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My Monthly Income Reports

binary-options-income-reportsHere you will find access to all of my monthly income reports. In these reports I tell you how much I’ve made and how I’ve been able to accomplish my earnings.

I tell you about the tools I use, brokers I trust and update you on what’s happening here at Binary Today.

The purpose of these reports are to show you that success in the binary market is possible if you take advantage of the right opportunities.

All Reports Updated: July 4th, 2020

Click on the links to access that months income report:

  1. September 2019 Income Report – $13158.37
  2. August 2019 Income Report – $10,758.46
  3. July 2019 Income Report – $10331.75
  4. June 2019 Income Report – $10756.24
  5. May 2019 Income Report – $13452.62
  6. April 2019 Income Report – $13782.19
  7. March 2019 Income Report – $13056.15
  8. February 2019 Income Report – $12622.71
  9. January 2019 Income Report – $12592.75
  10. December 2018 Income Report – $11401.38
  11. November 2018 Income Report – $11736.95
  12. October 2018 Income Report – $25016.74
  13. September 2018 Income Report – $25146.10
  14. August 2018 Income Report – $22763.66
  15. July 2018 Income Report – 20837.26
  16. June 2018 Income Report – 19814.12
  17. May 2018 Income Report – 19870.70
  18. April 2018 Income Report – $18514.66
  19. March 2018 Income Report – $17409.56
  20. February 2018 Income Report – $17290.56
  21. January 2018 Income Report – $12261.97
  22. December 2017 Income Report – $6711.79
  23. October 2017 Income Report – $19470.73
  24. September 2017 Income Report – $19,005.69
  25. August 2017 Income Report – $23,109.45
  26. July 2017 Income Report – $25,025.65
  27. June 2017 Income Report – $24,126.09
  28. May 2017 Income Report – $24,634.84
  29. April 2017 Income Report – $24,871.23
  30. March 2017 Income Report – $24,586.97
  31. February 2017 Income Report – $23,334.50
  32. January 2017 Income Report – $24,177.05
  33. December 2016 Income Report – $13,908.52
  34. November 2016 Income Report – $22,667.94
  35. October 2016 Income Report – $31,068.15
  36. September 2016 Income Report – $29,276.30
  37. August 2016 Income Report – $19,624.10
  38. July 2016 Income Report – $31,501.45
  39. June 2016 Income Report – $33,223.13
  40. May 2016 Income Report – $33,496.85
  41. April 2016 Income Report – $32,306.15
  42. March 2016 Income Report – $29,950.70
  43. February 2016 Income Report – $24,975.95
  44. January 2016 Income Report – $22,045.75
  45. December 2015 Income Report – $19,521.10
  46. November 2015 Income Report – $25,941.65
  47. October 2015 Income Report – $26,345.75
  48. September 2015 Income Report – $25,460.75
  49. August 2015 Income Report – $26,311.25
  50. July 2015 Income Report – $25, 176.00
  51. June 2015 Income Report – $20,641.20
  52. May 2015 Income Report – $20,601.15
  53. April 2015 Income Report – $19,230.90
  54. March 2015 Income Report – $14,610.75
  55. February 2015 Income Report – $18,200.75
  56. January 2015 Income Report – $17,510.90
  57. December 2014 Income Report – $14,661.40
  58. November 2014 Income Report – $13.017.35
  59. October 2014 Income Report – $12,822.15

I add new monthly income reports generally within a week of the last day of the month. Sometimes before, and sometimes after depending on how busy I am with my trading, my life and keeping the Binary Today website up to date.

If there is ever anything you would like to see added to the reports you can leave a comment at the bottom of the income reports or email me personally by clicking Ask John.

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Binary Today or anyone involved with Binary Today will not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information including reviews, recommendations, charts, software, income reports and signals contained within this website. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible.

123 Responses to My Monthly Income Reports

  1. Kareem says:

    Why isn’t your income gradually increasing?
    You don’t use compound interest?

  2. Hi John

    I see very inspirational report on this website, I feel strong and with hope that things could come better again for me reading bout your software but my problem is that I dont have a computer yet to be able to use this software
    May I ask if its possible for you to trade binary for me using your software I can pay you for that
    I am very poor man from south africa.

    • John says:

      Hi John, I’m sorry I don’t do any account management at this point in time, but I appreciate your interest in my recommendations.


