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Today I’m looking at a new artificial intelligence based binary options trading software, Tai Robotic. According to the sales page, traders in my area have gained an average of over $1300 utilizing this product, in the last 12 hours. Considering this system is just hitting the market today, in my location has a very small population, I don’t see how this is possible. It’s more than likely, that this is a script or marketing tool that’s being used to make the software seem more profitable than it actually is. This is a common practice in the binary options marketplace when it comes to automated trading systems.

The developer is Alex Knecht, who doesn’t have a reputation in the binary options market. There is no address provided for the company, but you can get in touch with support via support@tairobotic.com. I always recommend emailing support and requesting proof of strategy and trading results before signing up with any automated system in this market.

Tai Robotic Review

To start, the Tai Robotic sales page is oversimplified and lacking in many of the most important areas. When looking into investment opportunities, it’s important that we get a true depiction of what that strategy is, alongside an extended sample size of real trading results.

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This trend indicator is never really explained. It’s common for developers in this marketplace to use an entire sales video to tell us absolutely nothing.

This is certainly the case here.

The video tries to make connections between artificial intelligence and trading strategy but never actually tell us anything. They essentially spend thousands of words seeing the exact same thing over and over again, and that is that they are indicator uses artificial intelligence. They never tell us how that artificial intelligence works within the binary options market and what type of analysis this intelligence is providing that gives any sort of real edge.

Alex Knecht

The majority of the Tai Robotic sales video is about a young computer geek that’s been working with self driving cars in Germany since he graduated from college 6 years ago. He claims that “we are the world leaders in the automobile industry” but never tells us who he is working for. When you try to research him online in conjunction with the automobile industry, there is absolutely no information at all.

On top of all this, Alex is clearly an actor and he is over acting badly to try and present himself as a nerd. If you watch the video, you will notice that for some reason when he’s on the screen the camera operator can’t hold it steady. They are doing this to make him seem like some sort of savant, but it’s really just poor production quality if you ask me.

Both Alex, and the video narrator are actors that have been involved in other binary options product videos under different names.

Trading Results

As of right now, there are no results available for the Tai Robotic software. While Alex tells us that the software is making thousands of dollars for clients all over the world, they don’t have any proof of this. They are unable to produce even a single trading statement. We are just shown a few bullet point features.

  • Economic Analysis
  • User Friendly
  • Client Support 24/7

This is an obvious red flag.


With the amount of deception and lies involved in the Tai Robotic sales page, it’s clear to me that this is not have viable investment opportunity. You will see many other binary options blogs and reviewers telling you that this is an amazing system that’s going to make you thousands of dollars. Be very careful with those blogs, because they are part of the giant network owned by one person who happens to own this product.

Thank you for reading my review, and please let me know what you think about the system and whether or not I’ve been too harsh or not harsh enough.

Tai Robotic $250
  • Price - 43%
  • Strategy - 21%
  • Results - 18%
  • Feedback - 12%
  • Support - 50%


Economic analysis
User friendly


Red flags

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