Profits Today Review

profits-todayProfits today is a new exclusive VIP membership for binary options traders. The developers claim that their system has made their members over $25 million. Considering I’ve never heard of the system until today, this is very difficult to believe.

I will be reviewing this binary options membership and telling the binary today readers if they should spend their time investing in this trading system.

Profits Today Review

The profits today website consists of a video, an email subscription form, results area, testimonials and frequently asked questions. The people behind the system claim that it’s a revolutionary way to make money with binary options and that millions of dollars are made each day for their clients. They claim that the software is 100% free and that is usually sold for nearly $2000. I have to dispute both of these claims because I’ve never seen the software being offered anywhere before and I’m sure that we’ll have to register deposit money with a broker in order to gain access, and that is certainly not free in my books.

The profits today system works on the concept the traders don’t have to be experts to make money. The system is built to work on computers, tablets and they have 24/7 live help and support. I recommend that you pretend have a problem and email support before you even purchase as a test. This is a good way to see how responsive they are and whether or not the vendor is being honest about the quality of support they are providing. The live results area is a little hectic and confusing but none of the results can be verified. In the testimonials section we see people saying that they’ve made nearly $40,000 in 5 days but these types of testimonials are generally fabricated.

I won’t be recommending the profits today system until I see some real community feedback from the binary today readers. If the readers of my blog have success with the system than I would certainly consider recommending it but at this point I’m overly skeptical. While the results look good, they are not verified and the fact that the vendor is telling us that the software has made over 26 million for its members is concerning because that number is just too large for a software that’s only been available for a few days. Please let me know what you think about the system by leaving a comment below the article now.


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