      Sir, I have no money to invest. I belong to a poor family. I’m fully interested in this work. Kindly help me.

  3. Marcus says:

    Hey John. How much total with getting software and a broker do you believe it would cost to get started trading? When I get paid I believe I’m going to jump on this train.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Marcus, you can always start on demo for just the cost of the software. Or if you want to deposit right away, brokers usually want a minimum deposit around $2-300.

  4. wang peng says:

    Hello, what’s the accuracy of the software

  5. richard says:

    guys is it really working?

  6. Gabriel Bini says:

    Hi John,
    You said in one of the comments that you don’t like the martingale’s strategy. I’m not really an expert in this strategy but I just wanted to know why you don’t like it (or think it won’t make you profit)?
    Thanks in advance and keep up with your website!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Gabriel, martingale isn’t a real strategy to me. It’s not actually monitoring the markets or trends, it’s just playing double or nothing.

  7. Des says:


    I read somewhere that you will be releasing a new system in the near future. Can you give us a glimpse of the strategy it will use. Thanx

  8. joahn says:

    Hello 🙂

  9. Shaun says:

    Hello John, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done, I am following your advice and changing my trading style to suit your methodology as I have not had much success in the past, but I believe finding your web site and taking your advice is going to make 2017 a bumper year.

    A question as I have not seen it on your website; What is your money management style? For Example, do you only ever trade with 5% of your account and do not apply Martingale etc?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    • John Kane says:

      Thanks Shawn. I usually trade 2-5% of my bankroll. I don’t use any martingale principles, I don’t like this risk. It takes away from real strategy.

  10. Sathiamorthy Subramanian says:

    Hi Kane,

    Nice to see you update your goal and achievements

    Bravo !

    Kane, I like the idea where you put the “green target bar” in your website and wandering where I can download the gadget for my personal target 2017

  11. Rita says:

    Keep it up John, love the content!

  12. Blake says:

    These reports are a constant motivation for me. Spending 1-2 hours a week on Binary Today has made me a much better trader.

    My approach is better, I’m much more analytical and I owe it all to Binary Today!

  13. Sean says:

    Hi John, thanks for all the info you share here, after 2 years of more or less binary trading now I think I see some hope :). However what’s your motivation to maintain this website? And the motivation for the signal developer? I do not see the financial motivation though. And how do you handle CRA as a Canadian? Thanks!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Sean, I claim all my earnings. I’ve actually mentioned it many times in my reports. Maintaining this site keeps me close to the community, helps me make connections with other real traders which help me improve. As a signal developer you can provide traders with winning trades and profit in the process as these services aren’t free. Hope that helps.

  14. Des says:

    Hi John,

    I haven’t traded BBW in quite a while. Just wondering if it’s still consistently winnining. Did you trade it in September?

  15. Carl says:

    Hey John, you listed your July income wrong. It shows $21,000 only.

  16. Aziz says:

    Hi John, I am really interested but I don’t know how to get start?

  17. Mike says:


    When you first started out what was your average investment with each trade? What is your about investment now with each trade.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Mike, no matter how much money I’ve invested I always use a steady money management from 2-5% per trade.

  18. Ardy says:

    Hi John, I am very interested with your binary today trader software. How much you are now risking on each trade with binary today trader software?

    Thank you….


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ardy, I try to keep my risk around 3-5% of my account per trade as I always have. I try not to adjust my risk.

  19. Brian says:

    Hello John.
    I wonder if you hedge your trades, e.g. buy a put when your call position has experienced a sharp move upward or just to protect a problematic trade? If so, is it part of your strategy or just something you occasionally do? If you post this comment, would readers comment on whether they use hedging and how it is working for them? I do try to hedge as much as possible because it can generate a nearly risk-free second premium on a trade.


  20. gary says:

    Hi john can you help me decide which broker i should pick. I am beginner, and i am outside the US. And can you suggest some tools to help me learn and earn more in my daily trades.

  21. Chris says:

    I have 3 questions for all of us binary traders out there.
    1- What are the best hours during the day to trade binary options, in the morning and the evening, with specific times? I have noticed that 12-2 and 5-7pm, the volume is low, and there is not many signals, clarification would be nice to help all of us.
    2-Before taking the trade, does the trade assistant have to match all 4 criteria’s when it is a buy or sell, or 3 out of 4 work as well? Please confirm!
    3- I have received numerous emails regarding my email account, for security, I know its from the MT4 platform when I tried to set up my email settings, I cannot receive any alerts due to this, I am sure I am not the only one that has these issues, Do you have any recommendations on how to resolve this to receive email alerts?

