The Cash Loophole by Richard Sellars

the-cash-loopholeThe Cash Loophole is another automated binary options trading tool. This one is developed by Richard Sellars and claims to have over 400 days of consecutive profit for their members. They also promise that there “legal loophole racks up” over $2000 every 3 hours like clockwork. Already from the first few statements on the webpage it’s clear that the see that this is a get rich quick scheme.

Today we’ll be providing a review and letting you know why we believe you should be staying away from systems that are advertise the way this one is.

The Cash Loophole Review

photoshopped-account-statementOne of the biggest issues we have with this system is the way that it’s marketed. The developers of the Cash Loophole make ridiculous promises that can’t be backed up properly. They do attempt to show us bank account statements to prove how much the software is earning its clients. One of the bank statements is from TD bank and if you look at it closely you can see that it has obviously been Photoshopped. In the image we are supposed to believe that the account has over $2 million and the last log into this account was on Monday, 17 October 2016. Yet, if you look at the bottom of the image you will see that the date is from 2013. This clearly shows that that the image has been doctored.

I can’t trust any binary options developer that’s willing to doctor account statements to sell their products. This is just too deceitful.

False Testimonial

linked-in-gaston-bouvierNext, the Cash Loophole sales page includes fake testimonials. One of the testimonials is supposed to represent a man named Greg Clark who is from Toronto Canada. According to the testimonial Greg started with $250 and has been paid over 163,000 in just over a month. However, the image being used for Greg Clark was clearly stolen from a LinkedIn account of a French man named Gaston Bouvier.

There are way too many discrepancies and lies being per trade by an obviously unscrupulous vendor.


There is no reason for you to sign up with the Cash Loophole program. The people behind the software are clearly not looking out for your best interests whatsoever. At every single step the developers of this product choose to be deceitful instead of honest. They built their entire story and product on lies and that leads me to believe that they can’t be trusted. Be very careful dealing with developers the promise thousands of dollars every single hour, these unfair expectations will never magically appear in your account.

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