Trade daily Pro: Cutting edge technology or a new scam in the market

Trade daily pro is a company that was established in 2019 as a binary trading company. They claim that they can help you make daily profits with minimal investments. Trade Daily Pro, company claims that it can use a variety of trading options such as binary, forex trading, bitcoin and other high-risk online platforms that aim to produce consistent results.

Although you need to provide personal information before subscribing to this service, the website does not provide any contact information. The website’s URL is They do have a twitter account at However, it seems that this account is not popular or relatively new as it only has 18 followers. These are probably the people who created the account anyway.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a successful professional, or someone who is looking for a good retirement investment option, you may have considered different investments. While you may be aware of the common investments such as investing in retail or putting your money in the bank, these investments often produce slow results. Many banks do not give you interest rates that can keep up with inflation and real estate investments are too costly for many people. For this reason, many people turn towards trading options such as forex or binary trading.

Many trading companies have sprung up claiming to automate the trading process and helping beginners make daily profits. Trade daily pro is one such online company that offers a platform for traders to automate their trading. Although it may seem to provide profitable plans, further research indicates that it may be just another ponzi scheme.

Trade Daily Pro Review

Trade Daily Pro claims to provide a platform where traders can customize their trading experience and have it automated so that they don’t have to spend time constantly watching the markets. Binary trading options such as forex trading or trading on the stock market are uncertain trading options, which means that successful traders have to keep a constant watch of the market trends.

However, this platform claims to have an automated system that does all this work for you, which means that you can trade without keeping an eye on the market. They claim that you can make monthly profits of up to 1000%, which is impossible through legitimate trading channels. This is the first sign that the platform is a fraud.


Trade Daily Pro claims to have an algorithm and “cutting edge technology” that allows you to make consistent daily profits. They claim that their system can monitor the trades that have a 70% chance of being profitable and aim to secure such trades. However, most companies who claim to have such algorithms are false because the stock market does not work in this way. They may argue that the stock market can be predictable to a certain extent, but what about the forex or cryptocurrency markets.

These markets remain some of the most volatile markets for investments. Seen from this perspective, the strategy of Trade Daily Pro does not make sense. They have different plans in which minimum investments can gain profits of up to 125% in a single day. This means that you can more than double your investment in a single day! This indicates that it is a total scam designed to steal your money.


  • Product: Trade Daily Pro
  • Claimed software: Nadex
  • Minimum deposit: $5
  • Minimum daily profits: 118% (unverified)
  • Payment: Unverified
  • Referral bonus: 2-5%
  • Customer reviews: Negative

Trading Results

Trade Daily Pro offers profits of 125% daily. The initial investment will also be included in the payout. This seems irrelevant as the site will not keep any of you cash. Before you jump at the idea of doubling your money every day, you should consider that some of the plans come with a 1000% profits daily. This is simply impossible. If you consider the fact that most trades make a maximum of 20-30% profit on good days, it becomes clear that their trading results are impossible to achieve.

Client Feedback

Feedback surrounding Trade Daily Pro is very limited as it seems that the internet community does not know much about this scam. However, the few users who have tested it have had extremely negative experiences. Most reviews rate the website a mere one star. Many customers have claimed that the site gives them small payments for a few days, after which they do not receive any payments. Although, on their website, tradedailypro showcases a few very positive customer reviews.


What’s too good to be true usually is. You should never trust a platform without reading different reviews and verify with their customers. In addition to this, the Trade Daily Pro website does not provide any contact information and is not a registered entity. This means that money that you lose in this scheme cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is better to learn the basics of trading or invest with a registered broker.

Have you tried their service yet? If you have or if you have heard of any stories, we would love to hear more! So, share in the comments below!

Trade daily Pro $5 deposit
  • Price - 63%
  • Ease of Use - 61%
  • Platform - 73%
  • Feedback - 55%
  • Support - 81%


70% profitability


No proven results

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