    Look forward to your reply!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Chris, good to hear from you.

      1. I don’t feel there are best hours to trade. I trade whenever signals come, often at night between 5-10.
      2. You can use it however you like, historically I prefer 3 out of 4 at least.
      3. If you have any of the systems follow the email guide and you will have no issues.

      • Chris says:

        Dear John,
        When you say 5-10 which time is that at Central time if you don’t mind me asking, thank you in advance!

    • Brian says:

      Hey Chris,

      Regarding best hours to trade, 12-2 is lunch hour in NYC so volume is slow. Volume is very slow after the NY market close until Tokyo opens (at 9 am their time or midnight UTC). I wouldn’t bother trading during those hours. I also wouldn’t bother trading during Tokyo’s lunch hour – volume falls of a cliff during the first hour or so of ‘sushi time’.

      Check out for a clock which shows UTC and Forex market hours – it’s a useful app to keep handy.


  22. Chris says:

    Hi, I am wondering what the best high quality signals software is the best out of the 4 that are recommended to purchase to start with, How many signals do each of them provide, Looking at something to start off with first before growing my venture, before applying all of them, Your help would be appreciated, thank you

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Chris, they all provide very high quality signals. I recommend starting with the Binary Today Trader since it is the newest but I do believe you should read each review and see which one suits your needs the best.

  23. Carl says:

    Looking forward to Dec. income report

  24. Rob says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve just stumbled across your website, trying to find something better than those crappy auto traders (equinox, virtnext, cash camp to name but a few). None of them worked! The binary brainwave looks like a good starting point for me, I think? But one question? Are they all made by same company/people? Because the layout looks identical on each website.



    • John Kane says:

      Hi Rob, yes that would be a good place to start. They use similar development teams. These themes are very common as they look professional and are easy frameworks to work with. Much better than the video, testimonial, email subscription layouts you mentioned prior.

  25. Brooke Edwards says:

    I don’t get how to do or use this, please help me.

  26. Paul says:

    Hi John,
    Firstly, great side and very good recommendations. Thank you!

    I was wondering if there will be your monthly income statement for October. Based on this, want to make my decision for binary defender.


  27. Trevor says:


    Ive been trying to download the free software, I hit the facebook like and google, but no download link etc. Can you help? Thanks

  28. Nasrul Muhaimi Jamil says:


    I’d like to know how far that systems can beat than others?
    Is there any proof of accountability that ur platform help this investors?
    Is three any guarantee you can show me the solution of any customer(traders) from Malaysia?
    how strong (%) of this sytem can beat each cycle?

    TQ in advance..need more detail info 🙂

  29. Mario says:

    Hi John.
    First of all thank you for the yields of your work in providing us the best tools available for trading binary options.
    I would like to ask you a clarification about the “range detector” indicator: why is better to choose the “ranging” signal to trade instead of the “trending” one? Provided that the trend is in accordance with the trade direction signalled from the trading software (Binary Options Bullet etc.), shouldn’t it be more probable to win the trade during a trend than with a ranging market that could let the price leave around the entry value (= a riskier situation)?

  30. Lisa says:


    could you please tell me how much your bet is to achieve these great results? 250$ for every signal?

    thanks and best regards

  31. Sylvester says:

    Hi John,
    Please which VPS can you recommend to someone in Africa?
    Thank you as i await your reply

  32. Tony says:

    Hello John,

    My name is Tony and I have stumbled upon your website and was wondering how you managed to get a 15% discount for Binary Brain Wave in which it sounds very promising and interesting in buying, although do you get affiliate commissions? Is this why you have a 15% discount? Also , you mentioned that you manually trade, but why do you need to do this if the BBW tells you the signals to trade? In other words how do we double confirm once receiving the signal that it should be okay to place the trade?? I don’t really know what to look for , so I would be solely relying on the signals received in MT4.

