My Winning System – Matthew Pears Review

my-winning-systemMy Winning System is a new binary options trading software put together by another unknown trader, Matthew Pears. Pears is making it known that his system is guaranteed to make traders from $500-$3200 a day. He tells traders that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a very dangerous statement because trading is always a risk.

Today I’ll be providing an in-depth review so that the binary today community understands if this is a valuable opportunity or another get rich quick scheme.

My Winning System Review

bank-account-statementsThe My Winning System sales page consists of a YouTube video, an email subscription form and a handful of promises. $500-$3200 a day is a very large number, and is the very type of number we see in the binary options market too commonly. We are told that Pears has a live trading account with no simulations or backtesting. Yet, when you click on the button that’s supposed to offer this proof you are redirected to an image that shows a screen shot of three bank accounts. These bank account images could easily be fabricated and even if they aren’t there is no proof that they belong to clients of this product and there is no proof that these accounts ever received a binary options withdrawal.


Halfway through the sales page Matthew Pears asks us to consider what he’s getting out of this. He tells us that just because you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars doesn’t mean that it will affect his trading. He believes that there’s enough money to be made for everybody and claims to be making over $650,000 a year with My Winning System.


I really don’t believe this sales page and the message that it’s putting forward. I’m not able to recommend My Winning System to any binary options trader. This website is very poorly put together and comes across as wildly unprofessional. I don’t see how any trader could land on this webpage and feel that this system has anything positive to offer. There is nothing on the sales page of the proves to me that the development team knows anything about binary options trading and that’s a major concern. This product looks to be from an affiliate marketer and from what I can tell, not a very good one.

I hope this review steered you in the right direction and that you will spend more time on binary today learning about real binary options software that can help you increase your accounts on a daily basis. The community here at binary today is dedicated to finding new strategies and helping traders achieve their goals. I’m glad you found us and hope that you stay a while.

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