Invexspert review: A great investment or old Ponzi scheme?

Invexpert claims to be an investment company that specializes in investments related to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other online businesses. It is one of the latest of investment opportunities for people who want to invest in cutting edge technologies and new startups.

They basically attract customers using the knowledge that online businesses usually have a higher growth rate in their initial years, because of taking a competitive advantage in the market. On this basis, they can guarantee returns starting from 4% per day to over 3000% per month. If these figures are correct, it will mean that the company can make you rich in a few months. Besides, the minimum investment is only $10, which will help attract more investors. Invexpert does not mention the exact area or markets that they wish to trade in, although it seems as if they are focused on the crypto markets. However, it is still strange that they offer such high returns on a consistent basis. No single cryptocurrency can offer such returns consistently as it is a highly volatile market.

Invexpert is one of the more recent companies on the market and they have only recently started to operate online. They have only been around for a few months, but claim that they can make consistent profits. What is the proof? The good thing about this site is that the company is registered in the UK. They have even provided their registration details for verification. However, they are not registered through the financial authority and so they are not allowed to do business in financial services.

Apart from this, they have provided a single phone number: +44 20 37699828. You can also contact them via e-mail at: ADMIN@INVEXPERT.BIZ. If you are living in the UK and want to verify their physical address, then it can be found at: 20 Sumner Road, London, England, SE15 6LA. However, this seems to a residential area, so it is unclear how they are operating this company. More details can be found on their website at:

Invexspert Review

If you log into the Invexpert website, you’ll notice that they offer many different plans with daily monthly and bi-monthly profits. However, you should take caution not to fall into the number trap as this can be quite confusing.

The simplest investment option allows you to gain a profit of 140% in a single day this means that if you invest $100 today, you’ll have $240 by tomorrow. This is quite unreal and would make anyone rich overnight. Therefore, you should proceed at your own risk. Although, some sites have listed their profits as 4% instead of 104%, this is still unrealistic. 4% daily means 120% every month. Basically, they claim that you could double your money every month or day, depending on the interpretation o their plans. Both investments are unrealistic.


The trading strategy of Invexpert is actually what grabs the attention of new investors. They claim that their profits are made through investment in Cryptocurrencies, forex and other technologies where the profit margin and opportunity for growth is quite high.

However, this strategy is quite risky as well. This is the part that the site does not open up in front of investors. If you read the terms of service, you’ll notice that it is your own fault if you lose all your money on this site. Therefore, it might sound like an exciting investment, but the strategy shows that it may be merely a gamble.


  • Company: Invexpert
  • Product: Investment platform
  • Minimum investment: $10
  • Minimum return: 104% (daily)
  • Trading results: Unconfirmed
  • Customer Feedback: mixed

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Trading Results

The trading results of Invexpert is what captures the attention of most investors. They claim to be able to generate profits of 104%. We assume that this is based on a diversified portfolio as there is no way this is possible with a single asset. However, this means that you are doubling your money every day. While some customers have confirmed these trades on small investments, they cannot be verified by any notable third party.

Client Feedback

If you look at the online customer reviews of Invexpert, you’ll notice that the customer feedback is mixed. Some customers are satisfied that the site is paying, while others have claimed that they are not allowing the user to withdraw any funds. Upon closer inspection, it seems as if they are paying out smaller investments and keeping larger investments. For this reason, the customer reviews are mixed.


It is hard to give a one-sided verdict on Invexpert. On the one hand, they offer quite impressive investment plans and more contact information than most sites. However, on the other hand, they are not registered to provide financial services and seem to be withholding customer’s profits. The returns that they offer are also unrealistic and you are investing at your own risk, so think twice before signing up. Since the company seems quite new to the market, we would say it may work its way to proving worthwhile.

If you have had an experience with this company, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below.

Invexpert $10 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 43%
  • Strategy - 31%
  • Trading Results - 28%
  • Client Feedback - 23%
  • Customer Support - 68%


Company has provided ample background information
They seem to be registered in UK


The strategy is not well explained
The basic mechanism of operation bears huge risks

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