    Thank-you for your honesty and help

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Tony, the discount is available through their payment processor network, I do get commissions but you can certainly bypass me and go directly to their site, that is fine with me. My main goal is to gain through trading. As for how I trade, watch this video here

  33. Kennet Larsson says:

    Hi John,

    Inspired by your test of Forex Fury and bought a license a week ago. Two trading sessions (x 7 trades) all Winners. Looks great.

    I have missed a number of trading sessions not being home at 20 hrs GMT and though leaving the computer on, it goes into “rest mode” after 15 minutes of inactivity, not running the Forex Fury as it seems.

    I now have bought a VPS, but what a challenge for an old dinosaure to get MT4 into the VPS. Puh!

    However, your piece of advice seems to be very good!


    • John Kane says:

      Thanks Kennet, as for the VPS it works just like a computer so you can go into the web browser on the VPS and go to all the web sites you download brokers and software from.

  34. sandy says:

    hi john ,

    hi i am from india . and intrested in automated robot or any easy way to trade in binary . i think you have an solution . so plz can you allowed indian customer and is it work same for me also ??

  35. Anna, Sydney says:

    Just found you via your 30DayChange review (thank you) and got interested in your site. Had a quick poke around and think I’ll be staying for a while and will subscribe too.

    I was wondering if in your earnings report it would be possible for you to also disclose the amount you invest to create the profit (via the systems)? Apologies, quite the nosy beak here, but I’m very interested in hearing if it took $7000 to make for instance $8300 in one month or if it was $1000. Quite understand if you won’t, you’re already disclosing more than most.

    Best of wishes on your $200.000 goal.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Anna, I started out with just a couple thousand and I’ve built my way up since then re-investing a lot of the profits. As for 30 day change, wasn’t a good software, glad you liked my review.

  36. gabriel eddison gonzales says:

    hi john can people from trinidad be apart of this

  37. Carl Drechsel says:

    Hi John,

    Can’t wait to see July results for Forex Fury

  38. alyssa biton says:

    hello jhon you are great keep it up and thax for the very helpfull knowledge and the website i love this site keep it up

  39. Bel. says:

    Hi John
    Does Boss Capital take Canadians clients ? Thanks, Bel.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Bel, yes they do.

      • denis says:

        I just contacted Boss Capital and they said MT4 is not compatable with thier platform. Are we supposed to use the free indicators and BBW on MT4 and if so how do we make it compatable with Boss Capital

        • John Kane says:

          Denis, you receive signals in MT4, you place them in your broker manually. This is explained fully in the members area. Please watch their videos, they are easy to follow.

  40. Matt P. says:

    Hey John, great site. I just started trading live with both BA and BBW and am up 20% in the first 2 days. Very impressed with the signals so far.
    Was curious on what you do with Boss Capital in regards to expiry times that don’t coincide with what the signals suggest? ie. BBW says EURUSD put, expire at 0430am. But at times on Boss Capital, you can only choose 420am or 5am. Do you skip the trade, or select one of the options given?

    Also, on a side note. For anyone with really crappy/slow internet, the signal software may not work. I ran into this issue and with the help of BBW staff, determined it was my slow internet. I decided to use a VPS to host my MT4 and signals and it’s been working since.

    Best of luck to all.

  41. AL says:

    hi i just want to know how much you have invested or what was your capital when you started in October 2014

  42. Mahlon says:

    Hi John,
    I just came upon this website 2 days ago and am studying all that you have posted.
    Really great info,and I know it’s legit since you are trading yourself and not just sitting behind some get rich quick software.
    I want to thank you for providing this much needed real truth.
    18mo ago I started an acct with Bloombex Options and started trading using Binary Matrix Pro. It’s one that is on your “not recommended list”. We’ll it turned out not making profit so I just quit.
    Now I’m planning on using your recommended softwares.
    A few Questions,
    Would you recommend Bloombex Options as a trustworthy broker?
    Also is 20.00 trades the correct amount for a 250.00 acct? Thankyou

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Mahlon, I’ve never tested Bloombex so I can’t really say. The trades are correct yes. I really appreciate all the kind words and look forward to hearing more about your journey as you get started. You can see the top rated brokers by the community here:

      • Mahlon says:

        Ok thanks! I’ll keep my progress posted. Question, do I need the traders assistant software and meta trader 4 in order to start trading profitably right now?
        I’m on the road a lot with only access to my iPhone and I’m not sure that it would work properly with those programs.
        However if I receive signals via email from Binary Ascend I can then go on my brokers mobile app to make the trades.

