Andy Lank System Method and Tools Review

Andy-Lank-SystemAndy Lank System, tool or cash flow method is a binary options marketing tactic used by a clever and somewhat annoying affiliate marketer. There is really no actual trading method being promoted here, I’ll explain further in my review.

Today I will be providing a quick review because there really isn’t that much to talk about here.

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Andy Lank System Method Tools Review

If you spend any time on YouTube watching videos and reading comments then you’ve certainly heard of Andy Lank, his method, system or tools. That’s because Andy consistently spams YouTube comments to any and every binary options video available. Andy’s goal is to create a positive reputation for himself. On every video you will find comments saying that his system or method is the best available. His hope is that you will go onto Google and do a search for his name. Then, you will find the Andy lank website but what you get is actually extremely disappointing. Instead of there actually being some sort of a binary options strategy here it’s actually just an affiliate link.

If you click on the Andy lank website you will be taken to a simple page that promises to teach you how you can make $500 in his little as 24 hours. To get started all you have to do is click a red button to get access to the Andy lank method. So, your only choice here is to click on that button and then it redirects you to a binary options auto trading promotion. At this point in time you will be redirected to safe income inc, a system that claims to make traders $500-$1000 every single day. This product did not get a positive recommendation here at binary today.

So the next time you are on YouTube and you see a comment telling you that you should go and use Andy Lank’s system, ignore it. There is no system, just a bunch of spam comments pushing traders to the latest failing auto trading binary options system. Please let me know what you think about Andy by leaving a comment below the article now. I hope that you haven’t been caught up by this little scheme but I highly doubt that you have. I just figured I would put this review out to make sure people are aware exactly what Andy is doing. Thanks for coming to binary today and please let me know if you ever need any help in the binary options market by clicking ask John at the top of the page.

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