247StockCapitals, Sky Caft Trade, and Bris Trades: Profitable sites or scams?

247StockCapitals is a bitcoin investment site where users can trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a profit. They claim to provide various investment plans and trading indicators that will allow traders to make profit when buying and selling bitcoins through their site. You don’t even need to have any trading experience as they guarantee a specific profit percentage. Sky Caft trade is another bitcoin trading site that offers several investment plans. It is not a direct trading platform, so don’t expect to trade directly with this site. Rather, you simply invest in one of their plans and they provide you with a bitcoin wallet. Once you add coins to this wallet, you can start investing and trading using your account. They claim to be offering an ICO project, although they only providing a trading wallet. Bis Trades is a binary options broker that offers trades in commodities as well as cryptocurrencies. They also offer fixed investment plans with a set return rate.

One thing that’s common in all of these sites is that they claim to be registered in the United States. 247 Stock Capitals claims to be located at 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts. They only offer phone and fax services for VIP customers, so you’ll have to contact them via email if you have any queries. Their email address is: support@247stockcapitals.com and the website address is: https://www.247stockcapitals.com/. Sky Caft also claims to be located in the USA at the address: 4251 SUMMERHILL ROAD, TEXARKANA, 75503 TEXAS, USA. They can be contacted via phone at: +16472490503, or by email at: SUPPORT@SKYCAFTRADE.COM. However, they claim to be operating in 127 countries. You can find more details at https://skycafttrade.com/. Bis Traders is another site that claims to be registered in the US. While it does offer binary trading options, it does not provide much details regarding their registration with the regulatory authorities. The only way to contact them is through a contact form on the website. You can visit this site at: http://bistrade.com/.

247StockCapitals, Sky Caft Trade and Bris Trades Review

247StockCapitals review: When you visit the 247StockCapitals site, you’ll notice that you first have to create a bitcoin wallet on their site before you ca start trading or investing. You cannot use a bitcoin wallet from any site of your choice. Once you create an account, you can start investing in one of their plans.

Sky caft review: Sky Caft is similar to the site above in the sense that you first have to create a bitcoin wallet with the site before you can begin trading. You can buy certain amount of bitcoins, as specified by the plans and then use them to trade. They only offer withdrawals to other bitcoin addresses.

Bris Trade review: Bris trade is a site that is designed to offer brokerage services to traders dealing in forex and binary trading. When you create an account, you will be required to deposit $250 before you can begin to trade. Your profit will be in the hands of a broker that this site selects for you. While they do offer impressive returns of 120%, they do not provide details on how they manage to earn such returns.


All these companies have different trading strategies. 247 Stock Capitals is an investment company. They offer returns on investment by trading between different crypto currencies. However, their strategy of trading between different cryptocurrencies is quite vague. Sky Caft also sells investment plans, but they are limited to bitcoin trading. It is still unclear how they can generate such returns as trading in cryptocurrencies cannot generate consistent profits. Bris Trades strategy is different as it involves trading in forex and binary options. The problem is that they do not specify any exact trading strategy, so you are simply investing and hoping for a return.


  • Companies: 247StockCapitals, Sky Caft Trade and Bris Trades
  • Products: Cryptocurrency, forex and commodity trading
  • Minimum investment: $10-$250
  • Strategy: Undefined
  • Trading results: unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Not available

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Trading Results

Unfortunately, none of these companies, 247StockCapitals, Sky Caft Trade and Bris Trades have provided any trading information or results verified by a third party to prove that they are actually trading. If they really have the popularity that they claim to have, then surely they should be able to provide some verified trading results or proof of real profits earned.

Client Feedback

Both 247 Stock Capitals and Sky Caft have no real customer feedback as they are relatively unknown. There are only two testimonials on 247Stock Capitals website.

However, the feedback surrounding Bris Trades is quite negative as customers accuse the brokers of stealing their profits.


If you are either willing to invest in cryptocurrencies or binary options, then try and stay away from these sites. None of them have provided any registration details or real trading results. This makes it illegal to trade with them, especially in the US where they claim to be based.

If you have you been considering to invest with these services or have had any experience with them, we’d love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below…

247 Stock Capitals/SkyCaftTrade/Bris Trade $10-$250 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 40%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 20%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 20%


They appear to have minimal investments required
They claim to be offering ICO project
There are various investment plans that you can choose from


They are fairly new and do not have authenticated trading information
They do not provide sufficient strategic details
There are conflicting reviews about these websites/companies
They have not provided registration details or real trading results

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