  43. israel says:

    A newbie I would like you help me suggest the best binary software .thank you.

  44. darvin says:

    I appreciate your 200,000 goal and showing us the results. I was wondering if you’d share more on how it’s done. Reading your comments you use $100-500+ per trade. How many hours a day do you commit to trading and what hours during the day are best? Any other needed info would be helpful too.


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Darvin, I spend a few hours a day pretty much all over the place though. I have my computer rigged up with a bluetooth speaker so wherever I am around the house or in the back yard I can get the signal noise and go to my computer and look at the opportunity.

  45. daisy says:

    Hi John,
    I ve losst & tried other systems with other brokers.

    I ve only enough to invest in one system now, I am
    thinking to join B O Wave since it has many great
    signals, and I can trade only when London Open,
    and US Open. I know how to manual trade.

    I may choose to join Boss Capital since you recommend
    it, and their payout is 80%. will they charge extra fee of $35,
    when we withdraw money?

    OR, I may use Max Options, which I have opened & verified my acc, but I withdrew my fund since I decided not to trade using
    George S’ software. They didnt charge extra fee when I withdraw
    my money. What do u think of M Options?

    May I know more about your Trade Assistant.

    Thank you for your valuable info on Binary options trading &
    systems you have personally used. Thank you for your sharing
    with us. God bless u & your family.

  46. James says:

    what trade size you recommend if i go through Binary Brain Wave?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi James, you can use any money management strategy you like. I generally fluctuate depending on how well I’m doing.

  47. Jerry Eden says:

    Verified trader and secure trader are one in the same company. They are one of 160 scams on the Internet that sell binary programs. Any intelligent person would realize that if someone could actually make $500-$10,000 a day they wouldn’t be selling that, would they? Of course not, they would be using the program for themselves. Every legitimate site that reviews this type of program will tell you that using a binary program is impossible to predict with any accuracy what the stock market will do. You have been warned!

  48. mark says:

    Hi John,

    Great read on your site in regards to binary software. I have been a bit hesitant in the past when it comes to these types of software as most are scams and the “if it makes great income why isn’t everyone doing it?” phrase generally springs to mind. I like the look of Binary Wave and was wondering for the return on investment you gain each month what are you risking per trade? I know this is dependent on everyone’s individual balance but was just curious on your particular return if you don’t mind in sharing..


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Mark, I risk anywhere between $100-400 per trade depending on how I’m doing that day and my expectations of the market. I generally start low and work my way up throughout the day/week as I gain confidence in my performance. As for why everyone doesn’t use the systems I do is because they aren’t highly publicized and they aren’t 100% automated which scares those looking for big money fast (which I don’t recommend here on binary today).

      • josh says:

        Hi John,

        I was wondering how you make the returns you do only risking $100-400 per trade. In March you made 6,375.00 using BBW with 22-5 trades I think. At 80% profit on 22 trades, minus losses, that averages to just over $500 per trade.Do you have to trade over the $500 mark often to get the returns you publish? I’m trying to work out what sort of trading bank I’d need to for these types of profits.

        Cheers, Josh

  49. patrick says:


    Could you tell me which systemi is good for making money in binary options?

    What do you use?

    Kindly regards


  50. Ron Fenn says:

    John, I already have a beeoptions account. Will that work ok or do I need to open an account with a different broker?

  51. Mkhosana says:

    I want to start trading next week. Which is better to start with from your personal experience BA or BBW. I ask this because on the home page BA is rated number 1 but on your January income report you made more money with BBW.

  52. Robert says:

    Hi John,

    I couldn’t be more impressed with the results of your trading Income Report for: January 2015 of $17,510.90

    Do you offer actual live trading that, you personally do on a daily basis, so others can replicate the same results you are having?

    In other words live trade recommendations you personally place?

    It would be a good learning tool for beginners to learn the strategies and approach you use to be successful in your trading results!



    • John Kane says:

      Hi Robert, I appreciate that. I don’t offer a signal service or anything of the sort at this point in time.

      • Marc says:

        John, I would love to be part of your signal group or follow your trades if u would automate it for us members.

        Kind regards,


  53. Denis says:

    Hello John

    My name is Denis I would like to try and trade with brain wave and binary options bullet signals, which broker do you recommend I use ?

    I live in Europe ))

    Thank you


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