78% Win Review: BinaTrust

BinaTrust is a binary options signal service promising to make traders between $250 – $4800 a day. According to the sales page there are 6 professional hedge fund traders that have been able to achieve a 78% win ratio since the release of the product.

Today we will do everything we can to analyze and review this service in a professional manner.

BinaTrust Review

There are quite a few discrepancies with the BinaTrust sales page so we are going to start by going over a few of these.


One of the first issues we come across is the Facebook and Twitter testimonials. One of the testimonials is from Emma Devos who says “as a biology teacher who didn’t know anything about financial markets, I can’t believe I made profits with Bina Trust right from the start.” What’s extremely odd about this testimonial is that under the name Emma Devos the twitter account readers @Binatrust. This looks like a major oversight by the people who put together the testimonials. It makes no sense why Emma’s twitter handle would be @Binatrust and when you actually do a search on Twitter for this Twitter handle you get someone entirely different.

It’s quite obvious to us here at Binary Today that the testimonials are fabricated. They did such a poor job at it that they even botched the Twitter handle that badly.


Another element on the sales page we noticed during our research of the BinaTrust software is the badges on the left-hand side. One of the badges claims that this software was the 2015 winner of the most profitable signal service. The badge doesn’t link us to any website or tell us what governing body decided to offer this award. Regardless, the issue with this award is that it says 2015 and the BinaTrust.com website was registered in 2016. So it’s really not possible that a product released in 2016 would have been able to win an award given out for the year 2015. This is obviously another deceptive marketing tactic and that too I believe we’ve had enough.


Here at Binary Today we do not recommend BinaTrust. There are a handful of discrepancies and lies that make this investment way too risky for us to approach. My advice for these developers is to focus on honesty and integrity.

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