading- you simply open an account, make your first deposit, and expect your first payout after 24 hours.
  • Instant withdrawals- the platform claims to offer a wide range of payment methods for both withdrawals and deposits.
  • Hourly Earnings- the platform promises an instant collection of your proceeds any time you need. You are not kept waiting.

They charge a 2% withdrawal fee and they have their own customized card and internal exchange.

Is Ultratrading legit or a Scam?

Ultratrading claims that it can make you some good profits from your investment. You have probably come across many trading platforms promising you quick profits yet they turn out to be scams. This review of Ultratrading provides info based on user experience and our investigation to help you make sound decisions regarding the same.

According to the website, the platform claims that investors can exit contracts any time they want as long as they pay a 5% fee. We are not sure what this statement particularly means because when it comes to trading, there is no such thing as exiting contacts at any time.

On their website, they claim that theirs is a secure platform protected from interference from third parties, much like World Way Capital. They go ahead to state that they are using the best anti-malware software and malware which is meant to give users total peace of mind in terms of security. However, most people are still left with many questions of whether there are any safety mechanisms safeguarding clients’ investments.

The owners of this platform claim to be experts demonstrating outstanding performance. They say that they take the right risks that result in the right moves. According to the platform, crypto followers can make the smart moves made by the pros. Users can invest as much as they wish and get fixed interest hourly rewards and even get further rewards from affiliate programs. From all these, we can see many red flags that make it not recommendable.

According to the website the company is based in the UK. However, there is no physical address, which is the same issue we had with Binary Trading Club. This leaves many questions about where exactly they are operating. The people running it are totally anonymous. They receive their payment in Bitcoin format. This means that once you send whatever amount, there is no way for recovering it.

Investment plans

Ultratrading offers three investment packages of 8% to 20% daily. In the financial market, these figures are excessively abnormal. No trading can generate such an amount, not even the volatile market. Mostly, only scammers promise such big amounts. What is more, is that Ultratrading does not give any proof. They do not even say what they are going to do with the money and whether they will make mooey out of the investment.

Ultra Mining

The platform refers to cryptocurrency mining on their website with the mention of the term Ultra Mining. However, there is no proof that the company is mining any cryptocurrency. In any case, you may wonder a cryptocurrency has to do with cryptocurrency mining. Such contradictions are common in fraudulent trading sites.

Is Ultratrading.io trustworthy?

The operation procedures for Ultratrading.io are a bit odd. With the owners’ identities concealed, promises of unrealistic returns, and lack of performance record on their website, it could be hard to trust them. In addition, the site uses BTC deposits. This brings out suspicion because we all know that any payment made in Bitcoins cannot be retrieved or even traced. They even have an internal exchange without involving a third party. This could be because they do not want deposits being made somewhere else. The affiliate program also indicates that they are eager to get your money. The website looks authentic with convincing testimonials but you need to take time before taking risks.

We prefer the best binary options software, like Binary Strategy, or even automated Forex solutions, like Forex Fury. As both of these systems are a little more straight forward and come with verified performance numbers.


Before putting your money in any of such platforms, first, check whether there is proof of performance clearly laid out in the website. Most of the time, only the first investors benefit from such sites. This platform may not even be using the investment for trade. Most people fall for schemes that promise high ROIs. Of course, legit systems do exist but scams are in plenty too. To be safe, invest in legit cryptocurrency trading bots that have undergone thorough backtesting and proven to work. Even then, remember to invest only in that which you can afford to lose.

UltraTrading.io Deposit based
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 65%
  • Results - 22%
  • Client Feedback - 67%
  • Customer Support - 94%


Automated crypto trading platform
Fully controlled by their team


No verified trading performance

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