Peter Millen Review: Nuvo Finance

Nuvo Finance is a new binary options trading product claiming to make traders $17,000 per month. The developer of the software is Peter Millen, a man who claims to be the CEO. Not to our surprise, Peter has absolutely no reputation in the binary options marketplace. There is nothing that suggests that he is the right man for the job.

Today we will be providing a detailed analysis and review for any binary options trader that’s interested in the claims and promises being made on the sales page. Do not register or take any action before reading this review in its entirety.

Nuvo Finance Review

According to the sales page traders can easily use the same trading methods and tools used by the pros with Nuvo Finance. They boast that their programs are based on commonsense methods, and decades of real market experience. They must believe that the decades of real market experience is extremely important because they accidentally wrote this point twice.

Detailed Video (Must Watch!)

Marketing Tactics

The more time we spend here on the Nuvo Finance sales page, the more issues we find with their marketing approach. Like many other binary options products, they claim that there is a limited time in which traders can join as a free beta tester. The timer is at 6 hours and 52 minutes, but when we were on this webpage yesterday the timer was at the exact same time. So, the product really shouldn’t be available right now but this is just a marketing strategy to make you take fast action without thinking.

Beta Testing

Another common misconception in the binary options market is the beta test. Developers like Peter behind Nuvo Finance constantly claim that traders are getting exclusive access to something because they are taking part in a beta test. What they are actually doing is covering their own asses because of the software fails they can just tell you that it was a beta test. Beta testing is the process in which a program or product is that it for errors and bugs. You should never be investing real money in a process that is guaranteed to have issues.


Like most poorly put together binary options systems the Nuvo Finance software relies on testimonials instead of real results. One of the testimonials is from Michael Van de Berg from the Netherlands who says “Everything changed when I found Nuvo Finance by chance. It has completely changed what I think about online trading. I love it! It makes money. Period.” As you likely suspect already, there is no proof that Michael has ever traded with the software.

The Trading Application

This is the same trading application used by SnapCash Binary and WikiTrader.

This is another rec ycled robot with a new name.


The Nuvo Finance product is recommended highly by all of the usual suspects. You will see many 5 star reviews for this product but every single blog is actually owned by the same person to be cautious who you trust. No matter who is recommending this software to you, use the logical side of your brain and really think about the likelihood of a binary options trading software being given to you for free that’s going to make you $17,000 a month. It’s too good to be true, be careful.

Thank you for spending time here on Binary Today, and please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your binary options dreams come true.

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