Is Bitcoin Superstar another scam?

Bitcoin Superstar happens to be a cryptocurrency service provider that is offering an automated robot to facilitate the day to day trading operations. The platform is allegedly developed by ‘Thomas Gottschalk’. Bitcoin Superstar claims to be offering its customers the most advanced features and trade-tools that are specifically designed to suit their trading needs and geared to doubling their profits (as is claimed by the company).

The company website is (this is an unbelievable URL) and the person name Thomas Gottschalk has been designated as a director of Bitcoin Superstar. The website does not display any support email id or contact number or address. There’s a web-form that seems to be the only way to reach out to this company.

Bitcoin Superstar Review

Bitcoin Superstar claims to be the most popular crypto signal service or application in the globe in which you can get an opportunity to make real money. They also claim to have all the required features and tools to make crypto trade the most profitable and easy-to-do for the users.  They claim to have an experienced team of finance experts who will guide you and help you to avoid any possible risks. However, all of this seems too good to be true and the more you research about this company, the more doubt starts creeping in.

Cryptocurrencies have become a very prevalent financial market & there are different companies through which people are making money. Bitcoin Superstar is among those companies which trade cryptocurrency and claims to help people make high-profit margins on a regular basis.

Bitcoin Superstar seems to be shady with the exaggerated promises to their clients to provide a risk-free app and to make $1300 within 24 hours. According to them, after depositing initial investment with the Bitcoin Superstar, you can get an opportunity to earn a commission through their referral programs. They make it possible by allowing affiliate marketers, social media marketing agencies and online promoters.

Reality is reverse as their registration page is designed in such a way that it would possibly confuse the clients. The credibility of Bitcoin Superstar also becomes questionable because of the details of its owner. The software which has been used by the Bitcoin Superstar is completely owned by a company called ‘Algo trading”. However, this is the same company that doesn’t have a great market standing and has been labeled as a sham by various users.


Bitcoin superstar promises huge profit margins such as 99.4% in profit after signing up and making the initial investment. However, they haven’t really detailed out how this extravagant profit is made possible. Moreover, there is no way to get returns to such an extent specifically when you are trading in bitcoin because of market unpredictability and fluctuations.


Here are some facts and figures about Bitcoin Superstar that may come handy while making up your decision about this company.

  • Founded in: 2019.
  • Location: Germany
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Strategy: Not properly explained
  • Minimum amount to be deposited: 250$
  • Withdrawal for crypto(min): 5$ 
  • Minimum withdrawal time: 24 hours

Trading Results

Another thing from which you have to be familiar is the trading results of Bitcoin Superstar which are not verified. Whenever the company claims to be a profitable trading result then the promised profit margin must be realistic, however, this is not the case when it comes to Bitcoin Superstar. The profit margin which is explained on the website is $1300 within 24 hours seems too good to be real and there are no proofs to substantiate this claim.

The website does have a trade stream that seems to be “live” and allegedly evidence for the real trade taking place. However, unfortunately it doesn’t seem real or reliable.

Client Feedback

When it comes to client feedback, it is quite impossible to see any positive feedback about Bitcoin Superstar. However, you would find a few ‘very positive’ testimonials on their website but the interesting thing to notice is that the images are exactly the same as in some of the other such sites that we have already reviewed earlier. In short, the testimonials don’t appear realistic or honest.

You may be interested in taking a look at some of the similar trading platforms, such as Trade Daily ProFX Coin BotDAX Robot and Green Millions.


All in all, bitcoin superstar appears to be telling us the same old story that has been circulating around the world-wide-web in the cryptocurrency niche. Moreover, like various other similar companies, Bitcoin Superstar is also missing crucial points and seems to be withholding a lot of required information from potential customers.

Have you been thinking about investing with Bitcoin Superstar? Or, have you had any experience with this company?

We would love to hear more from you, so share your opinions with us in the comments below.

Bitcoin Superstar $250
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 34%
  • Results - 19%
  • Feedback - 41%
  • Support - 75%


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