DeSeaCatch Review: Is it worth putting your trust on? is another unregulated investment company that claims to produce income by supplying fish and seafood around the world. It is mentioned on the website for the company to be based in the UK and to have been set up in early 2020. By running through a mild background test on it becomes apparent that the domain has been active since August 2019 and will expire in August 2020.

The website is seeming of a highly professional build that has captivating graphics but low-quality information provided. There is an option provided of being available in Russian, Chinese, and Spanish to show their global popularity but it highlights as coming soon as soon as you toggle over it. The website, however, fails to provide relevant information regarding their fishing site and instead highlights almost every corner of the world map with fish signs, which could’ve worked if not for the lack of certification and permissions required for the fishing and shipping of seafood from the intended authorities.

DaSeaCatch Review being an investment company that lacks certification and is unregulated makes it a highly unreliable platform to put your money into. The website claims to be located in the UK but the developers remain hidden as no contact information is provided except an email inquiry system that responds within 24 hours. The company is withholding important and necessary information from customers which raises a major red flag for investors. claims to be a seafood supplier to the elite restaurant chains and private customers across the globe. They have developed a commendable user-friendly website that doesn’t have any aggressive marketing strategies included either. The company claims to provide you a profit within 24 hours of your investment, with over 177% of profit over 25 days. These figures are not only unrealistic but lack to be backed up by substantial evidence or procedure through which profits will be generated.

The biggest problem, however, with unregulated investment companies is that they withhold critical information from customers and abuse the regulations agreed upon. With no specific person or body to contact, the company can go bankrupt and disappear at any given time with all the investments lost. They claim to have several major certifications like the SSL and Gold Coders but the evidence is missing.


The main working strategy of the company can be divided into four major parts. Investment in fishing for marine delicacies, Catch of Elite Seafood, Delivery of Goods To Customers, and Payment to Investors of Profits on Deposits.

Upon investing, the customer contributes how much he can into the fishing programs by the companies provided. There are four different payment plans presented to customers, the lowest threshold for investment is $20. Once the investment and deposit are made, the company claims to utilize it in expanding its industrial catch of seafood. The four major catches being lobsters, octopus, royal crabs, and oysters, the company justifies its claim for high profits.

Once the catches have been made and the quality distinguished, they are then transported worldwide to various restaurant chains and private customers where they get one of the highest price bids. The profit made from the high sale value of the seafood is then distributed among the investors according to the deposits made.


Some of the basic facts to be noted about the website for quick analysis are as follows.

  • Located: United Kingdom
  • Founded: 2020.
  • Strategy: Catching seafood and selling to high-end customers.
  • Trading Results: No proof available.
  • Price: Four Investment Plans:
  • Oyster: 10-day profit plan with a $20-$250 investment range.
  • Octopus: 15-day profit plan with a $20-$500 investment range.
  • Royal Crab: 25-day profit plan with a $20-$2000 investment range.
  • Lobster: 35-day investment plan with a $20-$20,000 investment range.

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Trading Results

There are no trading results available on the website, nor any valid proof of the profits provided. No registration records with FCA have been found and the website mainly focuses on high investment returns.

Client Feedback

There are no testimonials present on the website itself and no third party testimonial websites feature any reviews either. The only reviews available across different platforms are guiding people on how to retrieve their investment made with the company, which showcases the unreliability and scam the company represents.


The policies and high investment returns put forward by the website developers are too good to believe in. For such high promises, the substantial evidence of the process happening is missing, which is very crucial.

Making deposits as large as $20,000 require a much clearer picture into the working of the company and accurate contact details in case of any additional inquiries. Doing your research before stepping into it is highly recommended as the website shows some major red flags now and then.

Have you been considering to invest with DeSeaCatch? OR, have you had any experience with this company? If so, we would love to hear from you, share with us in the comments section below…

~ Trade Safely!

DeSeaCatch Investment $20 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 40%
  • Strategy - 20%
  • Trading Results - 20%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 30%


They have a seemingly professional website
The company promises a profit as high as 177% in a few days!
Minimum required investment seems reasonable enough


They appear to be lacking certification or are not regulated properly
Several important company related information is missing
There is a lack of transparency about company owners
There’s no proof of the promised trade results
The company also lacks client feedback or testimonials

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