Trade Prophet Review

trade-prophetTrade prophet is a new binary options software that’s been built to predict future market movements with an 82.6% winning ratio. The developers believe that their mindmap system can provide traders with $800 per day.

Today I will review this new trading product and inform the binary today readers of whether or not I feel the system can truly make traders $800 per day.

Trade Prophet Review

The trade prophet website is a simple as they come, there is a short video and a button that leads us to an email subscription form and then the members area. In the video we are told that the setup of this system takes only 10 minutes and shortly after that profits will come flowing in. The developer tells us that the system trades 100% on autopilot and that every single person who signs up can expect to make $800 in less than 24 hours. Not only that, the promotional video narrator tells us that the system is so strong that profits will come every day for life.

Like most developers the trade prophet team tell us that they are not here to sell us anything in that there actually just going to give us a free gift for listening to the short video. As a just explained in the last review I did 5 minutes ago these product developers tell us that they don’t want our money but they are still receiving an affiliate commission if we follow through with their product. While we aren’t handing money directly to the developer we are still giving the developer a few hundred dollars when we register with the recommended brokerage. As far as I’m concerned, this means that we are paying for the product because we are depositing money with a brokerage.

I’m not going to recommend the trade prophet to the binary today community. I really don’t feel like this product has what it takes to increase our trading accounts. The website is unimpressive any video is the same regurgitated marketing fluff we come across every single day in the binary options market. Developers need to start taking risks and providing us with more than just short videos and reckless claims without proof. Please let me know what you think about the system by leaving a comment below the article. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can have a discussion about this and anything else that interests you about binary options.

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