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terran-capitalsTerran Capitals is a new binary options product that’s promising traders $900 every single day for free. According to the developers of the system their software as a 72 to 92% success rate. That’s a pretty large gap, I’m not sure why they don’t have a more specific number for us. Are they not keeping track of their trades or are they just guessing?

Today I’ll be providing review and answering any of the questions that the binary today readers have about this new binary options system.

Terran Capitals Review

The Terran capitals (Terran Capital) automated binary options tool is created by Susan Carter. A name that has no reputation in the binary options marketplace. On their website we are told that Susan is the CEO of this “award winning algo trading company that has been developing trading software for the last 11 years.” Yet, I have never heard of Susan and I’ve had a large role in the binary options market for the past 3 years. So how is it a binary options product developer that claims to provide 30 transactions per second with no risk can fly this far under the radar? She can’t. If you do a basic who is website check you will find that this website was registered on May 2, 2016. That means that this product and company were only registered one month ago. That’s a far cry from the 11 years we are being told about in the video.

Elements like these make it very hard to trust a binary options product producer.

Another issue I have with the promotion and marketing of this product is their usage of media outlets. On the Terran capitals website there are quotations from CNN money, Reuters and CNBC that shed a positive light on the product. The developer is including these quotes because it makes the product look more professional and important. In this case, it backfires because none of these quotations are real and all of these images are fabricated. All you have to do is use the search function on any one of these websites and type Terran, your search will come up empty. It’s really disappointing to see binary options product producers continuing to try and exploit the community with these dirty tricks.

There is no way that I can recommend Terran capitals to the binary today readers and the rest of the binary options community. This is simply another auto trading system destined to fail. I don’t believe that this software will be making anyone $900 a day. This website is filled with too many marketing tricks and lies. If Susan Carter can lie to us about how long her company has existed and about media coverage who knows what else she’s lying to us about.

Please let me know what you think about the system by writing a review or comment under the article now.

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