Binary Trading Club Review 2019

Binary Trading Club is a managed account service promising to increase your profits by using professional verified traders. The club is said to comprise a community of experienced traders who help each other prosper in terms of education, regulations, brokers and even signals by sharing professional advice.

The club was started by a former investment banker with the aim of allowing all skill levels traders to share ideas and other valuable trading tips. Ever since its inception more than six years ago, the club has seen steady growth.

Binary Trading Club Review

The club offers traders many services, the major one being managed account services. Essentially, a binary options managed account is one that is owned by an individual investor but managed by an experienced professional money manager like a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor). The vendor promises clients experienced professional traders who will oversee their investment portfolio and funds. These services are offered to small businesses, institutional clients, and individual investors. They also claim to make use of some of the investment strategies that have been used in the hedge fund history.

Binary Trading Club, through their managed account managers, gives customers meaningful investment plans based on risk management levels and realistic goals. Depending on the preferences of the trader, these services can deal with stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities.

Training and Education

Binary Trading Club greatly emphasizes on Binary options education and training. They offer the basics of trading as well as the intricacies of the trade. They also have member forums and sessions that give the newbies a chance to interact with the senior individuals and learn the new trade moves. Member sessions range from a number of topics such as upcoming trade events, broker reviews, as well as trading. All this is done through Skype conference calls.

Binary Option Broker Reviews

Binary Trading Club promises members a smooth sailing when it comes to the selection of a binary options broker. The more experienced traders take it upon themselves to examine brokers by reading their terms and ensure that new traders do not fall in the hands of dubious brokers who hitch inexperienced traders with lucrative bonuses.

The club has specific forums dedicated to broker analysis. The members rate each of the brokers and recommend only the best to the community. Here are some of our reviews:

Trading Signals

Trading signals are important, as they are the basis of the position taken by the trader. Usually, the signals are provided a service body independent of the brokers. However, at times some providers work in conjunction with brokers and they convince the trader to invest with the given broker. Binary trading Club helps members by letting the experienced traders their experience with signal providers. This is of help as the traders can make informed decisions pertaining to particular signals to go by and about what provider to trust.

Managed Accounts

As already mentioned, managed account services is an important tool at disposal for Binary Trading Club. The investors greatly benefit from skilled traders. The Binary Trading Club founder boasts of having extensive relationships with the best-managed account providers in the Binary industry. Apparently, these providers do not even blow their trumpets online like most providers do, more reason why the founder has been able to retain them for long.


Binary Trading Club claims say that they never just let any manger offer services to their members. They closely scrutinize their previous returns; check their MYFXbook profile make independent verification of past returns. The manager is then placed on a trial period on a phantom portfolio to track their returns in real time for 3 months. This is an assurance that to anyone planning to join the club that their accounts will be in safe hands if the managers’ performance is anything to go by.

Member Managed Account Services

Binary trading Club members are promised only proven managed account services. The club promises to refer members to only accredited brokers offering the best deals. It also pledges to monitor performance and produce regular performance criteria.

How to Become a Member

Membership to the club is open for all those interested in Binary Options and Forex. All skill levels are welcome; however, the general qualifying criteria is dedication and interest in trading the financial market. Once you register, a club official will reach out and confirm what you need, your trading experience, and risk preferences. You will then be referred to a verified trader in the industry.

Public Opinion

Of course, we have seen false testimonials from fake clients. Some managed accounts are offering promises that are too good to be real. Disappointed traders have come out to report how account managers duped them yet they were colluding with the broker. However, so far, there hasn’t been any of such reports about Binary Trading Club.


So, is it legit? Well, given the advantages promised such as bespoke solutions, professional traders, personal interaction, liquid accounts, and smaller capital requirements, one can try them. Though, they don’t seem to provide any real proof that their services work.

However, remember that binary trading is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes patience and time. Even as gain, sometimes you may lose. Play by the rule of putting at stake only what you can afford to lose.

Binary Trading Club Varies
  • Price - 78%
  • Strategy - 50%
  • Results - 30%
  • Client Feedback - 60%
  • Customer Support - 90%


Many options


No real results to speak of

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