Green Millions: Is it the real thing?

Green Millions is a cryptocurrency investment and trading platform. With a single mantra ‘making money has never been that easy’. The company has the vision to provide control and charge to the traders. They claim to provide stability of profits even during the economic crisis. This website encourages bitcoin traders from all around the world to invest in the Cannabis industry because of its immense popularity and consistent growth.

The company currently has just one website ( that goes by the name GreenMillions with a logo of a hemp leaf. There is no information on the company’s registration certificate. Interestingly, they have provided a link on the privacy policy page to the ‘list of business partners’; however, when clicked it takes you back to the privacy policy page. This raises suspicion around the company transparency policy. The only way to contact their operator is through a contact form that can be found on websites’ terms and policy page. At the top of the website, there is a registration/sign-up form that gives you access to the trading account. 

Green Millions Product Review

The company’s sales pitch is ‘You have control over your funds’ and they have proposed online trading a fair solution for this. GreenMillions is known for two major aspects, one that allows the investors (traders) to invest in Cannabis even if it illegal in their country; and the second is that it is free to register (but don’t forget the very hefty investments that they would procure). The traders don’t have to pay any online fee, rather they just have to invest their money in the companies they think will grow.

The company helps the investors to make more informed decisions on how to invest, where to invest and how much to invest. Therefore, it provides the traders with the right tools and information, so that they choose only those companies that have the potential to grow. GreenMillions offers the traders a better trading system that provides them a chance to earn money even by investing in losses.

But is it all for real? Well, GreenMillions seems to be nothing but a copy/paste template that is used by its developers for scams. The same template, registration form, and the sales video have been used on three different platforms as well including Golden Profit, Cannabis Craze or Cannabis Profit.

Green Millions surely has made big claims, such as, ‘traders having absolute control over their funds’ or that ‘online trading happens to be the most desirable solution in order to outwit a crashing economy’. However, is it really their ultimate goal to ensure that the message of online trading (and how easy it is! When did trading got “easy”?) reaches to everyone? Or is it just a trap? The company has quite a few gaps when it comes to providing evidence for establishing their credibility. 

Green Millions Strategy

The strategy and claims of this trading website are very questionable. Not just their claims are vague but Green Millions doesn’t provide any trading software or algorithm to generate money on your investment. Despite the striking and shocking claims that they have made, this website is nothing except deception and misleading forum.

Apart from the trading algorithm, there isn’t even a simple explanation or any information on the software, its design and whether it has been tested or not. In short, there is no evidence that GreenMillions is really an effective trading platform to earn profit by investing in the Cannabis industry.

Green Millions Analysis

Here are some facts about the GreenMillions trading company:

  • Location: Not specified
  • Founded: Not specified
  • Strategy: Not verified
  • Trading Results: Not verified
  • Fees Involved: $250 (minimum)

Green Millions Trading Results

The GreenMillions company promises a better trading platform where the investments and profits are in control of the trader. Not just this, this website also shows the possibility of making profits even when the trader invests in companies that are facing an economic crisis. The simple truth is that all of these are just words and there are no actual results. Though you would see a chart on their website showing how the cannabis industry has grown over the past few years; there are no such figures on the trading results.

It’s a fancy graph and they have a live ticker, showing “many” profitable figures and ‘few’ losses. But, that’s all that they have shared. The company should have included details and verification information, backed with genuine customer feedback.

Client Feedback

In addition to lacking an actual strategy and trading results, the Green Millions horribly fails at providing genuine customer reviews and feedback. Keeping in mind the popularity and hype of this trading website, it is interesting and alarming that the website has no feedback! To add credibility to their platform and tempt traders, they have added the quotes of four leading traders in the crypto world. But even these quotes have nothing to do about the software description, strategies or results of the company.


Regardless all of the over-reaching claims; that this website has made, the lack of detailed information about their services/software and the trading algorithm is alarming. Moreover, the company has failed to provide basic details such as the registration certification, location, and any other contact information. Furthermore, their trading results are also not verified by any third party or credible source; neither have GreenMillions developers provided any supporting explanations. 

Keeping in view all the facts about this trading company, the final verdict on this discussion is that GreenMillions is a fragment of a SCAM CHAIN! There is no profit for anyone except for these scammers. So if you are even considering to try their product, it is advised to stay away from this website.

What’s your take on this website? Have you or your friends have any experience with this company? Leave a comment below and let us know your opinion about this platform!

Green Millions $250
  • Price - 40%
  • Strategy - 31%
  • Results - 21%
  • Feedback - 50%
  • Support - 87%


Fancy profit graph


No real proof

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