Wealth Distribution Society

wealth-distribution-societyWealth distribution society is a binary options software that claims to provide the ability to make at least $60,000 a month. The developers of this software telling traders that their software has made an average of over $3000 today.

In my latest review I’ll be analyzing the software and shedding light on it’s profitability potential.

Wealth Distribution Society Review

Like most binary options products the wealth distribution society webpage consists of a couple different counters, a binary options video and an email sign-up form. In the video the developers described their software as an automated cash machine. If you spent time on binary today in the past you probably know that I don’t have high expectations for automated trading solutions in the binary options market. Considering there is no widespread platform like meta-trader 4 I just don’t feel like the development community has enough tools to properly build a trustworthy autopilot strategy.

As the video continues the narrator involved with the wealth distribution society tells us that their software will allow traders to legally steal cash from huge banks and corporations. I’m somewhat confused by this statement because trading is not stealing in any way and huge banks are not directly tied to binary options trading. Traders are then told that today’s the first day of their new life because they’ll start making $60,000 every single month from now on. These are some very aggressive claims and that’s often tied to get rich quick products and scams.

I won’t be providing a conclusion for the wealth distribution society product today. Obviously if you read the full review you know that I have some skepticism regarding this binary options software. This doesn’t mean that I have an opinion on one side or the other because the only thing I ever care about is results. So if you are testing the software please leave your results under my review now by leaving a comment. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope you have a wonderful weekend on the horizon.

I’ll keep my eye out for new binary options reviews to do as I get on with my day so check back soon. Also, if you’re looking to learn more about me check out my income reports or click Ask John and send me a personal email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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