VPS Mining review: Here’s what you must know!

VPS Mining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that allows users to mine various cryptocurrencies without having to buy an expensive mining hardware. The company claims that they have the best mining hardware already setup. Users can invest in a portion of the mining farm and earn profits by buying hash power. This will allow you to earn profits in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, mining with such platforms can be quite tricky. Unless you know the exact details surrounding the company and their mining strategy, you should not invest in them. This is one area where most people fall victim to scam companies, especially if the company shows a professional image. This is why you should read this review for a detailed analysis of VPS mining. It will include details on their registration, mining strategy, withdrawal process, and other details to help you make a better decision as to whether it is worth investing in or not. Never make an investment decision based on the design of a website, or the amazing returns that they are promising.

VPS mining is a relatively new company to cloud mining as they only started offering services in February 2020. However, they claimed that they have been in operation since 2014. Obviously, this is not true as the domain name was only registered in 2020. This is the first red flag on this site. The company claims to be based in Eastern Europe. They do not specify the exact country. Neither do they provide any details on their registration or affiliation with any financial authority, even though they claim to be operating in 123 different countries. You can contact by phone at +15033889348, or send them an email at: support@vpsmining.com. Their physical address is located in the USA at: 1076 Pittsburgh Delaware, OH 43015. It is strange that they are based in Eastern Europe, but give a US phone number and address even though they are not registered with the financial authorities in the USA.

VPS Mining Review

For a first time visitor, the website of VPS mining gives a very professional image. It seems as if they are a legitimate mining company. However, this is only one way of looking at it. The important thing is the product or service that they are offering. They have a few paid plans that differ according to the amount of hash power that you buy. You can buy mining power in GH/s, TH/s or PH/s. The more power you buy, the higher the rate of return. One thing to note about their plans is that they offer a minimum profit of 1% daily. This is quite strange, considering the fact that crypto mining does not generate that huge returns anymore. You can deposit via Bitcoin only unless the amount is more than $1000. This is a possible red flag because bitcoin payments are untraceable.


The mining strategy of VPS mining is very limited. They claim to have a mining farm setup with the latest hardware. However, they do not provide any details of the mining hardware, or how they plan on covering the huge electricity costs that come with such mining setups. If you compare their mining strategies with many larger companies, then the idea is the same. However, they have no proof that they have the mining hardware, or that they are even mining crypto at all. In any case, there is no mining strategy that can double your money every 100 days.


  • Company: VPS mining
  • Product: Cloud mining platform
  • Minimum investment: $1
  • Strategy: Cloud mining
  • Mining results: None
  • Customer Feedback: Limited

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Mining Results

While their strategy does not add up, you could at least hope that VPS mining would show some of their mining results to prove that they have the best equipment. However, they do not provide any proof of mining, or details of where the mining farm is located. They do not even provide proof of payment that could have been used to show their legitimacy. Without any proof, you should never invest in any online company.

Client Feedback

One of the main issues with VPS mining is the lack of positive customer feedback. Any legitimate company that has been doing business for more than 6 years will have some positive customer Feedback to show for it. The lack of Feedback proves that they have not been in business for as long as they are claiming.


While Bitcoin mining is not completely unprofitable, it is certainly not an easy way to get rich quick. VPS mining is not a trustworthy site because they have provided false information on their company history and are not registered under any regulatory body. They do not even have proof that they are mining, which is why you should always stick with a legitimate and registered investment company.

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VPS mining Minimum investment: $1
  • Price - 80%
  • Strategy - 40%
  • Mining Results - 40%
  • Client Feedback - 30%
  • Customer Support - 30%


They have a seemingly professional website
They are offering a very competitive and low risk investment option
They are offering a minimum profit of 1% on a daily basis


They only accept deposits in Bitcoin
They have not provided enough details into their mining strategy
They haven’t provided any mining results either

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