Fastcash App review: Why you should be wary of this scheme?

Fastcash app is a recently released software that claims to help people make money online by lending loans in Bitcoin. They ask for investment and claim to have a system that can increase your profits exponentially. However, you should not be drawn into this app without considering the potential drawbacks, as well as looking into whether this product is legitimate or not.

The app basically claims that you can make thousands of dollars in profit from an initial investment of $37. The best part about this claim is that you do not have to do any work, apart from clicking links for 25 minutes each day. Unfortunately, no millionaires have been made this way so far, so you should turn to the experts and carefully analyze whether it is even possible to fulfill these claims. Any experienced investor will tell you that a company that claims to make you money off nothing seems questionnable enough. However, we should go deeper into the mechanics of how this app actually works to see for ourselves.

If you look at the structure and registration details of the Fastcash app, you would be bewildered. They claim to be legitimate, but they are not even registered. This should be a red flag for any investor. In addition to this, they also provide little to no contact information, unless you first register. By that time, you would already have paid them and there is no way to get your money back. The company website is: However, it is strange that a company with so many claims could provide little to no contact information. A wise investor will first inquire about the legitimacy of the company before spending their money, so not providing contact or registration details is a big red flag.

FastCash App Review

Fastcash app is basically a trading app, although they claim to be using many ways to make you money online. While they do not specify exactly how they will help you make money online, they do provide some information as to how much money you could possibly make.

You may have to register for $37 which is the actual cost of the app. You then have to start trading with a minimum of $250. However, they don’t mention this when selling their product to the investor. This means that that you may need to invest $287 before you could start trading. The expected profits from this investment are $22, 750 in a single week. This means that you could become a millionaire in no time.


Many online companies do not reveal their actual strategy to their investors, because their main selling point is that it is a ‘secret’. However, any legitimate investor will tell you that there is no secret in the market that could make you millions on such a low investment. Even the most successful companies cannot make that much.

Fastcash app does not reveal its exact trading strategy, which makes it strange, as this is supposed to be a popular investment scheme. The lack of a concrete strategy makes one wonder whether it is actually a legitimate investment option or they are simply fooling the public.


  • Company: Fastcash
  • Product: Fastcash trading app
  • Cost: $37
  • Initial Investment: $250
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Trading results: Unconfirmed
  • Customer reviews: Negative

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Trading Results

Any investment scheme should base its claims on solid trading results. However, the Fastcash app does not provide any trading results to back up their claims. They claim that they have achieved results of more than $20000 profit on an investment of $250. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back this up.

Client Feedback

Most of the people who had invested their money in the Fastcash app either lost it all or did not get a fraction of the [profits advertised. In fact, nearly all the feedback is extremely negative and they do not even have a single positive review online. The main complaint of the customers is that the returns are much lower than many common investment schemes and nowhere near what they have been claiming all along. Another issue is that the app pairs you with unregistered brokers who make away with all your money. This should make you wary of this app as it is unlikely that so many customers could be wrong.


While everyone should at least try and to make money online, they should be wary of the many fake companies that promise high returns and end up delivering nothing. Fastcash app is one such scheme. They are unregistered, do not have any concrete strategy and have an extremely negative customer response online. All these factors should make you think twice before investing in this program.

Have you already used this application? If you have had an experience with this company, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below.

FastCash Trading App $37
  • Price - 30%
  • Strategy - 25%
  • Trading Results - 27%
  • Client Feedback - 15%
  • Customer Support - 20%


The company claims exponential profit increments
The product payment is minimal


They appear to be an unregistered company
Limited contact information provided for their potential customers
Company lacks transparency
To start trading, you need to make an investment of $250 (in addition to the initial app cost of $37)

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